3 Biker Rallies & 2 Trump Train Rides Through Medina, Bandera & Boerne 1st Oct. Weekend 2020

A perfect storm of three thundering biker rallies and two Trump Train events will be rolling through the Cowboy Capital of the World region deep in Texas Hill Country this first weekend of October.

The 19th Annual Texas Hill Country Thunder Rally is back with an October 1-4, 2020 event to be held at Bandera’s Mansfield Park on Hwy-16.

Consisting of tent camping, poker run, vendors, food, and field events, there will be music throughout the day Friday and Saturday. Their bike show, tattoo contest, and Sunday morning church service are popular. 21 OR OVER, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Because of 2020 health concerns, there will be a covered stage to  enjoy outdoor concerts and contests in “the wide-open fresh air, under the bright stars of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The big bar has been relocated under the Pavilion and close to the stage.”

“Ride the beautiful Texas Hill Country all day then come back and shop with our many vendors,” their promotional material states. “Enjoy your meals with one of nine Food vendors located outside the Barn, then go shop with over 30 Inside Vendors (spaced out) and over 40 Outside Vendors, before enjoying the evening concerts and contests.”


“The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. We start it off loud! Hot Bands rock the night away…We will treat you so many ways you are bound to like one or two.”

The 19th Annual Frogs for Freedom Hill Country Motorcycle Ride proceeds will help widows and children of fallen SEAL team members and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen Warriors (SWCC).

The ride will be held at the ‘Biggest Little Bar in Texas,’ the 11th Street Bar on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020.

The first Frog event raised $9,000. In 2017, the group raised an historical $43,000.

Rain or shine, registration opens at 9:00 a.m. with the first bike leaving at 10 a.m. Preregistration ends Sept. 30, 2020.

The fun event includes a collector ride shirt, the ride, a Bar-B-Que plate, live music, dancing, 50/50, door prizes and a live auction. The street will be blocked off to accommodate motorcycles and festivities.

From October 1 @ 8:00 am through October 3 @ 5:00 pm the “Rally On The River” 2020 has great bands lined up for their 3-day private event on the Medina River.

This event has five cabins, and 100- 50/30/20amp Full Hook-Up RV Sites here on the Event Grounds.

The BOERNE Trump Train along with the Kendall County Republican Party will be participating in the National MAGA Drag The Interstate on Oct 3rd from 10:30-1:30.

The BOERNE Trump Train’s last MAGA drag had approximately 700+ vehicles participating. The BOERNE Trump Train group has an impressive 2500 members that are participating in Train’s twice a week with many individuals coming from small towns around Kendall County.

The GOP headquarters in Boerne, Kerrville, San Antonio and New Braunfels are seeing record numbers of volunteers this year.

“The energy, enthusiasm, and patriotism that this group displays has been recognized by other cities around Boerne,” Becky Stokes, a spokesperson said. These cities are “asking for our participation in their Trump Train rides. We believe the October 3rd Trump Train Ride ride will be the biggest ever for this little town.”

Just down the road from the iconic Three Twisted Sisters are some legendary beautiful hill country cruises.


Keese’s BBQ serves breakfast and comfort food food lunches in Medina.

Popular eateries in the area include OST Restaurant, Brick’s Restaurant, Busbee’s BBQ in Bandera; Camp Verde Restaurant in Camp Verde; Keese’s BBQ, The Core Pizza, the Patio Cafe at the Apple Orchard.

14 Observations on the First 2020 Presidential Debate

Wait ’til you read Kellyanne Conway’s tweet directed at Joe Biden’s lie about her during the first debate. I went to bed last night frustrated about the debate. After sleeping on it, here are more observations.

1. Chris Wallace promised prior to the debate he would be almost invisible.  He wasn’t.

2. Each time Biden was on the ropes, Wallace saved him.

3. Most of Wallace’s moderating was not really questions. They were “when was the last time you beat your wife” type commentaries. “Will you denounce White Supremacy right here, right now?” –totally skirting around the fact that Antifa, KKK are Democratic groups.

4. Trump was right to say it appears he’s debating Wallace, not Biden. Most sensible Americans realize that will happen with MSM.

5. Wallace’s credibility is at an all time low. He wasn’t a moderator. He was a “nah nah nah naying” sheep herder.

6. Predictably MSM will be giving Biden glorious reviews. But Biden was obviously coached by his handlers to the point he had to refer to notes to see what his answers are (the ones he’s rehearsed).

7. Biden was coached to:

A. Use code words like “dog whistle” “systemic racial profiling” etc. This helps with indoctrinated sheep.

B. Look into the camera (old technique, but as cheesy and fake as he is, he did it) and is effective with some of his base.

C. The tired adage, “to appeal to liberals, appeal to their emotions” remains true. They grasp at hope and convince themselves there was nothing wrong about the treasonous actions of the DossierGate, Russia Gate, SpyGate, ChinaGate, HunterUkraineGate, WipingPhonesGate, KavanaughGate, MuellerGate, SorosGate, PrivateServerGate, PizzaGate, EpsteinGate, BallotHarvestingGate, and ImpeachmentGate.  They’ll believe everything he says even after 47 years of corruption and lies.

D. Throw figures out there that sound good, but have no factual merit.

Popular meme.

8. Biden, as Vice President, at the very least allowed his son Hunter Biden to profit millions from foreign countries and interests while he was in charge of stopping corruption. Trump was right to bring it up because millions of Americans want to know how Biden explains it away. Wallace was wrong to save Biden from the question.

9. And what about the wire obviously revealed in Biden’s shirt? You can actually catch him on tape adjusting it on the right portion of his chest. Media is calling it a shirt crease.

As James Woods tweeted, a “shirt crease?” And Hunter Biden wasn’t discharged for cocaine use from the Navy. And Hunter didn’t take $3.5  million dollars from the Moscow ex-Mayor’s wife. And Antifa is just an idea. And Biden/Obama  left America with a “booming economy.” And…”

10. Trump was winning the debate, especially with the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court questions, but he shouldn’t have interrupted so much it forced a debate with Wallace. Or maybe, it was a good move to reveal Wallace’s obvious snarky bias?

11. While watching, I thought that if legendary newsman Mike Wallace was looking down on his son’s performance, he wouldn’t be too proud. Today I’m thinking of Chris Wallace is reviewing the debate, he’s second guessing himself. It was pitiful.

12. I understand President Trump’s frustration, even more so than I did in the 2016 debates with Hillary Clinton. We learned with the Donna Brazile’s giving Clinton questions beforehand, how desperate Democrat and media collusion are.

But no one could have imagined the amount of illegal and corrupt corroboration would occur constantly throughout Trump’s first term.

13. I suspected Biden would lie and distort. It’s been his mode of operation for decades. But when he distorted Trump’s own Kellyanne Conway’s words in regard to the liberal violence in America, I knew he went Swamp deep to lie.

14. Wallace interrupted Trump 75 times. Biden–only 15. Biden called the President of the United States a “racist” and a “clown.” Wallace allowed it.

The Murder of Anne Walsh 43 Years Ago Today

Caution. This article, a true story, contains graphic information and descriptions that could be disturbing to some people.

Anne Walsh was being kind and offered to make a sandwich for the monster who would kill her 43 years ago today, September 30, 1977.

In her memory, Dodie and I visited her grave at Saint Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery in Bandera, Texas. Although I never met her, it was my first time to pay respects.

