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JackNotes: Productivity Habits

JackNotes are quick summaries of notes I’ve taken from books, conferences, classes and life experiences. Productivity Habits Twice, Then Quit When you want to quit working for the first time, don’t. Push through and work some more The second time you want to quit, also don’t quit. Push through again The third time you want…

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Honesty and Ethics is Winning

In December 2012, Spanish long-distance runner Ivan Fernandez was trailing behind Olympic bronze medallist Abel Mutai during a cross-country race in Burlada, Navarra. Mutai was leading comfortably until he pulled up 10 to 20 metres short of the finish line thinking the race was already over. Instead of passing Mutai, Fernández Anaya slowed down and…

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Texas Patriotic Crowd Holds Lake Boat Parade Honoring President Trump

A patriotic, All-American crowd of over 500 spectators and participants showed their support for President Donald Trump in unique style parade on Saturday, August 15, 2020 in Texas. The no-kneeling-Star-Spangled-Banner-singing parade goers weren’t on floats. At least not the traditional kind riding down Main Street. They manned boats–over 80 of them–throughout a historic lake near…

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