Amazing Snow Sculptures to Make You Smile

In our neck of the woods–the Texas Hill Country, over an hour northwest of San Antonio–we usually have to travel to see winter snow.

Wouldn’t you know it? The one year San Antonio experienced a whopping 13.5 inches of snow in 1985, the International Airport had loaned their only snowplow to Denver.

It was a rarity to even experience any type of snowfall growing up in the Alamo City.

During my college days at Texas State University (Southwest Texas State University back in the mid-1970’s) we would send some of our campus beauty queens to Michigan in exchange for packages of snow. It was a thrilling tradition for us coeds to participate in an actual snowball fight.

Most of my experience with snow has been around Lake Tahoe and New Mexico.

Dodie was a nurse and lived in Vail, Colorado after she left working the cruise ships in the Bahamas and Caribbean back in the late ’70s-early ’80’s.

On the few occasions that I did see snow sculptures (mainly in Cloudcroft, New Mexico), it was a novel delight.

Here are more snow sculptures to make you smile. Be sure to pass them on so others can experience the simple happiness too.

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  1. It’s mind boggling how anyone can create these amazing, massive sculptures!
    Also growing up in San Antonio,Texas, I recall only 2 occasions when enough snow fell for us to make snowmen. That was twice throughout my entire childhood.
    Imagine the shock to my system when I moved from the beautiful, balmy Caribbean to the majestic, snow-covered Colorado Rockies – in the wintertime no less! Still, I embraced the breathtaking beauty of each location, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities to do so.

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      • Ah…’s very beautiful, but when your car is half covered with it and then the town plow comes by and totally buries it, you just groan, put on your boots and jacket, and grab the shovel. In a smaller snowfall, there is enough energy left for a snowman, but my dogs wouldn’t even go out in this last one until I did. Still trying to uncover the woodpile. We don’t have to dream of a White Christmas; we’ve got it! So pretty with all the Christmas lights on. That’s the part to like.

        Liked by 1 person

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