Four decades ago, I was a 23-year-old private investigator on her murder case. This would be my first homicide assignment and the one that haunts me to this day.

On that ominous day in 1977, Mrs. Walsh returned home for lunch and paused at the front drive of her Babcock Road home to ask Joseph John Cannon if he was hungry.

Cannon had been using a sickle and clippers to cut weeds and hedges along the street entrance gate. It was a way to work in exchange for room and board.

“Wash up and I’ll make us some sandwiches,” Walsh said. “Maybe some lemonade.”

Cannon used a waterhose to wash himself off. He went to the bathroom, toweled off, and pulled a .22 caliber pistol he had hidden in his pocket.

He startled Walsh as she was bringing the sandwiches out of the kitchen. Seeing the gun in his hand, she tried to hide under the pool table.

“I shot her seven times,” Cannon told me. “I picked her up and pulled her out from under the pool table. I tried to screw her but I just couldn’t get it up enough. I panicked, grabbed her car and sped off.”

He wrecked the car into a fence at a small bar on the corner of Babcock and Huebner. Witnesses said he got out with a gun in his hand and ran into the woods (there’s a Church’s Chicken there today).


Shortly before noon on September 30, 1977, the body of Anne Walsh was found by San Antonio Police Officer Shelton Spears, lying in a pool of blood on the floor of her Bexar County home. She had suffered seven gunshot wounds. Three wounds were to the chest, one was to the center of the abdomen, and one to her head. The others were to her arms. The wounds and the paths of the bullets were consistent with someone standing over her and firing.

There was a large trail of smeared blood which indicated that the body had been dragged out from under a pool table where the deceased had crawled in an attempt to escape the shots. The blouse of her dress had been ripped open, her skirt had been pulled up to her waist and her panty hose had been ripped and pulled down to her knees.

Officer Spears found the body when he brought the appellant to the Walsh home. Appellant had been involved in an automobile wreck and had been arrested. Spears found the Ford Maverick vehicle registered to a member of the Walsh family, and suspecting it was stolen, took the appellant to the Walsh home to check out his story that he was in rightful possession of the vehicle.

Reserve Deputy Constable Robert Wenzel drove by the Walsh residence on September 30, 1977, and saw appellant in the white Ford Maverick.

Retired San Antonio homicide detective Walter Dennis (my father, who wasn’t on the case, but provided me with information at the time for my investigation) and deputy constable Robert Wenzel in 2009.

Wenzel knew that the vehicle belonged to a Walsh family member and that appellant was not a family member. Wenzel drove on but watched the Maverick through his rear window of his automobile.

The Maverick suddenly lunged onto the road and proceeded in an erratic manner in the same direction as Wenzel was driving. The Maverick sped past Wenzel and Wenzel gave chase. The Maverick swerved from one side of the road to the other. The chase ended when the Maverick crashed into a chainlink fence beside “Al’s Corner,” a restaurant/bar.

Kenneth Kizer, a bartender, saw the appellant exit the Maverick after the crash and run across the road into a brush-covered field as he discarded his shirt.

Kizer called the San Antonio Police. Twenty minutes later appellant returned and entered the bar and bought a Coke. Appellant remained in the bar with Kizer and Wenzel until the police arrived.

Officer Spears took the appellant into custody, gave him the Miranda warnings, and then took him to the nearby Walsh home to check out his story about lawful possession of the Maverick. The body of Anne Walsh was then discovered. Other officers were called.

Later Spears transported appellant to the homicide division of the San Antonio Police Department. Later in the day after interrogation by Detective Frank Castillon, the appellant gave the officer a written statement which reads in part in its original form:

“I would like to say that I have been staying at 6048 Babcock for about a week now. I’am staying there because I’am on probation for burglary and my attorney arranged for me to stay with his sister Anne C. Walsh. My attorney;s name is Dan Carabin.

“Today about noon Anne returned home in a white car that I have never seen before. She drove into the drive way and went in the house. I was outside triming the bushes out front because she had asked me to do it the day before.

I guess I just went crazy because I went inside and got a gun off the bunk bed in the oldest boy’s bedroom.

The next thing I knew was that Anne was on the floor of the den crying and saying “please don’t shoot again” and I don’t know why but I kept shooting.

While I was shooting her she crawled under the pool table. I then pulled her out from under the pool table and ripped her cloths off. I then pulled my jeans down and got on top of her. I think she was dead at this time because she was bleeding alot and she was not moving or breathing.

I then got on top of Anne and tried to have sex with her. By this I mean I tried to screw her but I got peranoid and just could not do it. I then got up and pulled up my jeans and went to the kitchen where I found Anne’s purse on the counter.

I took three or four dollars and two fifty dollar travelers checks and ran out the side door. I got into the white car Anne was driving and drove off real fast. As I was going out the gate I almost hit a car on abcock Road. At this time a man in a green car started chasing me. He chased me down the street until I ran into fense near the bar at the corner.

I got out of the car and jumped a fense and ran into a field were I took my shirt off and threw it. I also burried the traverliers checks under some brush in the field. After that I walked out of the field and back to the car. I don’t know why I did this I guess I wanted to get caught.

I would like to say that before Anne came home I wentinto the oldest son’s bedroom and saw all of these shotguns, rifles and guns on the bunk bed and just went crazy and started throwing them around. I think one of the went through the window.

While I was in the bedroom I found a gun in a holster with bullets already in thegun. I left the holster on the bed and put the gun my pants. From there I went out into the yard and cut the bushes.

I also would like to say that I found the gun in theholster while I was looking for coins under the matress of the lower bunk. The coins I took are the same coins I had on me when you took them off me.

“I would like to say that before I told you I went into the bedroom and got the gun after Anne got home But the truth is I had already got the gun before Anne came home.

I would like to tell you that I did this because I go crazy sometime and just a couple of nights ago I woke up in early hours in themorning I was very sick and something inside kept telling me to kill everyone in thehouse while they slept.

Again I went to tell you that I don’t know why I did this but I have been sick for a long time and I was hit by a car when I was four years old and from then on I have been in nothing but trouble.

I had no gruge or any reason to kill Anne in fact she went out of her way to be nice to me. I do not know to read and Det. Castillon told me that julia smith would read this to me and I have read this and find it to be true and correct to thebest of my knowledge.” (All spelling and punctuation as it appears in original.)

When I asked him about the gun in 1980, he said he tossed it in the woods. Later I took a metal detector out there with Cannon, sheriff deputies and media. Thinking he would attempt escape, he was cuffed on his ankles and wrists. We never found a weapon.

I’m the bearded investigator carrying a metal detector. Cannon is handcuffed in the foreground.

He confessed later the gun was not there and indeed, his intent was to leave the jail and run.

“I couldn’t run with those shackles,” Cannon yelled at me as he reached across a table of the prisoner holding room table in the Bexar County Courthouse. He grabbed a pencil out of my shirt pocket and tried to stab me with it.

I knocked the hell out of him. He fell out of his chair and yelled. Bailiff Horace Gonzalez heard the scuffle and rushed in to help me subdue him.

Bexar County Courthouse

In 2016, I released new information in the case of Joseph John Cannon, the murderer. I was the private investigator in the first trial, hired by Bexar County to gather evidence for the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office and the defendant’s attorney.

The information cast a fresh look at the murder trial that reached the Supreme Court, prompted reaction from the Pope, and caused a national debate about executing someone who committed such a crime at age 17.

