Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr. & Mel Gibson Claim Hollywood is an ‘Institutionalized Pedophile Ring’

Actor Mel Gibson explained to a BBC television audience in July 2020 how he had been blacklisted by Hollywood’s controlling monarchs in 2006.

Gibson in The Patriot

What he was about to reveal would at first bring a barrage of media fury labeling him a conspiratorist. Over time, much of what he said has been proven true.

The Braveheart star had been publically voicing his opinions countering the movie industry’s liberal agenda. They went after him with a vengeance, forcing him to work “outside of the system.”

This offered Gibson the opportunity to gather a fresh perspective he explained. Then he let it out: “It’s difficult to comprehend, I know, and I’m sorry that I am the one to break this to you, but Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring.”

“They use and abuse kids for their own sick ‘spiritual beliefs,’ if you can even call them that,” he declared. “I don’t fully understand it myself, but they harvest these kids for their energy and feast on their blood.”

“They have a blatant disregard for the good of the people. Destroying people’s lives is just a game to them – the more pain they can cause, the better the thrill. Children are just sustenance to them. They feast on the pain and fear, and the younger, the better.”

Prominent attorney Lin Wood

Recent revelations from prominent Atlanta attorney Lin Wood casts more light on how far reaching and dangerous Gibson’s (and others brave enough to come out) assertions are.

In January and February 2021, Wood’s team held a series of video recorded interviews with a former operative for the FBI and the “Dirty Tricks Squad” under the control of former Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Identified as Ryan White, the interviewee exposed horrific knowledge about pedophiles in the highest levels of all three branches of government. Many of these encounters were secretly videotaped to blackmail, compromise or “own” vice-presidents, senators, representatives, judges and other leaders.

“Children are often used as the commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles,” White said. “And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful, and they don’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are. So, you provide children to them, your children, adopted children, whatever.”

“This is how they trust you, you’re as dirty as they are,” he continued. “You cannot be exposed because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you. If everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe.”

Harvey Weinstein, Oprah: doing what they do best.

When Gibson talked about it to the 2020 BBC audience, he left no holds barred about Hollywood elite. The previous March 11, Harvey Weinstein was sentenced in a New York courtroom to 23 years in prison for first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape. This was the culmination of the case that fueled the global #MeToo movement and exposed more Hollywood hypocrisy.

“These people follow their own religion and use it for moral guidance,” Gibson revealed. “It’s not the sort of religious teachings you folks would ever hear about. They perform sacred rituals that are sick and totally at odds with the moral fabric that binds most patriotic Americans. The worst part: It’s an open secret in Hollywood and everyone wants in on it.”

Gibson was just getting started. The audience at the British prime-time BBC chatshow, The Graham Norton Show was answering questions from shocked guests, in the green room backstage after his appearance.

“If the child was mentally and physically suffering when they died, then it gives them ‘extra life force. I don’t understand why they do that, but that’s what they do,” Gibson continued. “Most of us have a moral compass that guides us through life, right? These people don’t have that, or if they do, it’s pointing in the opposite direction.”

Gibson said that the movie industry’s highest hierarchy “thrives on abuse, pain, torture, stress, and suffering.”

The desire to inflict such abuse isn’t limited to just the elite, but only “those at the top of the food chain can afford such a luxury,” he explained.

“Hollywood is drenched in innocent children’s blood. The references to pedophilia and cannibalism have always been there, but for years they were cryptic or symbolic. I was introduced to these practices in the early 2000s and was threatened with serious repercussions should I ever speak out. And, I don’t just mean my career, I mean my life was threatened, my family’s life would be in danger. I can only talk about it now as those people, those industry executives, they’re all dead now.”

“They see the blood of a sexually abused infant as the ‘ultimate prize’ and say that it’s ‘highly enriched. Babies are like a ‘premium currency’ and hold a higher value of anything else you can think of: Diamonds, drugs, caviar, you name it. They are literally trading these kids like a currency for favors, movie roles, kickbacks…”

Gibson said these “dark, multidimensional occult practices” and “Hollywood is being used for social programming and mind control and their message is being projected into the psyche of the American people…People everywhere.”

After Harvey Weinstein’s conviction and the suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein in a New York maximum security jail cell, what was once played off as rumors or conspiracies has become more conventional knowledge.

