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Sink Your Titanic or Move On?

Have you ever been involved in a project or scheme that you sank money, time and effort into, only to discover it wasn’t working as you’d hoped it would? How do you feel after you have put ‘life equity’ into a relationship that you realize is not going the way it should? Instead of giving…

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JackNotes: Productivity Habits

JackNotes are quick summaries of notes I’ve taken from books, conferences, classes and life experiences. Productivity Habits Twice, Then Quit When you want to quit working for the first time, don’t. Push through and work some more The second time you want to quit, also don’t quit. Push through again The third time you want…

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250,000 Expected at ‘Field of Faith’ Christian Events Next Week

America’s youth has shared the trials of 2020, with empty classrooms, virtual graduations and quarentines. Many sporting and student events were cancelled and substituted with streams of not so peaceful protests. The looting, destruction and violence on American streets exceeded the riots many of us saw in the 1960s-70s. Just as we did, youth today…

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