Governor Abbott Tells Biden DOJ Texas Will Not Back Down From Stopping Illegal Immigration

Abbott’s Complete Statement On Federal Lawsuit Over Executive Order GA-37

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released this statement on July 30, 2021:

Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement after U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that they have filed a lawsuit over Executive Order GA-37, which restricts the transportation of unlawful migrants in Texas due to COVID-19.

“The Biden Administration has created a constitutional crisis between the federal government and the State of Texas. This stems from the Biden Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and allow illegal immigrants with COVID-19 to enter our country.”

“As our communities are overrun and overwhelmed by the record-high influx of migrants, cartels and smugglers profit off the chaos. Not only that, but this crisis also extends beyond the border as deadly drugs like fentanyl infiltrate our communities.”

“This already dangerous situation continues to deteriorate as the Biden Administration knowingly imports COVID-19 into Texas from across the border—willfully exposing Texans and Americans alike.”

“President Biden has a duty and a responsibility to protect and uphold our nation’s sovereignty, yet he has long-since abdicated his authority to do so.”

“As the Governor of Texas, I have a responsibility to protect the people of Texas—a responsibility that grows more urgent by the day while the Biden Administration sits on the sidelines.”

“I take very seriously my duties and responsibilities as the Governor of the State of Texas. I have the authority, and duty, under the constitutions of the United States and of Texas to protect Texans and our nation. I also have the authority under long-established emergency response laws to control the movement of people to better contain the spread of a disaster, such as those known to have COVID-19. My duty remains to the people of Texas, and I have no intention of abdicating that.”

“Until President Biden and his Administration do their jobs to enforce the laws of our nation and protect Americans, the State of Texas will continue to step up to protect our communities and uphold the rule of law.”

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Why Drinking Water First Thing After Waking Up Is So Good For You

There Are Huge Health Benefits for Those Who Make it a Habit.

Drinking water the first thing in the morning purifies the entire system, cleanses the colon, boosts the absorption of nutrients of food, and offers a myriad of health benefits.

It’s an old practice that originates from the ancient Ayurvedic medicine. This water therapy was known as Usha Paana Chikitsa in the Sages of India, or roughly translated to, “early morning water treatment.”

In the 1970s, Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj re-discovered it and found that water can naturally heal numerous health issues, like high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and migraines.

After graduating from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University, he returned to Iran and was imprisoned in 1979 as a political prisoner for two and a half years.

During his time, he discovered the healing power of water and treated 3,000 fellow inmates suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease using simply water.

His success was reported in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in June 1983 and in the New York Times Science Watch, on June 21, 1983. In 1982, he escaped from Iran and came to America. There, he continued his work on the effects of chronic unintentional dehydration on the human body.

He believed that the natural thirst signals of the body are often mistaken for signs or symptoms of other diseases, and maintained that if we avoid the chronic dehydration that occurs during our lifetime, we can avoid all health issues and unnecessary procedures and medications.

This is the water therapy method:

🔹Drink (1) 8oz glass of fluoride-free water as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach.

🔹Do not consume anything for 45 minutes, and then you’re free to eat and drink as you please.

🔹Thirty minutes before meals, drink a glass of water, and drink another one two hours after meals.

The Japanese Medical Society claims that if you follow this method, you can treat constipation and gastric issues after 10 days, and a month to treat high blood pressure.

The importance of water can never be underestimated. Drinking water as soon as you wake up can do miracles for your health, as our body is mainly comprised of water, and needs to be properly hydrated at all times.

“All nutrients are carried across the body in water,” Dr. Racha Pande explains. “Waste products are removed from the body via water. It helps to form the structure of large molecules essential for various processes in the body. It actively participates in many chemical reactions. It also serves as a solvent for minerals, vitamins, glucose, etc. substances essential for the body.”

“Water serves as a lubricant for the various joints of the body,” she continued. “It is due to gradual depletion of this lubrication that people start suffering from stiffness and pain of joints with advancing age. It also serves as a shock absorber inside the eyes and spinal cord. During pregnancy, it protects the fetus in the amniotic sac (a gestational sac where the baby is held in mother’s womb).”

“Water helps in the regulation of the body temperature and also in maintaining the volume of blood in the body,” she notes. “The electrolyte balance is also maintained in the body with help of water. It helps to clear the bowels and aids in digestion.”