Jeffrey Epstein

In February, 2021, Ryan White, being videotaped, was asked by Lin Wood’s interviewer, “Okay. Now, Pence’s wife, how witting is she in all the pedophilia in all of this?”

“She covers it up for him,” White responded. “She’s completely a political animal. One of the reasons that the younger guy was sporadic is because she felt it was more dangerous and was harder to control. It was — he’d pop up. It wasn’t something necessarily scheduled. I mean, he’d pop up and then it would be scheduled later, but it wasn’t something that was set. So, to her it was much riskier. But she was the manager for the — she’s the one who kept it quiet.”

INTERVIEWER: “Would she be aware of the pedophilia as well, with the young, young children?”

“Oh, sure,” White said. “I mean, it’s not like he hid this stuff from her, because she managed it…Oh, she knew all about that, and she knew about it for a long time.”

“And so is (Supreme Court Chief Justice John) Roberts. I mean, Roberts is flat-out gay, at least he is now. He has been ever since he was a child. Which nothing wrong with being gay, but you’re high and manipulating stuff.”

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

“Well, I mean, the company he kept in Congress were all the same thing, they’re all under surveillance, they’re all dirty in one fashion or another. So many of them are dirty; it’s very disarming. And his wife manages the stuff, and he could do deals if something did come out. They could quash it, they could make a deal, they could — you know, if something was hinted at they could address it because he had political power, either there or governor or whatever.”

When asked if Pence maintained his sexual or pedophile relationships during his vice-presidency from 2017-2020, White answered:

“It was so — it was so important to keep him buried, you know, ‘run silent, run deep.’ That’s how they described it. They wouldn’t save him.
He did provide info. He actually let stuff leak.”

“He let stuff leak from certain conversations the president had with a staffer, so (inaudible) the staffer be blamed because it was somebody that Mike didn’t care for, and it got out.”

“At that point I don’t know if he had any other relationships or maintained the same ones because I just didn’t have the access anymore to it so I can’t say, but it was mostly important to them to keep it quiet or keep him under control, ’cause that was an ace in the hole they needed.”

Judge Emmett Gale Sullivan

“I met Gale Sullivan, Jr., the judge in the General Flynn case,” White replied. “He’s disgusting. He’s a known pedophile, a friend of Biden’s. He’s the one that owned the homes that Biden used for his (inaudible).”

“Sullivan likes young girls. He has abused his granddaughter for years. When she got older he lost interest…I have all those records.”

“Biden’s a well-known pedophile,” Ryan D. White said in his testimony to Lin Wood’s staff . “It’s disgusting…we’ve seen him and family members, him and other children.”

“Most people have seen now the image of him sniffing children on — in an official capacity. It’s an awards ceremony or promotion ceremony. And many times he can’t wait, is the problem. It’s not like he’s just over there doing that. Those children have been promised to him for his role in the securities positions for their family members, for their parents.”

“So, he can’t control himself because he’s anticipating his payoff. So, that’s why you see these sniffing videos, things like that. Some of them are just him being a disgusting pervert.”

Last year, actor Brad Pitt was another of Hollywood’s leading men who had plenty to say about the movie industry and government control.

Brad Pitt

“You think Hollywood is about making movies? That’s just a byproduct: It’s about money, and more importantly, power and control,” Pitt said. “The people who run Hollywood, also run America, and most of the world, and they don’t care about movies.”

“You’ve heard of the Illuminati right? The secret societies, the politicians, the bankers and the media – they’re the ones running these pedophile rings, and they’re the ones that run the world, and it all goes back to Hollywood. Kids wanna be in movies, or should I say; parents want their kids to be in movies, and they’ll do anything to get them famous.”

“One of these [Elites] buys into a movie,” Pitt continued. “A thousand kids go for the lead role, and 100 of them would probably work. Some young kid with a pushy mom turns up who will do anything to get the part.”

“The kid gets sent off to some guy that runs a TV network. The network pushes the movie, and the first guy makes loads of money when it’s a hit. The TV guy will never say a bad thing about the movie because movie guy knows what TV guy did with that young kid. The same thing happens with politicians and bankers and the rest of them. It’s all backroom deals with kids as bargaining chips.”

