Tag: Serendipity

Meeting Willie Nelson

1976 was the Bicentennial of America and it was a big year for me. A journalism major at Southwest Texas State University (SWT), I won statewide in reporting and columnist writing awards for news, entertainment, fine arts and humor. My confidence was high, but being honored as Investigative Reporter of the Year Award at the…

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The Day Superman Rescued My Momma

  About three weeks into our Mom’s  sickness, I was sitting on my favorite chair at my grandparents’ kitchen table drawing on a Big Chief tablet, a picture of Superman flying into outer space. Bobbi was napping comfortably in the center of their bed. The watercooler unit running in the front living room window was…

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How Elvis Became a Guitar Man

Walking into Tupelo Hardware, I wondered how Elvis Presley felt when his mother Gladys took him there for his eleventh birthday, on January 8, 1946. It wasn’t too long after his very first public performance, singing “Old Shep” at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair children’s talent competition the previous October 3rd. Forrest L. Bobo, was working at…

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