Let the Commercial Space Business, Science and Tourism Begin

The future is here with spaceports cropping up across the United States as mankind prepares for more commercial, tourism and science in space.

In 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed 41 commercial space operations (launches and reentries), the most in the agency’s history.

These launches, new streamlined launch and reentry licensing regulations, and a historic licensed crewed mission are some of the noteworthy commercial space transportation achievements of the FAA last year. The FAA will build on these accomplishments in the coming year.


“This record-setting year in launches, and the new streamlined launch and reentry licensing regulations, bode well for continued rapid growth of America’s commercial space sector,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

Those operations included a record 39 FAA-licensed launches, including the first-ever NASA crewed mission to be licensed by the FAA.

For 2021, the FAA is forecasting the number of licensed operations could reach 50 or more.

“The FAA is well positioned to keep pace with the dramatic increase in commercial space operations and support the innovation driven by the aerospace industry while keeping public safety a top priority,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. 

Contributing to this year’s accomplishments are the benefits of a recent reorganization of the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation.

The changes increased the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the office, allowing it to dynamically scale its processes to meet the burgeoning private sector licensing demand.

The organizational changes will help the FAA implement a new rule that modernizes how the agency regulates and licenses commercial space launch and reentry operations.

First FAA licensed spaceport.

The rule consolidates multiple regulatory parts to create a single licensing regime for all types of launch and reentry operations, replaces prescriptive requirements with performance-based criteria, and allows the aerospace industry to continue to innovate and grow.

In 2021, the FAA will continue to provide policies and guidance to support the streamlined licensing rule by publishing advisory circulars that will identify possible means of compliance.

Working with the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Council (COMSTAC), the FAA also will prioritize its other regulations for updates and streamlining. Additionally, the agency anticipates the private sector will make notable progress toward commercially viable space tourism.

In the coming year, the FAA also will continue to test new technologies to further enable the safe and efficient integration of space-vehicle operations with other types of air traffic in the National Airspace System.

Current U.S. Spaceports & Launch Sites

Additionally, the FAA will establish an interagency working group to develop a recommended National Spaceport Strategy to advance a robust, innovative national system of spaceports.

An FAA license is required to conduct any commercial space launch or reentry, the operation of any launch or reentry site by U.S. citizens anywhere in the world, or by any individual or entity within the United States.

Once the FAA issues a license or permit, the agency works with operators to make sure they are meeting the requirements to conduct launches and reentries. This includes having FAA safety inspectors monitor licensed activities.


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Bro Ray’s Aloha New Year Black-Eye Peas

Dodie’s baby brother, Raymond Bailey, Jr. was the first child born on New Year’s Day, 1960 in Hilo, Hawaii.

“He always thought he was born in a volcano,” laughs Dodie. “The fireworks celebrating the new year were in honor of his birthday he believed.”

Actually, we honor ‘Baby Ray’ with this special take on the traditional dish for good luck and prosperity.”

Dodie with brother Ray.

“The black-eyed pea portion is awesome if made ahead and reheated while the rice is cooking the day it’s served. We grow our own rosemary and this freshness complemented the dish.”

Cook time: 20 Min  

Prep time: 15 Min  

Serves: 4 – 6


1 can(s) black-eye peas

1/2 lb sausage

1/2 c green pepper, chopped

1/4 c onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

14 1/2 oz stewed tomatoes

1 pkg Mahatma yellow rice

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp oregano

1/4 tsp rosemary

Tabasco to taste (or substitute a bit of chili powder. Jack likes Chalula Chipotle Sauce).


1. Cook sausage in a large frying pan, crumbling as it cooks. Drain fat from pan. Add green pepper & onion. Cook 5 minutes, stirring vegetables into sausage. Add garlic & cook 1 minute. Add tomatoes and seasonings. Stir well. Pour black-eye peas with liquid into pan. Cover & simmer while rice cooks.

2. Prepare rice according to package directions.

3. Spoon rice into bowls and top with black-eye pea mixture. Mix and eat.



South Carolina Congressman to Object to Electoral College Certification

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina indicated Thursday, December 31, 2020 that he will object to the Electoral College certification.

“As a former Lexington County Election Commissioner, not just as a Member of Congress, I am disgusted at the irregularities in the 2020 presidential election,” Wilson stated. “The failure to validate signatures, the omission of witnesses, the interruption of counting before completion, the denial of poll watchers for access to fully observe, the extension of ballots received beyond Election Day, and the registration of illegal aliens, allowing non-citizens to vote, are all an open invitation for fraud.”

“I had counted on courts to fully consider lawsuits by 18 states and 126 members of Congress, but the Courts have declined to act and it is my duty to object to the Electoral count because irregularities were never addressed.”

Wilson’s congressional district includes all of Lexington, Aiken and Barnwell counties, with parts of Richland and Orangeburg counties. 


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Top 10 Foods for Feeling, Looking and Doing Better

Are you interested in feeling better, looking better and having more energy?

Here are the top ten foods identified by most nutritionists to reach those goals:

1.         Avocados are full of healthy monounsaturated fats that keep you full and are great for lifting your mood while helping you burn belly fat.