“The media will never expose the truth as they’re part of it,” Pitt said. “It’s the independent media that will expose this. The internet is a wonderful thing and the free flow of information is bringing it all to the surface now. They’re losing their hold over the American people, and people everywhere, and they know it. It’s just a matter of time before it all comes out.”

Corey Feldman

In 2013, actor Corey Feldman talked about a  Hollywood pedophile ring in an appearance on The View.

“You’re damaging an entire industry,” Barbara Walters replied. Feldman continued and later released a documentary detailing the sexual abuse both he and fellow child star, Corey Haim, faced as young actors. 

Robert Downey, Jr. (who backed up Gibson’s declarations) and Elijah Wood have also come out to speak out and reveal these sexual abuse and pedophile rings.

Downey publically called out Diana Jenkins, who was a major investor and stockholder in the Clinton Foundation. She was exposed in the Clinton “Pay for Play” inquiry letter.

Need more proof? What about in 2017, when most news outlets barely mentioned that a man looking to buy a 6-year-old boy were among 238 people arrested during a two-month operation targeting child predators in Southern California?

Operation Broken Heart arrest

This was part of the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes Against Children task force,  “Operation Broken Heart III.” This was the THIRD operation where they targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography.

More recently, Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver has been revealed as being a pedophile who for many years used his executive position to groom young boys for sex.

John Weaver backed by Hollywood elite.

Some of the most elite Hollywood celebrities have been significant supporters. These include Debra Messing, Chelsea Handler, Mark Hamill, Rob Reiner, John Legend, Jamie Lee Curtis, Cher, Bette Midler, Stephen King, and of course, Alyssa Milano have been among those.

Note: To learn more about the Ryan White (Lin Wood whistleblower) transcripts, read here:

The chilling and disturbing interview of Biden revealed.



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  1. No wonder these people want to defund the police! But we have to pray and keep on exposing all this just like you are doing; this stuff won’t end until it’s completely exposed and people are horrified and repent. God bless Mel Gibson and all the others speaking out.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I know Scientology is prominent in Hollywood. They specifically target young kids looking for answers. Stars like Tom Cruise are in the hierarchy. I wonder if these kids get shuffled to these pedophiles to gain status in the cult. It’s either money or doing favors that moves you up the ladder in Scientology.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Scientology is definitely a cult and weird and I can’t understand how people believe in that stuff but I think any abuse that occurs within Scientology is likely physical and not sexual. I obviously don’t know that for a fact but just a feeling based on all the stuff I’ve seen.
      The pedophile elite in Hollywood and politics are on a whole other level in a whole different league. Sick, twisted stuff. Even if 1% of what I’ve seen is true, then these people belong in prison.
      If I had no choice, I’d rather have a complete hardcore Scientology believer living next to me than any of these twisted pedo freaks in Hollywood and government.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I was wondering what happened to Scientology?? Poof the freaks are gone. Not that I support secret societies, it’s been thrown in my face with all this. According to what is found on Freemasons and Illuminati in my findings vs what Scientology and whom are or were involved. Tom cruise, Travolta , all those tools were more like what Scientology described. Opportunist, scammers almost like the people that sold snake oil . Others seem more professional and more building the community and educating not blackmailing , ripping apart our constitution. This is just an opinion just looking for truth no trouble.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so glad…no, more like relieved that there are brave celebrities who are speaking out about these atrocities. More and more evidence is surfacing about Hollywood’s abuse of innocent children and babies and I’m confident that it’s only a matter of time before they’re all held to account for their sick and twisted abuses and it has to happen at some point because too much damning evidence and testimonials have already gotten out and people are finally seeing these monsters for what they really are!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dr kolawole convicted of numerous images of child pornography on his computer. three months prior to his arrest on this conviction, he was arrested in hamilton ontario for soliciting two girls, ages 13 and 15 and was required to register there as a sex offender.


  5. I am trying to keep back the tears as I try to process this monstrosity of evil that is being exposed here. I apologize for poor grammer on my part, but I just need to express how angry I feel inside towards those who would cause these little ones to stumble. Yellowstones Super Volcano could not blow up soon enough to rid the world of all the harm and debauchery Hollywood and dirty Politicians and Judges have managed to inflict upon my amazing United States of America.
    Jesus Christ is going to call us home soon. Guess what, the aborted babies souls are alive and well, along with these children, waiting for their blood to be avenged.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I was an actor and mostly behind the scenes player in Hollywood in the 80’s and 90’s.
    I left because I started seeing not only the corruption, but the ‘abuse’ of children.