If Cannon was alive today, he would have turned 60 on January 13, 2020. But on April 22, 1998 the 38 year-old ate his last meal. Cannon ordered “fried chicken, barbecue ribs, baked potato, green salad with Italian dressing, chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream or both, a thick chocolate shake or malt and iced tea.”

Cannon in Huntsville Penitentiary

The meal was delivered in the afternoon, not long after he entered a holding room located about 30 feet from where he was set to die. While eating, little did Cannon know that 160 miles away, at the State Capitol, Texas Governor George W. Bush had received pleas from Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, Archbishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa, and members from the Parliament in Italy, to stop the execution. 

About 3 p.m. Warden Jim Willett reviewed the file of Cannon, known as inmate 634. Willett said he prayed for Cannon and asked “God to make this a smooth and trouble-free day for him.”

By 4 p.m. Willett entered the holding cell to find that Cannon had completed his meal. He verified that Cannon would make a last statement as this would help the warden cue the execution’s commencement. Chaplain Jim Brazel stayed with Cannon while Willett went back to the office.

Wayne Scott, the director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, along with a few regional and deputy directors waited with Willett until about 5:45 when they received a phone call from Gov. Bush’s office confirming they could proceed. Shortly afterwards, the State’s attorney general’s office called to ratify the execution.

Willett walked down the hall to the cell holding Cannon and the chaplain.

“Inmate Cannon,” Willett announced, “it’s time for you to go into the next room with me.”

Cannon stood up and followed Willett without saying a word. When Cannon reached the doorway to the 9-by-12-foot death chamber, he paused. No one knows what was going through Cannon’s mind at the moment, but what he saw was a tie down team of corrections officers waiting for him in the light green room with white floors and brown coving.

He immediately walked to the gurney and laid down. The team began strapping Cannon in place with five yellowish-tan straps buckled across him.

Looking up, he could see a 2-by-6 foot rectangle fixture crossing over him, casting light. As the straps began to tighten, he observed to the left of the light. Coming out of the ceiling, was a dark escutcheoned conduit bent to the right and downward so a microphone could record his last words.

Looking downward to his left, Cannon saw the executioner’s room through a window. He closed his eyes, then gazed to his right. There were two curtained windows, both with light green colored jail bars. Each window represented two separate rooms, one for his family, and one for the victim’s family to watch him being executed.

Knowing Cannon was securely strapped, Warden Willett stood at the head of the inmate. The chaplain stood at his feet.

Two members of the medical team entered the room, while the third member, the executioner, stayed in the room to Cannon’s left.

Typically, the medical team takes about five to ten minutes to insert and secure two IVs into an inmate, with one serving as a backup. Willet and the chaplain could tell the medical techs were having difficulty as the female tech prodded and poked Cannon’s arm.

Later, Willett would admit it was the longest IV preparation he’d ever witnessed. It took over 20 minutes before the technician peered up and asked, “Warden, I think we’ve got a good one in this arm. Can we go with just the one?” Willett nodded affirmatively and the technician left the room.

Cannon gazed at the IV in his arm and looked right to see people entering the first witness viewing room. Through the window, Cannon saw his mother, Mary Hale. He looked at her with no expression. When someone nudged her she moved in closer to the plate glass window.

Cannon then looked over to the next window as members of his victim’s family entered their viewing room. It was the first time some of them had seen Joseph John Cannon since the day he brutally murdered their mother.

The five sons of Anne C. Walsh noticed the man strapped to the gurney appeared far different from the way he looked in 1977. After spending decades in prison, Cannon was now haggard and weighed far more than when he was 17, the age he decided to leave his home in Houston to hitchhike to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mrs. Walsh was a San Antonio attorney when she was killed. Her brother, Dan Carabin, also an attorney, had represented Cannon in a burglary case and persuaded her to let him live at her home in September 1977 so he could remain on probation and avoid jail.

“The good Samaritan story was turned upside down by him,” said Paul Canales, the assistant district attorney who prosecuted Cannon in the second trial. “He’s the type of guy that makes you want to lock your doors and not pick up hitchhikers.”

Cannon had already made his final statement and goodbyes when the first injection began.

After closing his eyes momentarily, he turned toward a window where witnesses were standing.

“It’s come undone,” he said, referring to his IV.

Prison officials then shut a drape that blocked him from witnesses.

Witnesses were led outside, where they waited for 15 minutes while prison officials worked to establish another injection.

“I kind of lost my cool a while ago,” a smiling Cannon said, greeting witnesses as they entered a second time.

During a second round of final statements, witnesses for Cannon cried and prayed together.

During his trials there was a claim Cannon was not in full possession of his faculties when he killed Walsh.

At 4, Cannon had been hit by a car, resulting in severe head injuries. Beginning at age 7, he was subjected to constant sexual abuse and beatings from his stepfather and grandfather.

At 9, he had pushed a boy into a Louisiana bayou. The boy drowned. At age 10, he was hospitalized for sipping gasoline to get high. At age 15, he was diagnosed as psychotic and attempted suicide by drinking insecticide.

As the investigator, I was tasked by Attorney William G. Brown in 1980 to find witnesses including Cannon’s mother. I traced her as hitchhiking, accepting rides at trucks stops on IH10 and 87 in exchange for food, booze and companionship.

After a two day search, with only a photo and conversations with truck stop employees, I found Cannon’s mother at a dance hall in San Angelo, Texas.

When I interviewed his mother, she admitted she had suffered beatings and rapes by her father, Joseph’s grandfather. On the drive back to San Antonio, she told me she feared her pregnancy with Joseph could actually be the product from a rape by her father.

“He had me chained and tied outside to a tree,” she cried. “He beat me so much I thought I’d die right there. He was drunk and finally let me go. I got out of there and made it to Houston and never went back. This might be why he’s so crazy. He takes after his grandpa, my daddy.”

I took this information to Brown and prosecutor Larry Souza. We then went into Judge Mike Machado’s chamber to present it to him.

“Is there any collaborative testimony or evidence to support what she says?,” the judge asked.

Both attorney’s agreed, they didn’t know of any.

“Let’s see what she testifies–what is brought about under oath,” Judge Machado said and dismissed us.

It was never mentioned again.

Eighteen years later, Cannon spoke to Walsh’s family.

“I’m sorry for what I did to your mom,” he said to five sons of victim Anne Walsh, all of whom attended the execution. “I am sorry for all of you. I love you all. I thank you all for being kind to me when I was small.”

After Cannon finally died from the injection, reactions of Mrs. Walsh’s sons were terse.

Son Christopher Walsh made a statement to the media, “Job well-done, end of story.”

Their sister Stephani Walsh, who later became a judge in Bexar County, said her brothers were not emotionally prepared for Cannon’s execution.

“There was closure but it was traumatic,” Walsh said. “And it did create another anniversary date.”

My First Great Adventure Was In a Torrential Storm

I miss rain.

When I was seven, we lived on West Ansley in south San Antonio. Three Dennis families, lived side by side, with six acres among us. It was my last innocent summer in many ways.

In just a few months Blackie, my devoted Cocker Spaniel would be dead. Nineteen days later, I would see President John F. Kennedy. The next day he would be dead too.

From age eight on, all of my summers (with the ONLY exception being 2020) were filled working: gas stations, hauling junk (it’s called recycling now), mowing, hauling hay, roofing, foundation repairs, car lot, pest control, Monorail train driver, construction laborer, reporter, private investigator…).