2.         Coconut oil is a better alternative to butter or margarine. The benefits include an increased metabolism, resistance to bacteria (that causes illness), and lower cholesterol. Many people use it as a very effective moisturizer for skin and hair.

3.         Blueberries are only 80 calories a cup and are loaded with four grams of fiber. The bonus: blueberries are considered one of the best anti-aging foods in existence.

4.         Beans fill you up with protein without all the saturated fat of eating meat. About 15-25% of your plate should include protein.

5.         Brown rice has ample amounts of fiber also and is far better for you than white or fried rice. You fill up faster which helps you eat a smaller portion.

6.         Almonds are bursting with healthy fats giving bountiful age, energy and beauty benefits.

7.         Grapefruit has been a definitive diet food for ages because of its citrus packed weight-reducing powers.

8.         Wine has the favored antioxidant called Resveratrol to foil fat stowage. Thanks to the skins of the grapes of course.

9.         Almond milk that is unsweetened has about half of the calories, with twice the calcium as non-fat milk. It’s great for cereal in the morning.

10.       Green tea also has the magical powered antioxidants that are excellent for reducing the belly size.



Yes, Hillary Said if Trump “Wins, We All Hang From Nooses”

Since 2016, I have repeatedly read and watched videos indicating Hillary Clinton had a screaming outburst:

“If that f__king bastard (Donald Trump) wins, we all hang from nooses.”

It’s never been much of a secret, from White House staff, Secret Service agents, and campaign organizers that Hillary Clinton has a fiery reputation to the core for her vile mouth.

She was consistently rude to the agents who protected her with their lives, and dismissive of White House staffers. As first lady, she ordered everyone to not speak to her or look her in the eye if they encountered her in hallways. Staffers were said to hide behind curtains when they saw her.

Generally speaking, Secret Service agents are not going to speak much about Hillary’s temperament. However, Arkansas State Troopers and staff from the days of Bill Clinton’s governorship days are not so quiet.

Sally Miller told me that when she and then Gov. Clinton were having their affair, the state troopers would notoriously do anything to avoid her wrath.

Clinton with Arkansas state troopers.

“They despised her so much that they dutifully enjoyed arranging for Bill and my rendezvous,” Miller said. “It was their revenge and they did it with smiles on their faces. She was a ‘nut case’ they would say.”

On page 90 of his book American Evita, author Christopher Anderson, writes the response Hillary yelled to her State Trooper body guards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning.”

“F__k off!  It’s enough I have to see you sh_t-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!!  Just do your G_damn job and keep your mouth shut.”

Gary Aldrich, the FBI Agent in Charge of Clinton detail wrote the book Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House.

“Stay the fuck back, stay the fuck back away from me,” Hillary screamed at Secret Service agents, Agent Aldridge wrote. “Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else!  Just fucking do as I say, Okay!!?”

With some research, I found an original source of the “all hang from nooses” quote. It is Bill Still, of The Still Report videos on YouTube.

A former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 23 books and two documentary videos.

According to Still, during a Trump-Clinton presidential campaign event at the Commander-In-Chief Forum on September 7, 2016, moderator Matt Lauer went “off script” and asked Hillary about her using an illegal, private email-server when she was secretary of state.

According to Bill Still’s source — an unnamed “NBC associate producer of the forum” — Hillary was so enraged that, after the forum, she went into a ballistic melt-down, screaming at her staff, including a racist rant at Donna Brazile, calling Brazile a “buffalo” and “janitor”.

At that point, Brazile recently turned against Hillary. This is the NBC associate producer’s account of what happened:

“Hillary proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and throw it at the face of the assistant, and the screaming started.

She was in a full meltdown and no one on her staff dared speak with her — she went kind of manic and did not have any control over herself at that point.

How these people work with this woman is amazing to me. She really didn’t seem to care who heard any of it.

You really had to see this to believe it. She came apart — literally unglued. She is the most foul-mouthed woman I’ve ever heard. And that voice at screech level — awful!

She screamed she’d get that f__king Lauer fired for this. 

Referring to Donald Trump, Clinton said, ‘If that f__king bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!’ 

Lauer’s finished, and if I lose, it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.’

Her dozen or more aides were visibly disturbed and tried to calm her down when she started shaking uncontrollably as she screamed to get an executive at Comcast, the parent company of NBC Universal, on the phone. Then two rather large aides grabbed her and helped her walk to her car.”

Bill Still reported:

“Matt Lauer was massively criticized for the rest of the week on air by the Clinton campaign and the rest of the MSM as having conducted ‘an unfair and partisan attack on Clinton’.

Calls were made to The New York TimesThe Washington PostHuffington Post and Twitterexecutives, with orders to crush Matt Lauer.

One staffer on the Clinton campaign told the NBC staff that they all fear Clinton’s wrath and uncontrollable outbursts, and one described Hillary as ‘an egotistical psychopath’.

Since Hillary does not allow any staff to have cell phones when she is in their presence, no footage is available.

Interim DNC chairman Donna Brazile, the first black woman to hold the position, was singled out by Hillary during the rant.