Numerous studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of this practice, so here are several interesting facts that can convince you to make it your habit:

🔹Our body is dehydrated after the night, so it will help you boost the oxygen flow, and support the creation of new blood and muscle cells

🔹It detoxifies the kidneys and boosts the function of the colon

🔹It accelerates metabolism by a whopping 24% for 90 min

🔹It will improve the appearance of the skin and prevent skin issues

🔹Drinking water in the morning will prevent fatigue and mood swings during the day

🔹When properly hydrated, the immune system is stronger, and the lymphatic system functions perfectly well, so you easily fight off infections and sickness

🔹It helps digestion and prevents constipation

🔹This habit will help you eat less during the day, as water will fill up the stomach without adding calories and you will feel full


A Special Message From Dodie Dennis (Retired RN)

With 40 years experience as a licensed Registered Nurse on a cruise line, a Colorado ski resort, and in Phoenix, AZ, I did everything from Operating Room to Immunology to all levels of Newborn care.

Among my favorite jobs was teaching childbirth and nutrition classes. For the most part, I believe whole foods trump supplements. And eating a nutritious diet loaded with veggies, grass-fed meat, and plenty of good fats is the starting point.

You certainly cannot supplement your way out of poor dietary choices. However, even with the best diet, there may be a few gaps that we might want to fill to “supplement” a solid diet.

For example, Omega-3 fatty acids are vitally important to our health. Our Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio should be 1:1 or 1:2. Sadly, the average person’s is more like 1:20. Not only are we not getting enough Omega-3 from sources like grass-fed meats and fish/seafood, we’re also over consuming Omega 6 (e.g. vegetable oils, excessive nut consumption) – a double whammy.

Personally, Jack and I don’t eat enough fish to get adequate Omega-3 due to concerns about toxins, mercury, etc. That’s why we welcome a new sponsor to “supplement” with Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO).

Welcome Green Pasture Products to CleverJourneys

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Green Pasture’s website

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is simply cod livers fermented naturally to extract the oils. The cold-processing method maintains all the fat soluble vitamins. Most fish oils on the market are heat processed. What’s worse is that they’re then bleached and deodorized, and since most of the vitamins have been removed or destroyed, synthetic vitamins are added back in.

FCLO contains more than Omega 3s. It’s also a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D, and contains small amounts of Vitamin K2, Vitamin E, and various other quinones.

If you want to try out the amazing benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil, or maybe your current supply is running low, we highly recommend Green Pasture.

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They are the only company to supply naturally fermented cod liver oil that we are aware of (and the one recommended most highly by the Weston Price Foundation).

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In addition to Fermented Cod Liver oil, Green Pasture also sells other products like high vitamin butter oil, coconut oil, and coconut ghee.

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Jack likes Green Pasture because they are an American business that share the same patriotic values we do.

Check them out today! God Bless.

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Texas’ 6th Congressional District Runoff Decided

Jake Ellzey (R) defeated Susan Wright (R) in a special runoff election in Texas’ 6th Congressional District.

With 98% of precincts reporting, Ellzey received 53% of the vote and Wright received 47% of the vote. Susan Wright is Ronald Wright’s widow.

The two advanced from a 23-candidate special election on May 1 where Wright received 19.2% of the vote while Ellzey received 13.8%.

Ellzey will fill the vacancy left when the previous incumbent, Ronald Wright (R), died from COVID-19 related complications on Feb. 7. The district is located in the northeastern portion of the state and includes Ellis and Navarro counties and an area of Tarrant County.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) endorsed Ellzey. Since both runoff candidates were Republicans, the seat did not change party hands as a result of the election. 

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Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake Stands With Nurses Against Forced COVID Jabs Mandate

#joepags #karilake #arizona

Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake stood up with 5,000 nurses and employees at a rally against the Banner Healthcare system on July 28th.

Banner is imposing a mandate on all employees to get vaccinated with one of the three experimental Chinese Virus COVID jabs by November 1.

Here is Lake’s stance on the issue:

I think it is extremely wrong for the government, businesses, and schools to mandate this vaccine.

If the vaccine weren’t available and available to everyone, this would be different. But anyone concerned can protect themselves.

Anyone can go out and get the shot today.

They can get it free.

They can get it all over town in every community in the state. You can get it at a drive-up site, grocery store, pharmacies, and medical facilities.