But this summer of 1963, was a good one. One evening, channel 5 KENS television weatherman Bill Schomette told us it was going to rain the next day. I asked my parents if it rains, could “I go watch it in the shed?”

They agreed so before I went to bed that night, I prepared by making a peanut butter sandwich to take. After all, this would be my first solo journey away from home. Well, technically it was still home, but I had to trek a full acre of our back field to make it to the small horse shed.

I was so determined to be alone, I didn’t even want Blackie to join me.

Weatherman Shomette was brilliant. He was right on target. When we heard thunder and saw dark clouds rolling in from the southeast, Mom grabbed my trusty outer space lunchbox and placed a bag of Fritos corn chips and a Thermos full of cherry KoolAide next to my sandwich in it.

“If it starts raining real bad, you must stay in the shed” she said. “Wait it out. I don’t want you out and exposed if it starts lightning.”

I walked out the door–protected by my Bilbrey Lumber Company Little League baseball cap–carrying my lunchbox and wondering what “exposed” meant. It sounded scary.

It turned out I was a good 60 yards away from the shed when all hell broke loose. An explosive crack of lightning and rapid rain welcomed me to a real world definition of “exposed.”

I ran for my life as the storm turned to torrential. Thankfully, I was greeted with a lawn chair that I learned later my father set out for me earlier.

The experience was riveting. I imagined myself an astronaut, isolated and brave. The raindrops pounded the tin roof.

I made earplugs from some of the paper napkins my mother had in the lunch box. Somehow those paper plugs helped with the bravery, but soon the rain was so hard I could barely see 30 feet away. Certainly my house seemed to have disappeared. It seemed to me Blackie was in there safely tucked in and might as well just have been miles away.

I never cried. But I came close. The umbilical cord of safety had certainly been cut. I thought about what Dorothy Gale said in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.”

Then I remembered the Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion. Just like them, I had a brain, heart, and courage.

It was a good 45 minutes before the rain slowed enough for me to recognize the house again. Mom had turned the back patio light on. It appeared to be a beacon, a lighthouse like pirates–or sailors in search of Moby Dick–must have seen.

As the rain lightened, I enjoyed my space rations and most of my KoolAide. A gambit of emotions and thoughts prevailed. When the weather finally calmed down enough, I decided to leave my lunchbox safely in the lawn chair and journey back home.

What a journey that was. It became a trudging expedition of sludge and mud. I lost one tennis shoe in the thick oozing black slush. But I marched on.

Momma must have been watching as I fell a few times because she came out with an umbrella, turned on the waterhose and met me at the edge of the backyard. The grass never felt so good. But she made me strip down to my underwear while she hosed off me, my clothes and my one shoe.

Dorothy was right. There is no place like home. After a warm shower I spent most of the evening with Blackie by my side. When Dad came home from work, he rubbed the top of my head a few times and laughed as Mom told him about my brave feats.

I’ve been through many rain events, since then–hurricanes, floods, and more–but even now there is a soothing reminder that it is okay to experience those feelings of a seven year old.

Emotions are necessary to move forward. We must let whatever we’re feeling flow freely so we can make it to the sunshine of what comes next.

Sometimes, our emotions are more like a torrential downpour, flooding and overflowing within us, begging for a space to reside.

Today, I remember the sunshine of my mother’s laughter as the clouds rolled away, and know it will always return when the rains pour back again.

But what I learned most from that summer, and many seasons later, is that sometimes, sunshine is within us. Sometimes it is found in another person.

I love the premise that remembering the warmth in our loved ones can protect us from the storms ahead.

“For in this unbelieving world you will experience trouble and sorrows, but you must be courageous, for I have conquered the world!” John 16:33


Texas Gov. Abbott Declares Disaster of Brain-Eating Amoeba Found in City Water Supply

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration Sept. 27 after a brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, was found in the water supply in the city of Lake Jackson.

The declaration states that the amoeba was detected in three of 11 tests of the water supply, “posing an imminent threat to public health and safety, including loss of life, in Brazoria County,” where Lake Jackson is located.

The amoeba can cause a rare and usually fatal brain infection called primary amebic meningoencephalitis. Symptoms include headache, fever, nausea or vomiting and can progress to confusion, loss of balance, seizures and hallucinations. The amoeba infects people when contaminated water enters the body through the nose.

In September, a 6-year-old boy was diagnosed with the amoeba and died, which prompted Lake Jackson to test the water supply, CBS affiliate KHOU 11 reports.

The governor’s declaration authorizes the use of all available state government resources to address the disaster, and it suspends any regulatory statute that could hinder or delay necessary action.

Captivating News Fake Media Didn’t Reveal This Week

A federal court has ruled in favor of a professor thrown under the bus by his public college after a Muslim student claimed the Islamic terrorism portion of a world politics class violated his Constitutional rights.

The course is offered at Scottsdale Community College (SCC) in Arizona, which is part of the Maricopa County Community College District.

Taught by Nicholas Damask, a popular political science professor, organizes the course into six modules that cover world politics.

One is dedicated to defining and analyzing Islamic terrorism. Students are required to read excerpts from a book called “Future Jihad” written by a Lebanese-born Middle East expert who has worked with the U.S. departments of Justice, Defense and State.

In May, the college publicly chastised him, in response to criticism and death threats he received on social media for quiz questions he wrote that connected Islam to terrorism.

“I apologize, personally, and on behalf of the Maricopa Community Colleges, for the uneven manner in which this was handled and for our lack of full consideration for our professor’s right of academic freedom,” Interim Chancellor Steven R. Gonzales said in a statement. “To avoid rushing to judgment a second time, I am announcing the immediate independent investigation of the facts related to his situation.”

This is just one bit of news exposed by government corruption watchdog Judicial Watch this week.

Here are more results you will not see (or barely mentioned) on mainstream media.

Illinois Illegally Withholds Voter Records

A lawsuit has been filed by Judicial Watch against the state of Illinois, the Illinois State Board of Elections, and its director for failing to allow public access to its voter roll data in violation of the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA).

State officials refused to allow the non-profit Illinois Conservative Union and three lawfully registered Illinois voters to obtain a copy of the state’s voter registration list, despite their lawful request for those records under federal law.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit on their behalf in the United States District Court in the Northern District of Illinois.

“This lawsuit aims to open up Illinois voting records so private groups can tell whether they are dirty,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Illinois voters and citizens have a right to review election rolls under federal law and Illinois’ refusal to make them available suggests the state knows the rolls are a mess and won’t stand the light of the day.”

Record Number African-American Federal Judges Set by Trump

As of December 31, 2019, 227 African-Americans have served as U.S. Federal Judges.

Mueller Team Illegally Wiped Their Phones

There are now 87 pages of records exposed from the Department of Justice that show senior members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office repeatedly and “accidentally” wiped phones assigned to them.

Proof State Department is Infested With Deep State Operatives

U.S. Department of State has filed a court motion to overturn a court order authorizing additional discovery in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that led directly to the 2015 disclosure of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal email system.

Their motion seeks to avoid the depositions of Clinton’s former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills as well as current and former State Department Information Technology Officials Brett Gittleson and Yvette Jacks.