She screamed at Donna, ‘I’m so sick of your face! You stare at the wall like a brain-dead buffalo, while letting that f_cking Lauer get away with this! What are you good for, really? Get the f_ck to work, janitoring this mess, do I make myself clear?

A female NBC executive said Donna Brazile looked at Mrs. Clinton and never flinched, which seemed to enrage Hillary all the more.

The executive continued: ‘It was the most awful and terrible and racist display. Such a profane meltdown I have ever witnessed from anyone, and I will never forget it. That woman should never see the inside of the Oval Office, I can tell you that. She was unhinged and just continued to verbally abuse everyone. She was out of control.’

“If you want to remain on this detail, get your f__king ass over here and grab those bags,” Hillary screeched to a Secret Service agent as outlined on page 259 of The First Partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Joyce Milton.

The agent was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of a security incident occurred.


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The Most Popular News Articles of 2020

We are sincerely thankful for the patronage and readership of so many followers around the world.

When Dodie and I began CleverJourneys in May 2020, we came loaded with experience. My first big interview was with Clint Eastwood in 1974. I was fresh out of high school and very motivated after scoring that opportunity.

When I decided to return to writing 12 years ago, it was obvious that print media and journalism in general were lying and dying. Little did I realize it was worse than I thought.

I wrote over 2,100 articles for Examiner, but their Colorado editors kept censoring me. I learned their workshifts and would post conservative articles when certain leftist editors were not there.

Within a year I became the top Texas “Examiner” and remained in the Top 5 position (often #1 of the week) in the United States until AXS Entertainment bought Examiner out.

Soon I was interviewing celebrity singers touring Texas such as George Strait, B.B. King, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, George Jones and writing news, history and reviews for AXS and The Rowdy.

For several years I wrote for them and started NewsLegit.com until a competitor bought me out. I had to wait a year before I could start a new site per the agreement. Over time, I learned much about the blogging business.

As newlyweds in December 2019, Dodie brought along a keen eye for detail and the wisdom of 38+ years as an RN. She’s absolutely smart and the best copy editor I’ve ever worked with.

We started out hoping to get 25 hits a day. On a good day we’d see a hundred. Steadily we found our niche (Dodie calls it “our groove”). As we roadtripped the United States during the pandemic summer, we learned so much about what Americans–decent citizens–were thinking and doing. It was not even close to what the media and Hollywood portrayed.

This helped us considerably find our groove…and success.

With 11 years of building relationships and credible sources in government, politics, law enforcement, military, civil service and yes, in entertainment, we built our readership to hundreds and then thousands a day. Recently we surpassed the 9,600 views an hour record—that’s over 160 hits a minute.

We couldn’t do it without each of you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

In case you missed them, here is our first official countdown of the ten most read CleverJourneys articles of the year. Little did any of us know what we were all in for during 2020. God Bless and thank you again.


$400 Million Via Swiss Bank Account Sent to Dominion From Chinese Government Tied Firm Before Election

Did the sons of former Vice President Joe Biden and longtime Massachusetts state Senate President Billy Bulger aid in stealing U.S. Military secrets to China?


Michigan Secretary of State Faces Serious Election Fraud Allegations Due to Lies Proven by Forensic Investigation

The forensic audit of election Dominion Voting System has proven Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson lied in her public statements and on her office’s official website about the integrity and certification of the state’s 2020 election.


Pelosi Has Suspicious Ties With Election Software ‘Glitch’ Company in Favor of Biden Ballots

The company with all the voting machines that “glitch” to create more votes for Biden is “Dominion Voting Systems.”

Their DC lobbyist is Nancy Pelosi’s longtime aide. The company hired Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck earlier this year. Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, is one of the lobbyists on the account.


Secret Germany Raid Reveals CIA Ties to US Election Fraud

More intelligence and reports are coming out to help Americans connect the dots of the election fraud carried out by Deep State operatives.

This information could also explain why Defense Secretary Mark Esper was terminated by President Donald Trump last week.

We know that Dominion and SmartTech are two companies that have played a roll in manipulating vote ballot fraud in key swing states in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. These are foreign companies.


Trump WILL Win Due to Evidence and the U.S. Constitution Says So

A CIA Data Analyst Officer, stationed at the Frankfurt, Germany secret cyber farm raided by U.S. Special Forces last month, has indicated President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election legitimately.

Officer Mathew Billings has lawyered up after he was terminated from his position while attempting to relay data, documents, and what he witnessed to the media.


Criminal Sympathizers to BLM Thugs In Memphis Disgrace Elvis Presley’s Graceland Wall

Fans from around the world are demanding to know how disrespectful thugs were allowed to criminally deface the historical wall and sidewalk in front of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.Photo: Billy Stallings

Knowing the value of Elvis Presley’s mansion, questions are being directed at Elvis Presley Enterprises and local government how security could be so lax to permit the vandalism.

Presley, who was raised and grew up in Black neighborhoods of Tupelo, Mississippi, was known for his kindness and unracial love for Blacks.


