We Shook It Off: A Lesson From Mr. Beefy

On Inauguration Day it had been raining and misting here for a while.

Our dog, Mr. Beefy, (a direct descendant–the firstborn–of Fortunado El Conquistador AKA “Nato” of Phoenix, Arizona) needed to go outside, but was hesitant, so I walked with him.

Mr. Beefy enjoys the rain from inside.

The Beef is quite the sniffer. Knowing his process can take a while, I caught up on some fellow bloggers articles. (We tend to support each other that way).

I noticed a trend. Many in my physical and internet communities were experiencing depression and dread over the inauguration and prospects of our country. There was anger because of the stolen election and worry about the outcomes ahead.

One of my favorite blogs is Chateau Cherie, from a prolific writer who exposes “Bullies and Liberating Targets to Make the World a Safer Place for All.”

I won’t kid you,” wrote Cherie White. “These last three months have been an uphill battle and it seems like I and so many others have been knocked down repeatedly lately. You probably have too. This morning, I almost threw my hands up and quit. I got to the point where it was easier not to even care. I thought, “Screw it! Whatever happens, happens! I don’t care anymore!

I sat down with protective cover on the porch steps of our shed while Mr. Beefy sniffed around the leaves and wet terrain for the perfect spot to suit his need.

As he did his business, his body language looked miserable and he hunkered down in the rain.

After he finished, he walked slowly over to me under the shed. I thought “Mr. Beefy feels like we all do: depressed.”

Suddenly, with all the might he could muster, he SHOOK THE WET OFF.  Of course, much of it splashed on me.

Mr. Beefy’s shake was similar to this.

He was so relieved and looked royally proud. I laughed and petted him for about a minute or so. A sudden break in the rain allowed us to safely walk back to the house.

I thanked God for the moment. As Beefy just did, I SHOOK IT OFF and was determined to have a better day.

The thing is, a series of events occurred (burnt hand taking a 23.19 lb. turkey out of oven, spilled turkey juice and gel over stove, oven and floor, later hurt my shoulder, etc.) that challenged my spirit.

Guess what?


I won. My spirit is good. 

Joshua 1:9 (NIV) “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


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  1. Excellent perspective!!

    I have a granddaughter Addie who calls everyone “my friend”. She saw my elderly neighbor Bill shuffle to his mailbox recently, his cane in hand. As she watched out the window she called me to me with increased urgency. “Nana, Naanaa my friend is walking slow. My friend needs help.”

    She had never met Bill before. He doesn’t come out much. My husband & I try to help him get his trash can to the curb but he is fiercely independent.

    Addie & I stepped outside to see if he needed help. He declined but thanked us.

    I love seeing the world through her eyes. Through the eyes of all our grandkids. It always renews my hope.

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  2. To many, what has happened last/this year was/is a shock. To many out there though, we have already been through the dark times and moving into the ascension of awakening and have been preparing precisely for this moment & time! Human potential is huge when combined with the power of the Spirit!!!! We are only defeated if we let ourselves feel that way. Old worn out ways need to crumble and fall to make way for a new enlightened period. Stay positive and keep your vibration high!!! Namaste!

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