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Best Tire Safety Practices

Tire safety is not something you should ignore. Even before starting your vehicle, you should ensure that your tires are properly maintained and in good working condition to ensure your safety. There are four main factors to tire health: tread depth, tire age, tire inflation load and routine […]

Top 10 Most American Cars

Did you know Tesla Model 3 is the ‘most’ American car you could buy right now? Check out the full list. Some of the results may surprise you. Primary factors determining this ranking :– Location of final assembly– Percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts– Country of origin for available […]

Fun of the Beach?

An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease. Sunshine is the best medicine. Life is simple: just add water. Time wasted at the beach is time well spent. May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes. Feeling stressed? There’s a beach for […]