George Soros and China’s Active Plan to Use Biden-Harris to Take Over America is Now Exposed

George Soros and his Open Society  fellow Democracy Alliance billion-millionaire partners directly funded the corrupt campaign of Joe Biden and the Democrats more than any other entities.

He is the largest single contributor to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Disrict Attorneys across the United States. He literally controls many Democrat and Republican politicians. His tentacles even reach some liberal minded judges.


COVID Beliefs Blown Away For RVers-Campers on Iconic U.S. Travel Roads

We have just returned from a 32-day, 4500 mile roadtrip (June 19-July 21) from the Texas Hill Country through much of the South, Washington D.C. for July 4th, to part of the Midwest and back.

Our preconceived ideas from news and the continually changing regulations around COVID-19 were blown away with the reality we experienced. It actually restored our faith in the goodness of America.


How the Democrats plan to oust President Trump even if he is reelected.

Will Donald J. Trump be America’s last president?

If most Americans were familiar with what the French term “coup d’etat” means, they would likely understand the question.

I first heard of it many years ago (1970s) while researching and interviewing people regarding the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Is Donald Trump America’s Last True President?

The Secret, Behind the Scenes Government Force Set Up by the Democrats is Ready to Take Over

The Reality Is Blatant

Most Americans can sense something is seriously wrong. It appears so horrific that some can’t believe it’s actually happening.


This article is sponsored by GOETTL AIR CONDITIONING & PLUMBING, serving Tucson, Las Vegas, Southern California, Simi Valley and San Antonio.


The Goettl name has been recognized for excellence in heating and air conditioning installation and service for over eight decades, since originally established by Gust and Adam Goettl. Goettl has succeeded and prospered through seven decades of business and technology changes and transitions.

Notable Historical and Celebrity Deaths of 2020

Actor and comedian Orson Bean, 1928 – 2020

Longtime ‘To Tell the Truth’ panelist was also a regular on ‘The Tonight Show’ where he appeared more than 200 times.

Actress Dawn Wells

Television’s “Mary Ann” on Gilligan’s Island at age 82.

Actor Sean Connery, 1930 – 2020

Sean Connery

Hollywood legend who brought 007 James Bond to life on the silver screen. The best James Bond.

Actress Honor Blackman, 1925 – 2020

Blackman and Connery, Goldfinger.

Longtime actress portrayed Catherine Gale on ‘The Avengers’ and may be best know for playing the James Bond character Pussy Galore in ‘Goldfinger’

Actor Chadwick Boseman, 1976 – 2020

Best known for his blockbuster role as Black Panther, Boseman also portrayed Jackie Robinson in the movie ’42′

Actor Wilford Brimley, 1934 – 2020

Film and TV actor with notable roles in films like ‘The Natural’ may best be remembered for his long-running television commercials.

MLB All-Star Lou Brock, 1939 – 2020

Longtime Cardinals outfield was a first ballot Hall of Famer in 1985.

NBA star Kobe Bryant, 1978 – 2020

Kobe Bryant

18-time NBA All Star was also 2008 league MVP and won 5 NBA Championships

Actor Edd Byrnes, 1932 – 2020

Longtime TV actor best known for his role in ’77 Sunset Strip’ and for playing TV host Vince Fontaine in ‘Grease’

Fashion designer Pierre Cardin, 1922 – 2020

Longtime fashion designer was a pioneer in modern and futuristic styles

Author Mary Higgins Clark, 1927 – 2020

Mystery and suspense writer with dozens of novels to her name.

Actor Robert Conrad, 1935 – 2020

Ross Martin, Robert Conrad
Ross Martin, left, and Robert Conrad, right.

Played agent James T. West on the television show ‘Wild Wild West’ and Major Boyington on ‘Black Sheep Squadron

Singer and songwriter Mac Davis, 1942 – 2020

Country music singer who wrote several hits for Elvis Presley including ‘A Little Less Conversation’

Actress Olivia de Havilland, 1916 – 2020

Olivia de Havilland
Olivia de Havilland

Golden Age of Hollywood performer who appeared in multiple films opposite Errol Flynn; also appeared in ‘Gone With the Wind’ as Melanie Hamilton

Actor Bryan Dennehy, 1938 – 2020

Longtime television and film actor who appeared in a vide variety of movies like ‘First Blood,’ ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Tommy Boy’

Singer Tommy DeVito, 1928 – 2020

Founding member of The Four Seasons

Actor Kevin Dobson, 1943 – 2020

Soap opera actor best known for his roles on ‘Knots Landing’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’

Actor Kirk Douglas, 1916 – 2020

Longtime actor, father of Michael Douglas and Hollywood royalty, Douglas starred in many blockbusters including ‘Spartacus’ and ’20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’

Shortstop Tony Fernandez, 1962 – 2020

Tony Fernández
Sept. 18, 1987, New York Yankees’ Rickey Henderson, bottom, steals second base below Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Tony Fernández during a baseball game in New York.

