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How to SAVE AMERICA: Turn Off News

They Can’t Control You If You Control Them Patriotic Americans are turning off mainstream media in record breaking numbers. Why give them support and power for deceiving us? Their viewership is sinking. Advertisers are abandoning ship. It’s working. Towards the end of 2020, a monumental poll like no […]

JackNotes: Atomic Habits

Self improvement and how-to motivation by James Clear. Executive Summary The holy grail of habit change is not a single 1% improvement, but a thousand of them. It’s a bunch of atomic habits stacking up, each one a fundamental unit of the overall system. Awareness comes before desire. A […]

Major Liberal Businesses Joining in CDC Propaganda to Create Ads for Controversial COVID-19 Vaccines

Many progressively liberal-socialism corporations such as Google and Facebook are sponsoring content and endorsing COVID-19 vaccination ads to persuade Americans to take the controversial injections. Other companies, with strong reliances on China, are also teaming up with the CDC and the Ad Council in the propaganda initiative. They […]

Have Gun, Sheep Unravel

There is little doubt America is a far more dangerous place because of the division and hatred perpetuated by the communist socialism embedded in politics and media. Memes are popular with many of our CleverJourneys readers. They can succinctly shed light–with seriousness and humor–on important topics. Out of […]