Living in the Now

Living in the present is the ultimate form of sanity.

You are most attractive when you are living in the now—not living in the future, or striving for it, or worrying or trying to repair the past.

When you appreciate that you can’t control or tell the future, you become more human. You begin to receive different goals, interests and results. You naturally center more on enjoying people and you enjoy people more. You stop wasting time on negative chases or useless ventures.

We all have things we want to accomplish or obtain. There’s totally nothing wrong with this. But pursuing these types of objectives often gets us so obsessed to the point that we’re more passionate about the future than we are about today. That’s how our anxiety and distress begins.

Whether your pursuit is to make loads of money, get married, change the world, or to become admired by everyone, you simply cannot let it lead you down a seductive path.

It is far more powerful and effective to spend your time and energy applied to perfecting the right now.

Too many times we will perhaps spend too much time worrying about our goals for the future, when we could attract and achieve a far better future by the more powerful, happy and satisfying approach of living in today.

The present is a wonderful teacher; the future is a seducer.

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