Actress Rhonda Fleming, 1923 – 2020

Longtime Hollywood actress was known as ‘The Queen of Technicolor’

Pitcher Whitey Ford, 1928 – 2020

Longtime Yankees starter won the Cy Young Award and was world series MVP in 1961

MLB pitcher Bob Gibson, 1935 – 2020

Bob Gibson
May 17, 2017: Bob Gibson, a member of the St. Louis Cardinals’ 1967 World Series championship team, takes part in a ceremony honoring the 50th anniversary of the victory, before a baseball game between the Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox in St. Louis. Gibson, the dominating pitcher who won a record seven consecutive World Series starts and set a modern standard for excellence when he finished the 1968 season with a 1.12 ERA, died Friday, Oct. 2, 2020. He was 84.

A 1981 HoF inductee was among the all-time strikeouts leaders

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933 – 2020

Supreme Court Justice from 1993 – 2020

Musician Peter Green, 1946 – 2020

Guitarist and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Director and writer Buck Henry, 1930 – 2020

Twice nominated for Academy Awards (‘The Graduate’ and ‘Heaven Can Wait’), Henry helped create the series ‘Get Smart’

Magician Roy Horn, 1944 – 2020

Part of the Las Vegas entertainment duo Sigfried & Roy.

Singer Bonnie Pointer

One of the three Pointer Sisters.

Singer Millie Small

Jamaican singer best known for ‘My Bob Lollipop” in the 1960s.

MLB outfielder Al Kaline, 1934 – 2020

Longtime Tigers outfielder went to 18 All Star Games and was a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Benjamin Keough, 1997-2020

Son of Lisa Marie Presley, brother of Riley Keough, grandson of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

TV host Tom Kennedy, 1927 – 2020

Host of many game shows including ‘You Don’t Say!’ and ‘Name That Tune’

Country singer and songwriter Hal Ketchum, 1953-2020

Known for hits like ‘Small Town Saturday Night’ and ‘Hearts Are Gonna Roll’

Actor David Lander, 1947 – 2020

Best known for playing the character Squiggy on ‘Laverne & Shirley’

Pitcher Don Larsen, 1929 – 2020

Pitched the only perfect game in World Series history

Author John le Carré, 1931 – 2020

British spy novelist who penned works including ‘The Spy Who Came In from the Cold’ and ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’

News anchor Jim Lehrer, 1934 – 2020

Longtime PBS anchorman and presidential debate moderator

MLB player and coach Joe Morgan, 1943 – 2020

Hall of Fame player and former coach who transitioned to broadcasting

Singer and songwriter Johnny Nash, 1940 – 2020

Best known for his hit ‘I Can See Clearly Now’

Fred ‘Curly’ Neal, 1942 – 2020

Longtime member of the Harlem Globetrotters

Pitcher Phil Niekro, 1939 – 2020

Hall of Fame pitcher who helped make the knuckleball famous won more than 300 games in his long pro career.

Actor Ken Osmond, 1943 – 2020

Played Eddie Haskell on ‘Leave it to Beaver’

Singer Richard Wayne Penniman (Little Richard), 1932 – 2020

Little Richard

One of the first members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

TV host Regis Philbin, 1931 – 2020

Regis Philbin

Longtime talk show host who also hosted game shows like ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’

Actress Kelly Preston, 1962 – 2020

Kelly Preston

Appeared in dozens of films and TV shows from the ’80s onward; wife of actor John Travolta

Singer Charley Pride, 1934 – 2020

Charley Pride

Former baseball player, Grammy Award winner and 2000 inductee in the Country Music Hall of Fame

Singer and songwriter John Prine, 1946 – 2020

Grammy-winning country and folk singer

Actor and comedian Carl Reiner, 1922 – 2020

Won multiple Emmy Awards for his work on ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ among others.

Actress Diana Rigg, 1938 – 2020

Longtime actress played Emma Peel on ‘The Avengers’ and also appeared as the wife of James Bond in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’

Actress Naya Rivera, 1987 – 2020

Naya Rivera
An autopsy report released Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 says “Glee” actor Naya Rivera raised her arm and called for help as she accidentally drowned while boating with her 4-year-old son on a California lake.

Former ‘Glee’ actress

Singer and songwriter Kenny Rogers, 1938 – 2020

Kenny Rogers (by Jack Dennis)

Multiple Grammy winner and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame best known for hits like ‘The Gambler,’ ‘Lucille’ and ‘Lady’

Actor John Saxon, 1936 – 2020

Appeared in multiple westerns and horror films and starred with Bruce Lee in ‘Enter the Dragon’

Running back Gale Sayers, 1943 – 2020

Youngest player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after injuries cut his career for the Bears short.

Coach Don Shula, 1930 – 2020

Winningest coach in NFL history, coached Miami Dolphins to first perfect season in NFL.

Pitcher Tom Seaver, 1944 – 2020

Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, ‘Tom Terrific’ is still among the all-time leaders in strikeouts.

Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller, 1927 – 2020

Father of actor Ben Stiller, Jerry was a longtime Hollywood mainstay in his own right. Enjoyed a resurgence in popularity after appearing on ‘Seinfeld’ as George’s father.

