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250,000 Expected at ‘Field of Faith’ Christian Events Next Week

America’s youth has shared the trials of 2020, with empty classrooms, virtual graduations and quarentines. Many sporting and student events were cancelled and substituted with streams of not so peaceful protests. The looting, destruction and violence on American streets exceeded the riots many of us saw in the 1960s-70s. Just as we did, youth today…

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Is an E-Bike Right For You?

Are you looking to go farther, faster and longer on two wheels? If you currently use a traditional bicycle to commute to work or for leisurely riding, for off-road adventures or for long-distance cycling, you might be intrigued by the electric bike, also known as an e-bike. If you’re an older rider, recovering from injury,…

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Is it Time to Downsize?

Dodie and I moved farther away from civilization in May and have no regrets. We love it! Before Dodie and I married in December 2019, we talked often about ridding ourselves of “things” and living a more simple life. The pandemic hit and changed everything. It was lemonade made out of lemons time. After a…

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