“It is shameful that Judicial Watch still must battle Hillary Clinton, the DOJ, and the State Department in court over the Clinton email scandal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

NY Dictator Cuomo Gives Doctors 3 Hours to Comply to His New Mandate

In August, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo actually ordered health care professionals across the state to provide the “full residential address and phone number, occupation and employer name, full work address and employer phone number as well as race and ethnicity” of all patients tested for Covid-19.

A few days ago Cuomo added to his mandates that doctors “collect and report whether a patient attends or works in a school and if so, the name and location of the school. This includes elementary, secondary, and post-secondary/higher education. It is also critical to list the patient’s local address if different from their permanent address.”

Health care providers must report “within three hours” or face civil penalties of up to $2,000 per day.”

Russian Undermined U.S. Policy Through Biden Conflicts of Interest

A newly released email reveals the Obama State Department had a longstanding concern about then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s Burisma involvement – and how the Russians were using Biden’s conflicts of interest to undermine U.S. policy.

Did BLM and Washington Mayor Conspire With Feds?

Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Transportation for records of communication between the Federal Highway Administration and the District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation.

The lawsuit seeks to obtain information about the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on and the reopening of 16th Street NW near the White House in Washington, DC.

This lawsuit was filed after the Federal Highway Administration failed to respond to an August 19, 2020, FOIA request.

“DC Mayor Bowser shut down a major street near the White House to make a political statement for the BLM/Defund the Police agenda,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Our lawsuit highlights how and why federal dollars should not be used to subsidize this abuse.”


Biden vs. Trump, the Week Before the Debates

Joe Biden’s handlers and mainstream media are trying to sell the thought that the former Vice President is “modeling the behavior public health officials advise in the pandemic.”

But only his base are willing to buy that message.

“If meeting with Americans across the country wasn’t important, why have Joe Biden’s handlers suddenly decided the candidate should occasionally leave his basement to see voters?” said Trump campaign spokeswoman Courtney Parella.

On Monday,

Biden made a stop in Wisconsin. 

Trump made two campaign stops in Ohio, including a rally in Toledo.

On Tuesday,

Biden stayed home and made no public appearance. He had a virtual meeting with fundraisers.

Trump gets intelligence briefing, held a campaign rally at Pittsburgh International Airport, marking his fourth appearance in Pennsylvania this month.

On Wednesday,

Biden visited North Carolina for the first time since the Democratic primary season.

Trump spoke at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, visited with state’s Attorneys General regarding consumer protection in regard to social media abuses, paid respects to Justice Ginsburg at the Supreme Court, gives Healthcare speech in Charlotte, NC, visits Miami.

On Thursday,

Biden halted public appearances in the morning in order to prepare for the presidential debate.

Trump held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida.

On Friday,

Biden traveled to Washington, D.C. to pay respect to Justice Ginsburg.

Trump held Latinos for Trump Roundtable in South Florida, Black Empowerment and Platinum Plan presentation in Georgia, and Make America Great Again event in Virginia.

On Saturday,

Biden practiced debating.

Trump met with Evangelical Faith Leaders, announced Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court Justice pick and holds Make America Great Again event in Middletown, PA.

On Sunday,

Trump holds a news conference and hosts Gold Star families reception.

The Debates

On Tuesday, September 29, Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic are hosting the first presidential debate. It will be 90 minutes long without commercial breaks.

The debate will be divided into 15-minute segments on the following six topics selected by moderator and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace:

1. The Trump and Biden records

2. The Supreme Court

3. COVID-19

4. The economy

5. Race and violence in our cities

6. The integrity of the election

Two more presidential debates are scheduled for October 15 in Miami and October 22 in Nashville.

The first and only vice presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence (R) will be held in Salt Lake City on October 7.


New Signals Trump Is Winning the 2020 Presidential Election

Does President Trump have a chance of being re-elected?

Strong new indicators signal it’s a very good possibility.

 The only polls that came close in 2016 are not indicating Biden is ahead. Even the latest 2020 Zogby Poll of 1,007 likely voters gave Trump a 51%-43% lead over Democrat Joe Biden. The poll has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

“Election forecasters see President Trump as all but certain to win 13 states in his bid for re-election, with challenger Joe Biden all but certain to win 13 states plus the District of Columbia,” reports Ballotopedia, after a study of Cook Political Report, Inside Elections, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and the Bitecofer model.

“Forecasters identify eight states as battlegrounds where both Biden and Trump have a substantial chance of winning,” they said.

My indicators are different than most and in no way come from media because it’s the same propaganda as in 2016, except worse. Naturally, anything is possible, but here are new and updated indicators that show Donald J. Trump will remain our 45th President.

Electoral Votes Are Key

1. Major League Sports Boycotts Against Their Liberal Stances Are Strong.

The NFL and other major league sports leagues have turned millions of fans away from their obvious support of socialist-liberal causes. Their hypocritical turn away from their traditional rules of player behavior and uniform code has done them no favors.

They’ve unintentionally churned out more votes for President Trump, especially from citizens who may not normally show up on election day. They will be casting votes now.

2. Five Million New Gun Owners Are Likely FOR the 2nd Amendment

In the first seven months of 2020, five million Americans became first-time gun owners, according to FBI’s National Instant Background Check System. The National Shooting Sports Foundation calculated more than 12 million guns were purchased, a historical record. That’s 70 percent over the same time span in 2019.

Patriot Robert Cervenka waves to Trump Train in Bandera, Tx–Cowboy Capital of the World.

A simple question provides insight. Do Democrats support the 2nd Amendment, the NRA and American gun owners?

There are 5,000,000 FIRST TIME legal owners. If they’re compelled to go out and buy a gun, they are likely to make the effort to vote–so they can keep them.

3. There Are Millions More Americans Publicly Supporting Trump in Parades Than in Liberal Riots

There is a grassroots phenomenon spreading across America breaking historical records. Parades and caravans in lakes, bays, rivers and intercoastal waterways are popping up throughout the United States.

On literally hundreds of highways, city loops, rural roads and Main Street parades, thousands of Americans are uniting in support of a sitting president, the likes of which have never been seen.

4. Elvis Presley Fans Overwhelmingly Support Trump in 2020.

The first ever comprehensive poll of American Elvis Presley fans show overwhelming support for President Trump. With 5,293 certified votes:

Donald Trump:   4,950 (93.519%)

Joe Biden:    343 (6.48%)

For more information on this September 2020 poll, click here.

5. The GOP Convention Helped Trump. Democrats, Not So Much

Trump’s approval rating surged to 51% during the Democratic National Convention according to Rasmussen. At this same time in his presidency, Barack Obama was at 48%.

In 2016, Trump’s acceptance speech reached 34.9 million viewers, compared to 33.8 million for Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden only had 24.6 million.

Mainstream media giants (New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg) rushed to tell preliminary Nielson ratings with Biden having higher acceptance speech ratings. But…

Liberal media didn’t mention 9.2 million people tuned in to Fox News to watch Trump’s speech that Thursday night. More people tuned into Fox News than did CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS combined.

The Fox News viewing figures more than doubled the combined viewership of the two liberal cable news networks, with CNN averaging 2.2 million viewers and MSNBC pulling in 1.9 million viewers.

Here’s the most important indicator of the conventions:

Mainstream media did not report that 27.4 million people clicked on one of the digital livestreams during the Trump’s acceptance speech. They did not mention Biden drew only 11.3 million virtual viewers for his.

The Republican convention also earned six times as many viewers from C-Span than the Democratic convention earned.