Access to the vaccine is universal in this country.

Lake on the Joe Pags show.

And people have a responsibility to protect themselves — they DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to impose their choices on others.

I am completely against any mandate — especially one that costs someone an opportunity to further their education or earn a living.

And while I don’t have the authority at this time to stop this — as your Governor, I will absolutely seek to ban vaccine mandates across the board.

I encourage everyone concerned about this medical totalitarianism to contact Governor Ducey’s office IMMEDIATELY — and tell him to put an executive order right away protecting the medical privacy of all Arizonans in every field.

We must also urge him to lift the state of emergency in Arizona. As long as that is in effect, we are at risk of losing our rights, both medical rights and fundamental liberties.

My policy as Governor would be to educate the people of Arizona on any public health risks and then allow them to make the best choices to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses.

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Biden-Harris Spreading COVID, Anti-American Culture & Future Illegal Votes at a Fast & Furious Pace

Using the Obama Method to Transport Illegal Aliens to Targeted Communities Throughout U.S.

If the Biden-Harris Administration wanted to truly follow the science, they would control the border.

They would cease using commercial buses, commercial planes, and Air Force property to distribute these COVID-19 positive illegal aliens across America.

They would stop the millions of taxpayer dollars going to “religious” and other “charitable” organizations that aid and abet the illegal entry into the United States–and then transport and house them.

The primary reason diseases are being spread is not because of the unvaccinationed, it’s because the White House, Congress and Senate are welcoming illegal entry into our nation.

Take the case of the La Joya, Texas police department encounter this week. They received a call from a local Whataburger indicating a group of people were frightening customers and employees at their restaurant.

“The La Joya Police Department said a patrol officer was waved down Monday by someone concerned about a group that appeared to be sick at a Whataburger fast food restaurant,” Fox News reported. “The officer found a family inside who were coughing and sneezing and not adhering to health guidelines, including the wearing of masks, authorities said during a news conference.”

Police discovered the illegal immigrants possibly tested positive for COVID-19 and were being released from federal custody to a Catholic charity, which booked hotel rooms for them without notifying local officials. 

“…When the officer approached the migrants, they said they had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been apprehended by Border Patrol agents several days prior before being released.”

🛑🛑🛑Attention Citizens of La Joya, this is a Public Health Announcement.🛑🛑🛑
On July 26, 2021, a La Joya Police Department Officer was waved down by a concern citizen at the Whataburger located at 450 E. US-83, La Joya, TX 78560.
The citizen explained to the Officer that she had observed a family group who were not being observant of proper health guidelines. She stated that the family was coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and were not wearing face masks.

They didn’t have documentation to prove they were COVID-positive, La Joya police Sgt. Manuel Casas said.

“We did not know this,” he said. “No one told the city of La Joya. No one told the police department that these people were here and no one told us that these people were possibly ill.”

The migrants told the officer they were staying at the nearby Texas Inn & Suites. The hotel manager told authorities that the Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley had booked rooms in the hotel to house undocumented immigrants detained by Border Patrol. 

Is Texas Inn & Suites booked totally by Catholic Charities to house illegal aliens?

“We have an understanding based on what was told to us that the hotel in totality has already been rented out,” Casas said. “The information we have is that everyone that is staying in that hotel is COVID-19 positive because it’s being rented out for them.”

Police said  they learned that Border Patrol was quarantining other undocumented individuals who were COVID positive, or showed symptoms of illness, then handing them over to the non-profit.

Catholic Charities would in turn place the undocumented individuals in hotels in the McAllen area as well as La Joya.

May 2021

Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, Sister Norma Pimentel said “At no time have the COVID positive immigrant families walked around exposing others in the community. They are kept in isolation until they test negative.”

“Any law or policy that contributes to human suffering is wrong and needs to be corrected,” she said.

Pimentel didn’t comment on the police department’s allegation that the organization didn’t tell them that they were placing COVID stricken people at the Texas Inn Hotel.

Popular Social Media meme

This is the same strategy the Obama Administration used to begin distributing illegal aliens to select communities throughout the U.S.

This tactic introduces anti-American culture and voting trends at a fast and furious pace…as well as the Chinese COVID Virus.

Travelers to the Rio Grande Valley and other southern border locations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California should be advised about the high numbers of illegal immigration and virus counts in local hotels.

