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Polar Opposites, Washington & Florida Governors Take Strong Actions on Biden COVID Mandates

Lawsuit File Against Washington State While Florida Vows to Protect Citizens Freedoms Washington state police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, transit workers, and other government employees banded together to file a lawsuit today against Democratic Governor Jay Inslee over one of most restrictive mandates in U.S. history. Inslee is demanding that […]

America, Our Truth is Marching On

They censor us on Facebook. They censor us on Twitter. With Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites Americans are censored. Politicians allow it. Mainstream media supports it. But, we American Patriots, find a way to disperse truth, real news and fight their propaganda and evil. ___________________________ Get […]

Peaceful National Walk-Out Week Will Protest School Mask and Vaccine Mandates

 #ParentRising #WalkOutWeek #MyChildMyChoice A nationwide Walk-Out Week to protest vaccine and mask mandates will begin Sept. 13. Nevada’s walkout begins today, Sept. 7 with additional protests against their corrupt elections and elected officials. During a week-long event, parents and educators across the U.S. will engage in peaceful noncompliance […]