The takeaway is more Americans are trusting online and C-Span sources than mainstream media coverage. The likely reason is because people believe what they see and hear themselves more than they do media analysis.

6. The Most Historically Accurate Model Says Trump Will Win

One of the best indicators is Stony Brook University Professor Helmut Norpoth. He’s the man who developed a model that has correctly predicted five of the past six elections since 1996, and every single election but two in the past 108 years. 

Norpoth says his model shows that Trump has a 91 percent chance of winning — as close to a guarantee as you can get. 

His model shows that Trump will get 362 electoral votes, which is far more than the 304 he earned in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. 

The two elections he missed were John F. Kennedy’s 1960 victory over Richard Nixon, which was one of the most closely contested elections in American history… and George W. Bush’s 2000 victory over Al Gore, where Bush actually lost the popular vote. 

7. Trump Has Phenomenally Grown His Base, While The Dems Have Lost Some of Theirs

Trump has grown his base since he was elected to over 88 percent, the highest level in the modern era, except when George W. Bush had a temporary increase in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

8. A Successful Analytical Model Doesn’t Look Good For Biden-Harris

Since 1980, Moody’s Analytics have only missed one presidential election. Their current model shows President Trump could be reelected in 2020 if the economy holds up. 

9. Almost 3 Million More Voters Understand The China, Soros, and Media Dangers

At least 2.8 million more voters now understand the considerable influence and control China and George Soros have over American politics. During President Trump’s first term, media and liberal attempts to oust Trump and circumvent his policies have failed. They have revealed their cards.

Democrats showed their cards and hoaxes with Kavenaugh, Dossier, Russian Probe, Amnesty fiasco, Mueller report, Comey, etc…were all proven wrong. This did not help their reputation and caused  losses of some base voters.

Despite stacking the deck in their favor, Democrats are losing the game. Their riots are turning far more voters away than the indoctrination and propaganda can replenish.

Their platform is not even American anymore. It’s the George Soros platform based on Saul Alinsky’s teachings to take over the minds and thoughts of citizens. It has been successfully used in over ten European and African countries now virtually owned by Soros and Open Society globalist.

They buy politicians, own them and by the proven playbook, own them. The Biden-Harris ticket is the classic example.

10. Trump Rallies Are Breaking More Records and America Sees How Democrats Try to Stop Them.

Trump rallies are historical record breakers. Dems have never been near those levels…ever. Democratic governors have failed in stopping Air Force One into their states. For instance, five rally sites in Nevada had to be relocated away from cities. Finally Trump appeared before thousands at an out of the way spot.

11. Black America Support For Trump Has Grown and His Reelection Will Be Beneficial

Trump received 11% of Black vote in 2017. Indicators show that could double in November. If that happens, it will be monumental.

Trump has been strong in African American issues like prison reform, cracking down on dangerous gang activity and pardoning those wrongfully imprisoned.

12. The Keystone State is Key

Pennsylvania was key to a Trump victory in 2016. No one was more shocked than CNN’s election coverage team when Trump took Pennsylvania.

The rate of new voter registration for Republicans in Pennsylvania is now five times that of Democrats.

Lawrence Tabas, the chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, predicts that Trump will beat Biden by more than 100,000 votes — more than twice the margin he had in 2016.

13. Biden’s 47 Years In Politics Is Turning Voters Away

Where’s Hunter? He has some explaining to do. Joe Biden’s pride and joy, son Hunter Biden is negative baggage to the campaign. Daddy Biden, who will be 78 in November, has been “Hiden’” in the basement and it’s tentative he’ll dare come out to debate President Trump.

All relevant polling shows most Republicans and more Independents have a more favorable opinion of the GOP than they did before Trump became President.

Democrat mayors and governors ploys are backfiring. Growing resentment is causing them to be defied by some of their own constituents. These are the citizens who are understanding the President’s results and leadership.

Trump is crushing Biden among union workers (61% to 35%).

Born Again Christians (Trump 68%/Biden 28%).

NASCAR fans (Trump 68%/Biden 29%).

Voters who recently lost their job (Trump 58%/Biden 34%).

Men (Trump 57%/Biden 39%).

Women (Trump 48%/Biden 45%) think Trump will win.

End of summer Swing State data from party locals and Trump’s data guru Greg Parscale is favorable.

14. Republicans Are More United and Have the Best Campaign Organization in Their History

The GOP has revamped their recruiting, voter registration and on-the-ground organization to new levels of attainment.

Most GOP local campaign headquarters are farther ahead now than they were this time in 2016. Phillip Stephens, GOP chairman in Robeson County, N.C., who helped turn the state Red then, says now “We’re thinking landslide.”


Very good indicators are showing favorability for Trump from state campaign chairs Andrew Hitt in Wisconsin, Jennifer Carnahan in Minnesota, Jane Timken in Ohio, Doyle Webb of Arkansas, and
Kyle Hupfer in Indiana.


Texas “Moppin’ Mo-Fo BBQ Simple Sauce” Recipe

Growing up in the Lone Star State , I have a preference for Texas Style Barbeque sauces.

Grandpa Bassett Arthur, a Navy Sea Bee cook in World War II, honed his skills in restaurants in Abilene, Brady and Coleman, Texas. His barbeque was perfect.

“In Texas, we don’t play around with basting,” he’d say. “You have to mop it on, like you’re swabbing the deck!”

BBQ Cookoffs, Texas Style

During college, at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State), I loved to go to annual Chilympiad, a festival that moved my freshman year in 1974 from Aquarena Springs to the Hays County Civic Center in San Marcos.

Although the star of the show was chili, I noticed there was plenty of barbeque and barbeque sauces used in some of the contestant’s offerings.

I was fascinated by the friendly dichotomy between the serious pitmasters and the showmasters. Many contestants, vying for a shot to  qualify for the World Championship Chili Cookoff at Terlingua, near Big Bend National Park, were both.

The rules were few and simple, being no more than:

1. All chili must be made from scratch at the site of the contest.

2. Women are barred from entering the contest as chefs.

In response to the second rule, the legendary promoter, Texas’ own version of P.T. Barnum, Hondo Crouch established another cookoff  in his town of Luckenbach.  

He brilliantly named it “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned,” in which the winners similarly qualify for the World Championship Cookoff.

A good memory is sitting with a classmate in the hall outside our classroom of the BAM (Business-Agriculture-Math) building waiting for class to begin. I was worn out from partying at Chilympiad the night before. He was tired from performing there. You may have heard of this young up-and-comer. His name? George Strait.

Two of my Journalism school buddies, Sherman Durst and James Irwin, entered a couple of Septembers at Chilympiad and they helped explain that when it comes to chili or barbeque, “cut and choice of meat is very important, but it’s the sauce that is critical.”

I noticed they mopped their sauce as Grandpa Arthur did.

Texas Style Favorites

A barbeque mecca was formed on both sides of the Balcones Fault along the eastern edge of Texas Hill Country. Even today, some of the finest BBQ can be enjoyed in the region. My favorites, in no particular order, include:

Coopers Old Time BBQ, the original in Llano.

Southside BBQ in Cherokee.

Hays County BBQ, right off I-35 in beloved San Marcos.

Note: Lockhart is the Texas Legislature approved Barbeque Capital of Texas. I’ve heard arguments and even friendly debates about which restaurant serves the best BBQ. The best are Black’s BBQ, Chisholm Trail BBQ, Kreuz Market, and Smitty’s Market.