Musician Peter Tork, 1942 – 2020

Peter Tork
Peter Tork, center, of The Monkees rocketed to teen idol fame in 1965 playing the lovably clueless bass guitarist in the made-for-television rock band The Monkees, died Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, of complications related to cancer. He was 77.

Keyboardist for The Monkees

TV host Alex Trebek, 1940 – 2020

Longtime host of ‘Jeopardy!’ and many other game shows

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen, 1955 – 2020

Co-founder and songwriter for Van Halen.

Actor Lyle Waggoner, 1935 – 2020

Longtime actor on ‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ Waggoner also played Steve Trevor on ‘Wonder Woman’ in the ’70s

Actor Fred Willard, 1933 – 2020

The Ohio native had a string of guest appearances on popular television shows in the ’80s and ’90s while appearing in many Christopher Guest films as well.

Singer Bill Withers, 1938 – 2020

Member of the Rock Hall and Songwriters Hall of Fame, Withers’ hits included ‘Lean on Me’ and ‘Just the Two of Us’

Singer Betty Wright, 1953 – 2020

Known for her hits like ‘Tonight is the Night’ and ‘Clean Up Woman.’

Aviator Chuck Yeager, 1923 – 2020

Former military pilot and first man to break the flight sound barrier.

Singer Doug Supernaw, 1960 – 2020

Country Music star.

Musician Spencer Davis

Spencer Davis

Phyllis George, 1950-2020

Sportscaster and Miss America

Singer Joe Diffie

Country Music.

Singer Johnny Bush

Country Music

Singer and fiddler Charlie Daniels

Country Music.

Singer Trini Lopez

“If I had a hammer.”

Singer Helen Reddy, 1947-2020

“I am woman.”

Singer Marty Grebb

The Buckinghams “Kind of a Drag”

Singer Chris Darrow

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Singer Barbara Martin

The Supremes

Norm Crosby

Comedian Norm Crosby

Singer Roy Head

“Treat Her Right.”

Singer Jackie Dennis

Scottish Rock n’ Roller, 1950s. Died at 77.

Singer Len

The Most Important Decision of Donald Trump’s Presidency Can Save America

President Donald J. Trump does not seem to have too many choices for January 2021, but it essentially all breaks down to just two:

1. Save the United States.

2. Abandon the United States.

Which one do you think he is prepared to do?

The keyword is “prepared.”

If massive voter fraud and Deep State control are allowed, it’s the end of the United States, home of the free and brave as we know it. Goodbye Constitution. Adios Freedoms. Welcome Chinese Communist Party.

Not including just the four years he has led the nation, but for decades we’ve seen Donald Trump masterfully win in the ruthless world of global business–and based out of New York of all the merciless cities, no less.

The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy,” said Sun Tzu, the Chinese military strategist and philosopher in The Art of War.

Honest and in-depth descriptions of President Trump chronicles him as a “maestro,” “virtuoso,” a “genius” in Sun Tzu practice. Remember, this was even before he was elected President.

Look weak and confused when you are strong. Look strong when weak. The battle is won before it’s fought in the field, if you are prepared and know your enemy.

When President Trump signed Executive Order #13848 on September 12, 2018, he was preparing for the inevitable of “persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

Signing the EO was an intentional strategy to “win the battle before it was fought.”

All of his life, Trump has become the accomplished champion of strategy and success. The Deep State can put all the Jim Comeys, Jim Acostas, Nancy Pelosis, Jake Tappers, Adam Schiffs, and even the invincible Hillary Clintons out there to battle, but Trump is going to beat them each time.

With a team including General Mike Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood on the battlefield, we can be certain every move they make is strategic and purposeful.


Flynn’s and Wood’s “100%” certainty of Trump being inaugurated on January 20, 2021 keeps the enemy guessing, plotting, and digging themselves into their own deceptions (Don’t forget Spygate, Dossier, Russia Hoax, Kavanaugh Hearing, Impeachment and the other Democratic failures).

Powell’s “Kraken” was so powerful, it sensationally burst through all media censorship and blockades.

The wise and knowledgeable Giuliani superceded deep state propaganda attempts and echoes of “without evidence” and “baseless” buzz. Only the most hypnotized of Democrats would believe media to the point that even 43 percent of that party’s voters believe the 2020 Election was rigged (91 percent of Republicans know it was).

Popular social media.

Consider how effectively Team Trump offered clues to keep patriots informed/motivated and provided hints to throw the enemies off course.

It’s called playing offense, and as Sun Tzu would say, “All warfare is based on deception.”

One (of apparently a multiprong) approach was to give anyone involved, or with knowledge, to come clean or offer truth.

The president publically warned and offered Georgia Governor Brian Kemp the opportunity to do what was right. Instead he opted to play dirty politics, turn coattail and hide the obvious: he is owned by China, a la California’s Newsom and New York’s Cuomo.

“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”

Despite the bread crumbs to save themselves, tainted politicians resisted and rooted further into the Swamp.

Meanwhile–more than even Giuliani or Ellis expected–hundreds of patriotic whistleblowers and witnesses came forward armed with videos, photos and testimonials for sworn affidavits of the election fraud in contested states. Their truths were as massive as the news outlets’ lies.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Remember, the Democratic operatives had a strategy: cheat.