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Face Mask Side Effects and Health Implications

“Mask Mouth” is real and dangerous

Respiratory horrors proved

1. Preliminary report on surgical mask induced deoxygenation during major surgery

Face mask side effects include lowered oxygen levels.

This study proved that surgeons that wore a mask in surgery for an hour + had significant reductions in blood oxygen saturation.

This is relevant because most of us are being made to wear face masks at work for the whole shift, long journeys on public transport, and when we are in a public places doing shopping etc. and this requires a degree of exertion that is not taken into account.

“Considering our findings, pulse rates of the surgeon’s increase and SpO2 decrease after the first hour.”

Decreasing oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide in the bloodstream stimulates a compensatory response in the respiratory centers of the brain. These changes in blood gases result in increases in both frequency and depth of breaths. This exposes another risk – if your mask traps some virus you are breathing more hence increasing viral load and exposure.
Study article:

2. Impact of structural features on dynamic breathing resistance of healthcare face mask

    Face mask side effects include impeded breathing.

Ask people if they have issues breathing in these masks. anecdotal or not, as everyone is different.

“The results showed that each evaluation index was significantly different (P < 0.05) among different test masks”
Study article:

3. Respiratory consequences of N95-type Mask usage in pregnant healthcare workers-a controlled clinical study

The benefits of using N95 mask to prevent serious emerging infectious diseases should be weighed against potential respiratory consequences associated with extended N95 respirator usage.

“Study article:

“It is known that the N95 mask, if worn for hours, can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20 percent, which can lead to a loss of consciousness, as happened to the hapless fellow driving aroundalone in his car wearing an N95 mask, causing him to pass out, crash his car and sustain injuries. I am sure that we have several cases of elderly individuals or any person with poor lung function passing out, hitting their head. This, of course, can lead to death”

“CONCLUSIONS: Breathing through N95 mask materials have been shown to impede gaseous exchange and impose an additional workload on the metabolic system of pregnant healthcare workers,and this needs to be taken into consideration in guidelines for respirator use”

Yet we force pregnant women to use them…? What could this do to the fetus?

4. Headaches and the N95 face-mask amongst healthcare providers

Face mask side effects include headaches.

These headaches can force you to use added or unnecessary medications like painkillers that carry their own side effects. The theory as to why masks can trigger headaches is the RESTRICTION OF OXYGEN.

What are the long-term health effects on Health Care Workers with headaches arising from impeded breathing?

Here are several sources and studies that back up this claim:
Study article:

Headaches Associated With Personal Protective Equipment – A Cross-Sectional Study Among Frontline Healthcare Workers During COVID-19
Study article:

How to Avoid Migraine Triggers While Wearing Your Mask

5.    Use of surgical face masks to reduce the incidence of the common cold among health care workers in Japan: a randomized controlled trial

“Of the 8 symptoms recorded daily, subjects in the mask group were significantly more likely to experience headaches during the study period”

“Face mask use in health care workers has not been demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds”

Study article:

6.    Your Health Your Responsibility

This video shows that even reading a book with a mask on decreases blood oxygen levels to your brain. what implications does this have for developing children forced to wear masks at school etc?

7.    Physiological impact of the N95 filtering facepiece respirator on healthcare workers

“CONCLUSIONS: In healthy healthcare workers, FFR did not impose any important physiological burden during 1 hour of use, at realistic clinical work rates, but the FFR dead-space carbon dioxide andoxygen levels were significantly above and below, respectively, the ambient workplace standards, and elevated P(CO2) is a possibility”

Remember in “healthy healthcare workers” even their carbon dioxide levels rose. Most of the wider public have at least one health problem. Even healthy people were shown to have elevated CO2 levelsabove the healthy guidelines.
Study article:

8. The adverse skin reactions of health care workers using personal protective equipment for COVID-19

     Face mask side effects include adverse skin reactions

The adverse skin reactions of health care workers using personal protective equipment for COVID-19
Study article:

9. Your Mask May Be Causing Candida Growth in Your Mouth

     Face mask side effects include yeast infections

10.  ‘Mask mouth’ is a seriously stinky side effect of wearing masks

Face mask side effects include dental issues.