Salt Lick, in Driftwood.

2M Smokehouse, in San Antonio

Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor.

B&B Barbeque in San Antonio.

Busbee’s in Bandera.

Payne’s Bar-B-Q Shak, in Burnett.

Luling City Market, in Luling.

Opie’s, in Spicewood.

Franklin Barbeque, in Austin.

South BBQ and Kitchen, San Antonio.

Smokin’ Joe’s of Texas, in San Antonio.

B-Daddy’s BBQ, in Helotes.

Four Basic BBQ Styles

There are over a dozen variations of BBQ sauces in the United States, but besides Texas Style, the three basic styles are:

Kansas City sauces are tomato-based, with sweet, spicy and tangy flavor profiles. It’s good with a variety of meats. I especially like their briskets.

My favorite BBQ in Kansas City are Joe’s KC BBQ, Jack Stack BBQ, Q39, and Arthur Bryant’s.

Memphis style sauces are swabbed on before, during and after barbecuing. I found most Memphis restaurants were best for their pork and rib servings.

I’ve tried at least a dozen BBQ restaurants in Memphis over the years, but my favorites are Corky’s, Marlowe’s, Payne’s and Central BBQ. I want to try Neely’s next time.

Carolina style sauces are spice and vinegar mixtures usually basted on during smoking of pork. They tend to dry rub their various meats prior to smoking. In some restaurants, I’ve noticed a peppery yellow mustard taste in their sauces.

I’ve only been to half a dozen BBQ joints in the Carolinas. My favorites were City Barbeque in Durham, Hadison’s in Janesville, NC and Carolina Barbeque Shack in Greenwood, and Sweet Carolina’s in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Some of our favorite grilling sides.

Serving Over 500 People

My favorite memory with barbecue was staying up all night mopping and smoking 320 lbs. of brisket for just over 520 people.

The occasion was for an annual Facilities Alliance Picnic for that H-E-B’s division of partners. The June 25, 2005 event brought families across Texas to the Castroville city park, west of San Antonio.

There were only three of us, Painting Supervisor Larry Colson, Sr., Construction Supervisor of Superintendents Garlan Tschirhart and me.

We expected more volunteers, but they didn’t arrive until daylight. I learned a great deal about barbecuing for large groups throughout that long night.

Larry showed me how to mix the basting sauce and the recipe for the batches we made for the final four gallons of servicing sauce.

We slaved over a 15 foot long barbecue pit trailered in for the occasion. By the time we mopped the last aluminum foil wrapped brisket on one end, it was time to wrap the first one at the beginning end. About every 30-40 minutes each brisket was mopped for 14 hours.

I noticed the more beer Larry and Garlan consumed, the more my mopping skills improved with considerable practice. But I loved every minute of it.

Thankfully, as more volunteers showed up, they handled the chicken, sausage, sides and fixings.

Based on all the mentoring and mopping over the years, here’s my simple recipe for Texas Style Barbeque sauce. Dodie helped me name it. We call it:

Mopping Mo-Fo BBQ Simple Sauce


Tomato sauce: One 15 oz. can of plain tomato sauce (just puréed tomatoes, no extra ingredients).

Apple cider vinegar: To add some tang to the sauce, 1/2 cup.

Honey:  Some people use brown sugar, but I actually prefer 1\3 cup of honey as a natural sweetener in this sauce.  But you could also sub in maple syrup.

Tomato paste: 1/4 cup to intensify the rich tomato flavor in this sauce.

Red Onion: Finely chopped or not so fine–your choice.

Molasses:  1\4 cup.

Worcestershire: If making this sauce vegan, be sure to use a vegan brand of Worcestershire. 3 tablespoons.

Liquid smoke: To give the sauce those important smoky notes: 2 teaspoons.

Lemon Juice: (Optional) A tablespoon of fresh or bottled lemon juice adds just the perfect amount of acid to this sauce to make it perfect.

Spices: A combo of one teaspoon each of smoked paprika, garlic powder, black pepper (about 1/2 teaspoon), onion powder and seasalt.  Plus a few optional pinches of cayenne, if you would like to give the sauce some heat.



Combine ingredients.  Stir everything together in a saucepan.

Simmer. Bring the sauce to a simmer, then let it continue to simmer for 15-20 minutes or until it has thickened slightly.

Serve. Then that’s literally it — your sauce is ready to go and use in any of your favorite recipes!

Notes and Variations

You can also add a good dollop of yellow mustard to it to broaden the flavor.

A tablespoon of red pepper can give it an extra kick.

Many times, I’ve subbed the tomato sauce, vinegar, and tomato paste with ketchup! I use 2 cups of H-E-B ‘Select Ingredients’ because it’s all natural–and does not include high-fructose corn syrup.

My favorite.

Seal it with a tight-fitting lid and store in the refrigerator to use for quick and easy meals throughout the week!

Hundreds Facing Federal Charges For Crimes During Nationwide Demonstrations

The Department of Justice announced Friday that more than 300 people in 29 states and Washington, D.C., have been charged for crimes committed “adjacent to or under the guise of peaceful demonstrations since the end of May.”

“What media is not reporting, is that federal law enforcement agencies haven’t been sitting on the sidelines during these riots,” said a Washington D.C. reconnaissance insider. “They’re gathering intelligence.”

“It’s paying off,” he said. “Local and regional officers make arrests and protect others, if permitted. But the Feds are doing real police work. They want the guys at the top. You get them with evidence.”

The Department of Homeland Security deployed helicopters, airplanes and drones over 15 cities where demonstrators have been violent, looting, and destroying.

“These paid punks may think they’re getting by with this covering their faces and getting out on bail. They’re not,” he continued. “The sophistication and technology is enormous. Drones combined with aerial cameras offer a strong combination for facial recognition that is applied to large areas during these mass events.”

“Notice the amount of body-worn cameras being used by police. It’s also worn by law enforcement agents, including those undercover. There’s more cameras out there full of evidence. And the amount of intelligence coming out of social media monitoring is outrageous.”

“This helps make strong cases that equates to long prison terms. Prosecutors and attorney general offices are helped with solid evidence. When some of these arrested realize what they face, they’ll provide information. It’s like going after a gang. They want the field members, but it’s the bosses, the warlords, the gang kingpins they’re after. Who is financing this?”

Over 40 U.S. Attorneys’ Offices (USAOs), have filed federal charges alleging crimes ranging from attempted murder, assaulting a law enforcement officer, arson, burglary of a federally-licensed firearms dealer, damaging federal property, malicious destruction of property using fire or explosives, felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, unlawful possession of a destructive device, inciting a riot, felony civil disorder, and others.  Violent opportunists have exploited these demonstrations in various ways. 

Approximately 80 suspects have been charged with offenses relating to arson and explosives. 

Approximately 15 individuals have been charged with damaging federal property. Some are alleged to have set fires to local businesses as well as city and federal property.

These crimes caused millions of taxpayer dollars to repair damages to the Portland CourthouseNashville CourthouseMinneapolis Police Third PrecinctSeattle Police East Precinct, and local high school in Minnesota; and, to replace police cruisers in South CarolinaWashingtonRhode Island, GeorgiaUtah, and other states.

Corporate and local businesses were also targeted, including a Target Corporate headquarters in MinneapolisBoost Mobile Store in Milwaukee, and a Champ Sports Store in Tampa.