    I was almost snared into being abused by a director and Thank God it never came to pass. Yet later realized how close I was to having my dreams and passion abused. There was a young boy that I competed with and he was ‘compromised’ and Hated me when he was tossed to the side and I was focused on. That’s when I started to feel….there’s something Not Right about all this.

    I was also somewhat close to a kid that had a father that was a casting director. I’d go to these underground parties for ‘kids’. We’d be able to drink, play games do anything we wanted. Well….this poor kid was ‘groomed’ by his own father to bring him ‘fresh meat’ so to speak. When Corey Feldman talked about him years later, I put two and two together and thought…. Oh my goodness, that was HIM! I was at these clubs!

    Whomever abuses a Child….may GOD strike them down to the darkest of dark. I’m so grateful I was not a victim of all this yet, thinking back now, I was so Close to it and something saved me from being used and abused like so many other children. That was God’s Grace.

    I Pray and Feel for all those used and abused by such a Horrible group of people hiding under the guise of…..Hollywood.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Child molestation is real and happens, you can check your county jails and find a few inmates in many county areas. However along with the Epstein story, I believe the promotion of organized pedo rings are a media fake out, just like serial killers which have been debunked, and designed to spread fear. We have photos and stories, but no real world evidence. The police busts in the news media are just like the false flag shootings, they are a product of the corrupt alphabet agencies. Manufactured from the top down.

    Just like the scamdemic everyone buys into what they see on the news and televisions. Has anyone witnessed a huge pedo ring with their own eyes in person? Where are all the high roller Hollywood people keeping the little kids? Most of those people are old and impotent, sex would not be a priority. Keep in mind the Hollywood/ Corporate elite are very wealthy and can afford cream of the crop high paid escorts, the do not need to break the law or be associated with a pedo ring since many of the escorts are teenagers but over the age of consent. Brad, Mel and the other actors that come forward are getting paid to do that, and apart of the script. They would not be employed for long otherwise. The pedo ring narrative fits into the “all men are pigs” and destruction of the family unit agendas.


    • You couldn’t be more wrong, about EVERYTHING you’ve stated here. Many of us have seen plenty of evidence, images we’ll never get out of our minds. Google frazzledrip for starters, but that’s just a pebble on a mountain made of rocks.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sorry for the delayed reply. Well can you show me the real commitment reports, prison sentences and prove to me that the people that participate in these task forces involved are not hired actors or law enforcement practicing drills? I need actual proof not a link to a website as I’ve already read most of them.

        In my original post I said child molesters are real and found in every state<–please read that again because I do know for sure that does happen! However when it comes to organized pedophile rings, that is fear mongering to sell the news and promotes the all men are pigs agendas within Operation Chaos. Pedo panic falls also into Satanic Panic. They want you to think some elite group is drinking baby blood and raping little kids by the thousands so we will a live in fear, stop talking, trusting each other, keep consuming those feel good foods and booze and won't look at what are actual really problems are.

        Almost every other month for the last two years we have seen 30-50 kids found in warehouses, basements, trains, etc….No matter how many kids, or how many arrests, they just somehow magically keep happening non stop. Just like the fake Epstein/Maxwell story, it's all on the internet and television.
        I'm not buying it. I'm not wanting to irk anyone, I just see these news stories for what they are.




  8. and yet, Bradley, Mel, and RDJ, continue to work for this industry and make millions. RDJ has had chance after chance to continue his career despite one drug bust after another. Years ago he was so loaded he entered a strangers house and fell asleep in their kids bed. All these guys have skeletons; that’s probably why they were chosen to “come out” with this. Mel wants back in so bad its’ pathetic.