   “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them    before,” says Dr. Rob Ramondi, a dentist and co-founder of One ManhattanDental. “About 50 percent of our patients are being impacted by this, [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’ — after ‘meth mouth.’ ”

“While mask mouth isn’t quite as obvious, if left untreated, the results could be equally harmful.”

Gum disease — or periodontal disease — will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks,”says Dr. Marc Sclafani, another co-founder of One Manhattan Dental”

11. All That Mask-Wearing Could Be Giving You (Gasp!) Mouth Fungus—Here’s How to Deal With it

12.  ‘Maskne’ Is a Real Thing—Here’s How to Stop Face Mask Breakouts

Face mask side effects include acne

13. Improper use of medical masks can cause infections Face mask side effects include mould and infections

Masks can cause bacterial and fungal infections around the mouth,and in the mouth and lungs EVEN if you wash the cloth mask. Mould colonies were found in masks in as little as one day.

14. Mould Colonization in Your Sinuses Could Be Holding You Back From Making a Full Recovery <

Information on mould and how it can affect your health.

15.  An investigation into the efficiency of disposable face masks

What are the dangers of bacterial and fungal growths on a used and loaded mask?

This study tested all kinds of disposable masks and proved they cause you to breathe back in your own crap. Study article:

16. Can the Elastic of Surgical Face Masks Stimulate Ear Protrusion in Children?

     Disfiguration in children. Can masks stimulate ear protrusion in children?

This is due to masks that are too tightly fitted.

Tight masks can also cause tension headaches. Is this healthy for children long term?
Study article:

17.  When You Wear A Face Mask Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Lungs

Mask use can trigger allergies due to the mask collecting particles that stay on you for long periods of time.

18.  The physiological impact of wearing an N95 mask during hemodialysis as a precaution against SARS in patients   with end-stage renal disease

    The physiological impact of wearing an N95 mask during hemodialysis as a precaution against SARS in patients with end-stage renal disease.

And yet, we make sick people wear them. Even people without breathing issues, have lowered oxygen rates.
Study article:

19.  Other Face Mask Side Effects and Health Implications to Consider

There is a great potential for harm that may arise from public policies forcing mask use on the wider population.

The following unanswered questions arise unanswered:

  • Can masks shed fibers or micro plastics that we can breathe in?
  • Do these masks excrete chemical substances that are harmful when inhaled?
  • Can masks excrete chemicals or fumes when heated, either with bodyheat sunlight or other sources of heat?
  • Clothing dye can cause reactions, so how do we know that the manufacturing process of these masks do not pose a risk to us? Because, in reality, we do not buy our masks from medical companiesor facilities who operate in sterile environments.

20.  [Gaps in asepsis due to surgical caps, face masks, external surfaces of infusion bottles and sterile wrappers of disposable articles]

“It is obvious that the surfaces of the boxes of sterile packed disposable instruments and infusion bottles are not sterile. The disposable surgical masks and surgical caps used for sterile clothing are delivered by the producers not sterile, either.” AND THIS IS HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT.
Study article:

21.  Mask Production Video

This is a “factory” that produces alot of masks. Does this look a sterile environment to you? This is what the majority of us are getting when we purchase online or in stores that sell them in bulk. Do you wantthat on your face?

22.  Allergies and the Immune System

Can pathogen-laden droplets interact with environmental dust and aerosols captured on the mask? Can this elicit a greater reaction to viruses? For example, if you have a dust allergy your mask is collecting this thus causing inflamation to the wearer and lowering his or her immune system.

“This can cause wheezing, itching, runny nose, watery or itchy eyes, and other symptoms” would that not

facilitate spread and infection rate of viruses?

23. Virus interactions with bacteria: Partners in the infectious dance

     Bacteria and viruses can interact an increase infection suseptability:

24.  When viruses and bacteria unite!

25. An empirical and theoretical investigation into the psychological effects of wearing a mask

     Face mask side effects include altered behaviour

Are there negative social consequences to a masked society? This study implies that, yes, masks do cause people to adopt altered behaviours based on mask use.

26. Mask mandates may affect a child’s emotional, intellectual development

Face mask side effects stagnate a child’s natural intellectual development. It is well known that children find it hard to recognise faces up until a certain age. Mask use will further interfere with this. Is this healthy for a developing child?

