Bottom Line Energy Drain Causes & Charging Strategies

There are many reasons why your energy levels may be low. For example, this could be caused by:

•          Lack of sleep.

•          Poor diet.

•          Iron or vitamin deficiencies.

•          Medication.

•          Lack of exercise.

•          Depression.

•          Burnout or stress.

•          Underactive thyroid.

•          Low motivation.

To keep yourself energized, incorporate a balance of short- and long-term strategies.

•          Rehydrate yourself.

•          Use light.

•          Take a walk.

•          Listen to music.

•          Eat healthier food.

•          Exercise regularly.

•          Find meaning.

•          Look at your schedule.

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  1. You nailed it! Also, if you do have a weak heart or blood pressure trouble, you can take Hawthorne Berry capsules. My holistic doctor told me to take them after I had a close shave with congestive heart failure. Have been taking them since May and feel better than I have in three years. Worked too hard and wore my heart out, but now my energy increases day by day. The good news is that they are cheap; under $20.00 a bottle, and available on line or at a good health food store. Just one more thing to add to your list!

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