  9. Good post sir. I knew about Mr. Gibson wasnt so sure on Mr. Pitt, he’s right people are waking up to it all. Hollywood and films will mean nothing to people in the end , my views have changed the past two years, some of my favourite films mean nothing any more. It’s a mass awakening and people like Mel Gibson, Jim Caviezel, John Voight and others are the true hero’s in film. I have posted your post on my website

    Liked by 1 person

  10. We should pray for those who are exposing and trying to clean out this disgusting nestegg of vipers. May God hear the screams, tears, conflict and pain of every child and hold all those responsible to the Millstone principle. Better they be tied to a millstone and dropped in to the midst of the sea than to harm even one of these little ones. May God enact severest judgement on those who harm and abuse children and somehow are so deceived and far gone in their amoral conscience as to cover and think they can or should be able to get away with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I believe what you posted about all the pedofiles in Hollywood & the government. It’s not the first time I heard about Mike Pence. For years they hid people who were gay from the public at a time when it would of ended their careers. They helped the men get married to women to hide it. I personally don’t care if they were gay, but it shows you how well they can hide things. People don’t want to believe, but it’s true.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. here’s the kicker. Facistbook blocked this link from being posted. i couldn’t even SEND the link via messenger, i had to replace the dots in the web address with the actual WORD “dot” and informed the receiver of this.

    but it shouldn’t surprise me. they deleted pages speaking against pedophilia and even banned people for speaking out against it. yet see nothing wrong with pages calling for the normalization of pedophilia. hell, they even ran a poll by people asking if they “condone pedophilia”.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Facistbook prevented me from posting this on my wall, and even prevented me from sharing it via messenger. they sited it as “spam”. yet they see nothing wrong with pedophilia friendly pages.
    i found a work-around though. i just removed replaced the .’s in the address with the word “dot” and told the person receiving the message about it.
    i’d do the same on my wall…but considering my posts are hardly ever seen any more, i suspect i’ve been shadowbanned by them. probably won’t be long before i’m permabanned there, just like i am on Twatter too.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. While girl victims of sexual abuse/assault are indeed too many and require exposure/correction/justice,
    there remains an outdated societal mentality, albeit perhaps subconsciously held: Men can take care of themselves, and boys are basically little men. Over many years of news-media consumption, I’ve noticed that when victims of sexual abuse are girls their gender is readily reported as such; however, when they’re boys, they’re usually referred to gender-neutrally as children.

    It’s as though, as a news product made to sell the best, the child victims being female is somehow more shocking than if male. Also, I’ve heard and read news-media references to a 19-year-old female victim as a ‘girl’, while (in an unrelated case) a 17-year-old male perpetrator was described as a ‘man’. Could it be that this is revelatory of an already present gender bias held by the general news consumership, since news-media tend to sell us what we want or are willing to consume thus buy?

    It could be the same mentality that might help explain why the book Childhood Disrupted was only able to include one man among its six interviewed adult subjects, there presumably being such a small pool of ACE-traumatized men willing to formally tell his own story of childhood abuse. Could it be evidence of a continuing subtle societal take-it-like-a-man mindset? One in which so many men, even with anonymity, would prefer not to ‘complain’ to some stranger/author about his torturous childhood, as that is what ‘real men’ do? (I tried multiple times contacting the book’s author via internet websites in regards to this non-addressed florescent elephant in the room, but I received no response.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting thoughts.
      I can say that after writing and investigating since 1975, I use a journalism style book that I recommend any journalist should do. This prevents the bias, men vs boys, girls vs women, etc that has infiltrated much in media.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Is Hollywood the only legal gang of pedophiles? And what about school unions, kindergarten and school councils, pedophile teachers hired by school and kindergarten directors to molest and sexually corrupt our kids in secret from their parents? Why and by whom is this sexual campaign launched in schools and kindergartens? For whose pleasures are the democrats preparing our children? All parents and all honest people should unite and announce “Operation Heartbreak IV” to protect our children from being corrupted by a gang of union school pedophiles.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. George Iceman Interviews Madyson Marquette on Tribunals & Arrests
    In the video above, Madyson Marquette names these people involved in sex trafficking: Derek Hay, Jeremy Piven, Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Bill & Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Perry Stone, a Hillsong pastor (unnamed), Rick Warren and Greg Laurie.


  17. […] What is Hollywood truly like. From what I know Christianity is not welcome but all Political Correctness is. Actor John Cusack said: ‘Hollywood is a whorehouse and people go mad’. APRIL 10, 2021 Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr. & Mel Gibson Claim Hollywood is an ‘Institutionalized Pedophile Ring’.  I think these guys would know better than me.  […]

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