27. Disabled People and Masks Contributing Toward Mental Health Issues

     Face mask side effects and mental health

    What about disabled people? Deaf /people hard of hearing rely on mouth reading. What are the implications for them? What about  people who suffer cognitive and behavioural disorders like autism? This could cause them HUGE distress. Not just from wearing a mask, but seeing others in masks (because let’s face it – IT’S NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOUR).

Can masks cause anxiety, or make other mental health disorders worse?

Since masks CAN impede breathing, this can cause fainting and other bodily reaction that would otherwise be avoided if masks were not used. Here is a search engine link to prove that it is very common:

28. Maine study looks into long-term psychological effects of wearing face masks coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic

This is a study on the psychological effects of masks. wearing-face-masks-coronavirus-covid-19-pandemic/ar-BB13EfiU

29. Masks: Have You Been Captured by This Psyop?

Are there negative psychological consequences to wearing a mask, as a fear-based behavioral modification? This can easily trigger fear as a mask is reminding you there’s a virus. The use of mask can also cause you to engage in risky behaviours due to a “false sense of security” because you feel protected.

30. Masking the Truth – Face Masks, Empathy and Dis-inhibition

31. Covid-19 face masks: A potential source of microplastic fibers in the environment

What are the environmental consequences of mask manufacturing and disposal?

Proof of increased littering due to increased mask use. a quick engine search will tell you, people are dumping them EVERYWHERE – into our rivers, into greenland areas etc. Plastics like nylon leach chemicals are going into our environment.

32. Why Masks Don’t Work Against COVID-19

Can used and loaded masks become vectors of enhanced transmission for both the wearer and other people? (The evidence from studies suggest yes). Masks become useless after about 20 minutes due to the moisture in your breath. This moisture can become the droplets that viruses travel on. Can this not facilitate transmission?

Can masks become collectors and retainers of pathogens that otherwise, could be avoided when breathing without a mask? (The evidence suggests yes).

Can large droplets trapped via a mask become atomized or aerosolized into breathable components? Even down to the virion size. (The evidence suggests yes).

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Ned Beatty: What Did the Late Actor Think About His Chilling Deliverance Scene?

During a nice conversation with friends, someone commented about recent entertainers and celebrities who recently passed away.

Sean Connery, B.J. Thomas, Jackie Mason, Johnny Crawford and Rush Limbaugh were some mentioned who brought back fond memories. But one man particularly brought back a surprising response from all: Ned Beatty.

Beatty died on June 13, 2021. It seems none of us thought about his outstanding performances in All the President’s Men (1976),  Network (1976),  Superman (1978),  Rudy (1993) or Toy Story 3 (2010).

Although nominated for an Academy Award, two Emmy Awards, an MTV Movie Award for Best Villain, and a Golden Globe Award, he is best known for one of the most startling roles in movie history.

For better or much worse, Beatty will always be recollected for the movie Deliverance, in 1972.

This movie was a star vehicle for two of the biggest actors in Hollywood at the time: Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight. Beatty costarred with them along with Ronny Cox.

The story is about four, “civilized” professional men from the big city who decide to take a canoe trip in a very rural area. After some initial fun, including a legendary scene where one of the men who brought his guitar plays Dueling Banjos with a mentally challenged boy. (Ronny Cox who was a musician actually played the guitar, although the boy’s performance was dubbed by someone else.)

Later, while out in the woods, they are separated and two of the men are accosted by two mountain men. Played by Bill McKinney and Herbert “Cowboy” Coward, they are arguably two of the scariest villains in history.

Armed, they tie up one of the men (Voight) and he watches in horror as they force his friend (Beatty) to strip. They make him squeal like a hog and rape him. They say:

You sure got a pretty mouth boy.”

This has to be one of the most chilling lines in history.

Their friends arrive, and with steely studliness Burt carefully aims his bow and arrow killing one of the men. He takes the gun from the other who runs.

More terror ensues as they decide to bury the body rather than report what happened and battle nature as the rapids turn rough. They later kill another mountain man thinking that he is the one that got away, but realize later that they may have killed an innocent man.

Beatty suffered from nightmares thereafter over the role. He developed PTSD. At one point his friend Burt Reynolds loaded up his camper and took Beatty to the site where the rape was filmed. Reynolds thought confronting it would give Beatty some closure. Unfortunately vandals had littered the sight with crude graffiti making fun of the scene and Beatty was even further traumatized.

