Whose Team Are You On?

A quick message of hope to those not intimidated or give in to wrongful pressure.

Truckloads of criticisms have been dumped my way by many journalism colleagues or other business associates and acquaintances over the years, but that is okay.

“Come on, Jack, be part of the team,” “This is not how we do it around here,” “We need you to be a team player,” and “Take one for the team.”

I endured and succeeded despite their disapproval and judgement (some of them, I became their leader). Most important:

1.) I remained honest to myself and

2.) made sure I was giving my employers their monies worth in their investments in me.

What separated me from the naysayers? I’m not interested in their sacred cows.

Freedom of Speech, truth, treating customers right, and productivity are far more significant and critical.

In politics, it’s the same. I’m not Democrat or Republican. I’m American. If I’m on any team, it is the one where our God and country come first team.

Let’s face it, who wants to back a losing team? I know I don’t want to be wearing the jersey of a loser. But I’m not going to sacrifice my soul or values to play their games either.

Unfortunately, right now, many of our friends, family and neighbors are backing a wrong team.  They have gotten caught up in the hype.  There has been some convincing arguments from our enemies circulated.  It’s easy to get confused.  How do you know what is truth and what is a lie?

There is an enormous amount of misinformation–downright lies–going around in the media and in our communities.  The best way to sort through the information that is getting batted around is to look at how the message is presented. 

God will never use coercion, bribery, shame, threats or fear in His revelations. 

That is a tactical move by the enemy to elicit fear and control.  Look back over history, fear is the most used tactic to force people to comply and “fall in line.”

Fear is one of the biggest motivators to all life whether human or animal. We fear death, injury or the inability to sustain life.  

As we read articles, listen to the news, converse with employers and medical representatives, pay attention to what is being said, how it is said and what emotions it evokes.   (I don’t watch television or their news and my life is far better for it).

If threats, coercion, shame, bribery and especially fear is being used, be sure it comes from your enemy.  They have one goal and one goal only to steal, kill, destroy and control.

Popular Meme

Our enemy will shame you in thinking that your choices are silly and that you lack cognition to make these choices yourself.  The enemy will promise you things to entreat you to comply.  The enemy will threaten your ability to function financially and socially.

Do you trust God? Do you trust in the Blood of Christ? 

It’s time to take our place on the scrimmage line, it’s time to decide what team we are on.


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  1. “Let’s face it, who wants to back a losing team? I know I don’t want to be wearing the jersey of a loser. But I’m not going to sacrifice my soul or values to play their games either.” – Perfect!

    I’m the same way, Jack! I’ll always be for God and Country I don’t care what the winning narrative of the day is nor whether it’s the popular thing to do or not!

    Brilliantly written!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How have I not found your site before?!! You might also consider a channel on Mike Adam’s site, Brighteon.com.
    You guys are wonderful! I am a new subscriber, effective NOW!


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