When they realized ballots for Trump  were overwhelming, they resorted to desperate and sloppy measures: kick observers out, close down the election counting centers (remember the leaking water line that didn’t exist?), truck in more manufactured votes, count ballots repeatedly, manipulate voting machines…

Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and immediately replaced him and his sycophants with Chris Miller, Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Kash Patel for a huge reason.

Trump and Esper.

Action happened fast:

1. Special Forces raided the CIA Deep State cyber farm in Frankfurt, Germany. They acquired and secured evidence showing foreign interference in the election.

2. Special Forces were taken from the command of each military branch and placed under Watnick allowing President Trump direct control.

3. Trump threw out members of the Defense Policy Board and replaced them with trusted allies Newt Gingrich, Thomas Carter, Thomas Stewart, Scott O’Grady, Edward Luttwak, former Rep. Randy Forbes, former Sen. Robert Smith, Charles Glazer, David Bossie and Corey LewandowskI.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Trump looking directly at Mitch McConnell.

American Patriots are preparing if needed. They have two basic decisions:

1. Wait it out until President Trump gives the word. Listen to what he has been telling us. If he says call your Senator, show up at a specific rally, or march on Washington (or state capital), do it.

This strategy is to overcome and win without a brutal internal war. We must be patient until the Deep State makes their first moves with advancing forces (their judges and legislatures will be irrelevant at this point. They had their chance and any blood is on their hands).

I believe President Trump has this covered with the National Guard and Special Forces if required. He desperately wants no innocent Americans harmed.

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

Media lunacy.

2. The second choice is to obey what the mainstream media has been endlessly screaming at you. They are desperate to spawn a web of false knowledge and control the minds of mass-media consumers and academia followers.

This is why China underwrites the New York Times and Harvard. Penn State even has their very own Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement that China has illegally donated heavily to. 

Before the 2016 and 2020 elections,  the media kept telling us that Hillary and Biden had huge leads. Every sign that we could see with our own eyes, from peace in the Middle East to the rebounding economy to massive rally turnouts, pointed to a Trump landslide.

It’s incredibly obvious from seeing the pattern of voter ballots in fraud and non-fraud states, that Trump did indeed win by an historical landslide.

America knows Biden didn’t win.

A wise friend sent me this observation: “Now, the mere existence of a plan does not mean that it will be successful. The enemy always gets a vote and no plan, no matter how well gamed-out it is, can be reasonably expected to perfectly anticipate all of the enemy’s moves.”

“But the elements of the plan that have been exposed to our view to date do not indicate an inept or mediocre planner whose efforts are likely to fail behind it. To the contrary, they show signs of a strategic mind that may even rival some of history’s greats.” 

“But at this point, it is hard to imagine any of the primary players losing their nerve when the plan is playing out, the traps have all been laid, the enemy has dutifully entered them en masse, and the end game is in sight.”

Here are four more quotes from Sun Tzu to ponder:

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.”

“One mark of a great soldier is that he fight on his own terms or fights not at all.”

“If the mind is willing, the flesh could go on and on without many things.”

“He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.”

..And one from the Founding Father who first advocated American independence in his “Common Sense” pamphlet:

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. ~ Thomas Paine

Human Remains Found at San Antonio, Texas Military Base

In a press release, the Air Force said partial skeletal remains of a human were found on Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston (JBSA), Texas on Sunday.

Base patrons found the human remains Sunday evening while walking near Salado Creek, located in the northeast part of the installation.

Salado Creek

There is no present danger to base residents and there are no missing persons cases at this time the release said.

The area has been cordoned off and on Monday personnel with the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigation began investigating the remains and the location they were found.

JBSA officials and OSI personnel are coordinating with local law enforcement officials on the ongoing investigation.

The discovery of these human remains comes a month after two service members were found dead at JBSA in November.

Salado Creek

Stars and Stripes reported Army Spc. Brittany Harris, 35, was found dead at Fort Sam Houston on Nov. 25 and Air Force Airman 1st Class Peter Gonzalez, 21, was found dead at Lackland Air Force Base on Nov. 26. Both of those deaths are under investigation but officials don’t suspect foul play in either case.

JBSA services more Department of Defense (DOD) students than any other installation, more active runways than any other installation, houses the DOD’s largest hospital and only level one trauma center.

They support more than 250,000 personnel, including 425 retired general officers, and interfaces with 1,000 civic leaders of San Antonio, 20 smaller communities, four counties and four Congressional Districts.

Its total plant replacement value is about $10.3 billion with an annual budget of $800 million.

Does the President Have a Royal Flush of Trump Cards Ready to Flip Over?

Biden, Pelosi, Soros and Communist China tried to stack the deck, but President Donald Trump played with honest cards and won.

This is flying around the internet (sent to me by four reliable people) and has has merit. It’s purported to be from Candice Owens, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. In any case, it is worth pondering. The information I know to be true is denoted with an asterisk “*”. Claims to be at least partially true are denoted with a “#” .

#At the moment, POTUS is sitting on a stack of Trump cards that he’s just waiting to unleash…a royal flush!