He seldom talked about the experience but appeared to make peace with the role.

Beatty’s credits include the prestigious films Network, 1941, and he appeared in some major TV series such as The Walton’s, Roseanne, Kojak, and M*A*S*H. His status as a character was never tarnished even after some misfires such as Stroker Ace and Ed and His Dead Mother (which is actually a wildly funny dark comedy.)

Voight, Cox, Beatty, Reynolds with original canoe from Deliverance

In 2001 before the 30th anniversary of Deliverance, to coincide with the DVD release Beatty joined the other three cast members for a photo shoot at the filming location of the movie. The film also had a limited theatrical rerelease and the cast participated in that.

40 years later: Beatty, Reynolds, Cox, Voight

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Postal Workers Union Says No Biden-Harris Mask Mandate

The 200,000 American Postal Workers Union members, representing employees and retirees of the United States Postal Service issued a strong stance against the Biden-Harris Administration regarding Federal Mask Mandates.

Here is their statement in full:

Various media outlets have reported that the White House is considering mandatory COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment for federal employees.

Maintaining the health and safety of our members is of paramount importance. While the APWU leadership continues to encourage postal workers to voluntarily get vaccinated, it is not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccinations for the employees we represent.

Issues related to vaccinations and testing for COVID-19 in the workplace must be negotiated with the APWU. At this time the APWU opposes the mandating of COVID-19 vaccinations in relation to U.S. postal workers.  

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New book by award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey out August 2021.


Critical Race Theory Intent is to Spread Hatred Throughout America

Power grab by the left to systematically dismantle religion and banish God

California Gov. Newsom Banned Private Home Bible Studies

Shortly before he died, Rush Limbaugh talked about the future of America and how it depended on this current battle between the forces of good and evil.


It’s real target is Christianity and the Bible he observed. The far left wants “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) in our schools.

The Biden administration and the “Woke” left are embracing this radical new approach to our culture and life.

In a nutshell, CRT claims that people who are “white” and from “European” backgrounds have succeeded because of their color, and they have oppressed people of color.

Thus, people of color have been wronged and if they fight back in any way–looting, destroying property, rooting–then they are morally right to do so.

“Make no mistake about it, the left’s anti-Christian and anti-Semitic agenda is being ramped up dramatically,” said the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC). “And it’s frightening.”

“Think about it,” AMAC told their members. “The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, actually banned private home Bible studies, while OK’ing mass BLM protests and worse…This is a sickening violation of religious freedom.”


Esteemed author David Horowitz, in runaway bestseller, Dark Agenda, writes that the truth may be quite unsettling and has nothing to do with COVID-19 or race.


“But it has everything to do with the power grab by the left to systematically dismantle religion and banish God from the lips, minds, and hearts of the faithful,” AMAC notes. “Remove His holy name from our civil society, even destroying religious symbols and artifacts along the way.”

“The media was so proud of tens of thousands of BLM protesters last year who rampaged through our cities,” they continued. “And yet, in San Francisco the Roman Catholic archdiocese was slapped with a cease-and-desist order saying some churches violated a local ban on large outdoor gatherings.”


“Under Critical Race Theory, the BLM protests are “good” even if they violate public health orders, but if Christians want to meet and pray — that’s bad and evil!”

Oh, but it gets worse …

Then singing and chanting in church was banned.

“To forbid singing in a church is morally reprehensible. That is how we petition Heaven,” said one evangelical minister.

Churches are still oppressed, some barely clinging to life, close to financial ruin.

They may never recover.

“If churches and synagogues are drowning financially, they can’t reach out into the community to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and help those drowning in a sea of debt and despair.”

Unable to attend worship services, people are becoming disconnected and distanced from their faith.

An east Texas minister told me that since COVID restrictions of 2020, churches are having difficulty recovering and getting many of their parishioners to return.

This is the war on Christianity, and this is exactly what the left has dreamed about for decades.

We’ve seen and have been warned about the plan to annihilate religion.

  • Bill Maher shouting “death to religion” on national TV …
  • Monuments in Washington whitewashed of God and
    prayer …
  • Religious crosses confiscated …
  • Lenten ashes on children’s foreheads being scrubbed off at school…
  • Prayer in school being ruled unconstitutional
    overnight …

“This is serious stuff. Our faith and our ability to worship freely is in serious jeopardy,” AMAC warns. “If you’re a person of faith, this directly impacts you, your family, friends, and loved ones — and it’s terrifying. Every day the writing on the wall becomes clearer.”