Local restaurants damaged or destroyed include a pizza parlor in Los Angeles and a sushi bar in Santa Monica

In Washington, D.C., outside of the U.S. Supreme Court, a man was engulfed in flames after he poured a liquid from a gas can onto three U.S. Supreme Court Police vehicles; he suffered severe burns. In Virginia Beach, authorities identified a man who is alleged to have threatened to burn down an African American church 

About 35 others have been charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer and related offenses. 

One of these cases was charged in Massachusetts; the rest of these individuals were charged in Oregon. 

The assaults have targeted local and federal law enforcement officers.  In Portland, a man is alleged to have approached a U.S. Marshals Deputy from behind and struck the deputy in the upper back, neck, and shoulder with a wooden baseball bat; another man, allegedly assaulted a Deputy U.S. Marshal with an explosive device.  In Boston, a man allegedly shot at least 11 times toward officers, including a deputized federal officer.

About 30 people have been charged with offenses related to civil disorder.  In several instances, these individuals leveraged social media platforms to incite destruction and assaults against law enforcement officers. 

In Cleveland, two Pennsylvania men are charged with driving to the city with the intent to participate in a riot and commit acts of violence.  In their possession, authorities found a black backpack containing a hammer, two containers of Sterno Firestarter Instant Flame Gel, a can of spray paint, a glass bottle of liquor with a bar-style pour top, a Glock semi-automatic firearm and two magazines loaded with ammunition. 

In Knoxville, one individual allegedly instructed his social media followers to, “bring hammers bricks whatever you want.” The same defendant allegedly used a trashcan lid filled with an unknown liquid to strike a law enforcement officer in the head while the officer was seated in a police vehicle.

Charges have also been filed against individuals accused of committing burglary and carjacking. 

In Pittsburgh, two individuals allegedly attempted to burglarize a Dollar Bank

In Louisville, two individuals were charged with conspiracy to commit burglary involving controlled substances at a local WalgreensAnother Louisville individual was charged with carjacking; at the time of the carjacking, the individual was on a felony diversion as a result of a February 2020 conviction for charges that were initially filed as complicity to murder and complicity to robbery. 

Several of these charges carry significant maximum prison sentences. For example, felony assault of a federal officer with a dangerous weapon is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.  Arson is punishable by up to 20 years in prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison.

Democrat 7-Step Plan to Cheat the 2020 Election Revealed

“Fraud is more the rule than the exception” a Democratic  consultant in New Jersey told the New York Post this summer.

“That’s the only way we’re going to lose, is if there’s mischief,” President Donald Trump told a crowd in Virginia last month, as millions watched through online streaming and limited television. “And it will have to be on a big scale. So be careful.”

There are 248 counties in the United States that have more registered voters than actual citizens of legal voting age.

Eric Eggers, the author of Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election, says “Organizations that are funded by George Soros both fight to keep those vulnerabilities in place, as in Ohio, by trying to prevent efforts to pass voter-ID laws or to make the voter rolls more secure.”

Eggers said these Soros groups “fund organizations that go out and round up voters, regardless of legality of their status, and force them through the vulnerabilities in the system.”

The liberal media is doing their propaganda job hard at work setting expectations that we won’t know the results of the election for days or weeks or possibly months.

The seven step plan for Democrats to cheat and game the election is in play.

1. Use the pandemic to push for a nation-wide vote-by-mail scheme.

Mail-in voting is “essential from a health reason because we want to keep people at home to vote without having them all collect on Election Day,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in August, before she was caught unprotected in a San Francisco hair salon. “People should not have to choose between their health and their vote.”

2. Enlist all the messengers at your disposal (Hollywood, Corporate Media, Big Tech, Pro Sports) to push for vote-by-mail.

Don’t forget who owns 12,000 U.S. movie theaters and has remarkable power in Hollywood. It’s China!

3. Get millions of questionable mail-in ballots into the system. 

Just one way to game the system: A comprehensive 2020 analysis by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found that 349,773 apparently dead people still remain on the voter rolls across 41 states.

New York, Texas, Michigan, Florida, and California were the top five states with dead voters on the rolls, accounting for 51 percent of all the dead registrants. The crucial swing states of Michigan and Florida had 34,225 and 25,162 dead registrants respectively.

4. Send Democratic lawyers into key districts to fight for every challenged ballot. Use the courts and progressive election officials to keep the count going as long as possible with as little verification as possible.

Expect at least 700 lawyers by Election Day. The Biden-Harris camp have already recruited over 600.

5. Set expectations that the election will not be decided on November 3rd. Plan for mass protests in the streets. Scare people into believing that Trump won’t leave office (should he attempt to challenge the results).

“Everyone beware because they’re not going to stop,” Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris said about the protests erupting in American cities. “They’re not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not going to stop after Election Day.”

6. Challenge the results in court with the help of election officials and district attorneys that George Soros has spent years getting elected.

On September 10, 2020, the Georgia Secretary of State reported they found 150,000 people who had applied for an absentee ballot and then showed up at the polls to vote in person in the June primary. This in a primary in which a little less than 950,000 people voted.

Soros has spent almost $14 million in the past four years buying hired guns, district attornies and local government officials in San Diego, Orlando, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Portland, San Antonio, Houston, Los Angeles,  Chicago, San Francisco and more.

Don’t expect charges filed against looters and ballot harvesters in these cities.

7. Let Chief Justice John Roberts (or the new Justice?) pick the next president. Or let Nancy Pelosi do it.

President Trump, who will announce his justice pick to Supreme Court today, believes there is a likelihood the Court could decide the election.

“I think this will end up in the Supreme Court, and I think it’s very important that we have nine justices,” Trump said, adding that he thinks “having a four-four situation is not a good situation.”


Before You Try To Mail Your Vote, Know This

President Donald Trump said he will only lose the November election if Democrats cheat with mail-in ballots and harvesting.

Citing strong recent examples of voter fraud and ballot mishaps, especially in Democrat run states like New Jersey and Nevada, Trump warned a patriotic crowd in Newport News, Virginia Friday evening.

“That’s the only way we’re going to lose, is if there’s mischief,” Trump said, as millions watched through online streaming and limited television. “And it will have to be on a big scale. So be careful.”

Ahead of 2020 elections, 38 states have made changes to their general election procedures. 

Election officials in many jurisdictions are preparing for large numbers of absentee and mail-in ballots. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the five permanently inhabited U.S. territories offer absentee/mail-in voting to at least some voters. Voters must meet specific eligibility requirements, such as disability or illness.

In this year’s general election, all but seven of those states (and three territories) allow any voter to vote by mail. 

Twelve states generally require voters who cast their ballots by mail to obtain the signature of a witness or notary in order for their vote to be counted.  

Six states have suspended, reduced, or otherwise modified their statutory or regulatory witness or notary requirements. 

  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina (reduced from two witnesses to one)
  • Oklahoma (voters can submit copies of their identification in lieu of having their ballots notarized)
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia

The other six states still require voters using absentee or mail-in ballots to obtain the signature of a witness or notary in order to process their ballot.

  • Alabama: Two witnesses or one notary
  • Alaska: One witness
  • Mississippi: Notary or other officer authorized to administer oaths
  • Missouri: Notary or other officer authorized to administer oaths
  • North Carolina: One witness
  • Wisconsin: One witness

Witness signature and notary requirements have been the subject of litigation throughout 2020. States may make further changes to these procedures as the general election approaches.