#He has court cases that will go to the Supreme Court and thanks to the Texas case, he’s now aware how to file them properly…under article 3 not 2…so the SCOTUS will be forced to listen…..

#He now has the DNI report. Barr stepped down and can now be a witness…..he did his job. Durham is special counsel and can prosecute, in any state….

#He’s letting civil, criminal and federal courts fail to handle the situation properly…..so he can use military tribunals.

*He has ALL the data from the NSA, the Kraken supercomputer, the Alice supercomputer and likely many more computers, unknown to us….

*He has the dueling electors from 7 state legislatures.

*He has VP Pence, as the final arbiter of which ballots to accept…..

#He has the Insurrection Act, the NDAA, the national emergency, the 14th amendment, the 2018 executive order, the 2017 very first EO, the Patriot Act, the FISA warrants, the Declassification of everything, people swearing affidavits by the 1000s.

*He has all the statistical data being analyzed….along with the videos, emails, phone calls and bank transfer statements…..showing the coordination of the coup d’etat.

*He has RICO and he has the crimes against humanity videos.

#Wikileaks just dropped extensive information and Assange will be pardoned. Assange can then openly discuss the murder of Seth Rich….

#Now that the governors and secretary of states certified and Biden accepted….they each committed and knowingly agreed to acts of Treason….(My note: I believe she is referring to the states in question with lawsuits filed only, not all states).

*Solar Winds was literally just raided and Dominion is closing down, as well.

#He has the CIA servers, used to change dominion machine votes from Trump to Biden…and he will soon have access to the actual machines, themselves….(I haven’t been able to verify if he will have machines physically. Perhaps she is talking about specific ones, like Antrim County, Michigan? Or those confiscated at the cyber farm in Frankfurt, Germany?).

He baited the Deep State into staying in DC, so they can be arrested.

#Biden hasn’t accepted any transition money and Harris has still not given up her seat on the senate….

#The military has infiltrated Antifa and BLM. He has all their financial records. (I know they’ve been infiltrated and under reconnaissance, but not certain if he has ALL of their financial records. I do know the Treasury Department has strong powers and if Executive Order #13848 is enacted, the monies will be ceized, as well as the abilities to conduct transactions will cease).

#He knows which politicians took Chinese and Soros money….both Republican and Demonicrat….

*He positioned Christopher Miller as secretary of defense and Ezra-Cohen Watnick as assistant secretary of defense. (U.S. Special Forces now answers to Watnick instead of each Military branch’s generals).

*He literally just wrote an executive order, regarding the military line of succession.

Many suspect Watnick to be Q.

*He is defunding the CIA.

*He just replaced Kissinger & Allbright on the National Security Advisory Board…..with men loyal to him. (Trump threw out members of the Defense Policy Board and replaced them with trusted allies Newt Gingrich, Thomas Carter, Thomas Stewart, Scott O’Grady, Edward Luttwak, former Rep. Randy Forbes, former Sen. Robert Smith, Charles Glazer, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski).

The military has been flying planes, far more than usual, all over the country.

*The Navy just parked mega fleets on both coasts.

The 82nd Airborne is preparing for an operation….which is the same group that General Flynn & AG Donoghue were enlisted.

Pieces are finally falling into place. POTUS has it all! He is just laying out the pieces and building the narrative. He knows he won and they commited Treason!

He set a trap and they walked right in, without hesitation.

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Ashes of ‘Scotty’ From Star Trek Orbits Earth

Any Baby Boomer can remember the command, “Beam me up, Scotty,” from the 1966 through 1969 television series Star Trek, starring William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Spock, and DeForest Kelley as Leonard McCoy.

The chief engineer on the original series is now aboard International Space Station orbiting Earth.

Nimoy, Shatner, Doohan

Actor James Doohan, who played chief engineer Montgomery Scott on the series, died in 2005 at the age of 85. It was a long time dream of his to travel into space.

The Times of London recently revealed how the ashes of Doohan were sneaked aboard the ISS after official requests to do so were denied.

Richard Garriott, one of the first private citizens to travel on the space station was able to smuggle some of Doohan’s ashes into the space station’s Columbus module.


Garriott said he took a laminated picture of Doohan and some of his ashes and put it under the floor of the Columbus. He didn’t tell anyone about the scheme — only he and Doohan’s family knew until a few days ago.

“It was completely clandestine,” Garriott told the Times. “His family were very pleased that the ashes made it up there but we were all disappointed we didn’t get to talk about it publicly for so long. Now enough time has passed that we can.”

It’s not the first time Doohan’s ashes have made into outer space. A portion of his ashes were aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 1 rocket in 2008. Unfortunately, that rocket failed minutes after launch.

In 2012, an urn with some of Doohan’s ashes flew into space aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9. According to the Times, Doohan’s ashes have traveled some 1.7 billion miles across space, and have orbited the Earth more than 70,000 times.

Doohan’s son Chris thanked Garriott for smuggling his late father’s ashes aboard the ISS.

“What he did was touching — it meant so much to me, so much to my family and it would have meant so much to my dad,” he said.