“Hatred is growing in our nation toward Jews and Christians — being spread like wildfire.”

According to Horowitz, this is religious intolerance fueled by the left for 60 years — a deep-seated animosity inciting vicious hate crimes and gaining momentum fast.

A headline that recently appeared on CBS News:

“U.S. ‘moving into a dangerous phase’ as anti-Semitic incidents surge.”

“This is all part of the plan set in motion decades ago to rid God from public life,” AMAC wrote. “In fact, after a nearly 15-year drop, the Anti-Defamation League found acts of anti-Semitism started spiking in 2016.”

“The most recent numbers show the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents in its recorded history. There were over 2,100 acts of violence — assaults, vandalism, and harassment — against Jews.”

Some of the names mentioned by Horowitz and AMAC include “Obama, Hillary, and the big media pushing this secular agenda…Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Cuomo, and more. They want a Godless society.”

“They’re totally cool if thousands want to riot in protest against President Trump, breaking all COVID-19 rules. But if you want to go to church or synagogue — with social distancing — they want you arrested!”

“And Horowitz says President Trump, out of office, will actually be a bigger threat — and a bigger target — for the far left,” reports NewsMax. “We must fight back, or our children and generations to come will live in fear of expressing their faith.”

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Whose Team Are You On?

A quick message of hope to those not intimidated or give in to wrongful pressure.

Truckloads of criticisms have been dumped my way by many journalism colleagues or other business associates and acquaintances over the years, but that is okay.

“Come on, Jack, be part of the team,” “This is not how we do it around here,” “We need you to be a team player,” and “Take one for the team.”

I endured and succeeded despite their disapproval and judgement (some of them, I became their leader). Most important:

1.) I remained honest to myself and

2.) made sure I was giving my employers their monies worth in their investments in me.

What separated me from the naysayers? I’m not interested in their sacred cows.

Freedom of Speech, truth, treating customers right, and productivity are far more significant and critical.

In politics, it’s the same. I’m not Democrat or Republican. I’m American. If I’m on any team, it is the one where our God and country come first team.

Let’s face it, who wants to back a losing team? I know I don’t want to be wearing the jersey of a loser. But I’m not going to sacrifice my soul or values to play their games either.

Unfortunately, right now, many of our friends, family and neighbors are backing a wrong team.  They have gotten caught up in the hype.  There has been some convincing arguments from our enemies circulated.  It’s easy to get confused.  How do you know what is truth and what is a lie?

There is an enormous amount of misinformation–downright lies–going around in the media and in our communities.  The best way to sort through the information that is getting batted around is to look at how the message is presented. 

God will never use coercion, bribery, shame, threats or fear in His revelations. 

That is a tactical move by the enemy to elicit fear and control.  Look back over history, fear is the most used tactic to force people to comply and “fall in line.”

Fear is one of the biggest motivators to all life whether human or animal. We fear death, injury or the inability to sustain life.  

As we read articles, listen to the news, converse with employers and medical representatives, pay attention to what is being said, how it is said and what emotions it evokes.   (I don’t watch television or their news and my life is far better for it).

If threats, coercion, shame, bribery and especially fear is being used, be sure it comes from your enemy.  They have one goal and one goal only to steal, kill, destroy and control.

Popular Meme

Our enemy will shame you in thinking that your choices are silly and that you lack cognition to make these choices yourself.  The enemy will promise you things to entreat you to comply.  The enemy will threaten your ability to function financially and socially.

Do you trust God? Do you trust in the Blood of Christ? 

It’s time to take our place on the scrimmage line, it’s time to decide what team we are on.


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Everywhere’s A Sign

Top 10 Signs We Need Help Now…In God We Trust…Love, Dove, Peace, Far Out and Solid…God Bless America …When In The Course of Human Events…and More…


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Comparing American Presidents, Then and Now

Presidents net worth before/after office

Bill Clinton: Before, $1.3M. After, $241.5M

George Bush: Before, $20M. After, $40M

Barack Obama: Before, $1.3M. After, $70M

Donald J. Trump: Before, $3B. After, $2.3B.

Before & After Presidency


Other comparisons

…and No Comparison

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