Energized Wendy Rogers is Strong Arizona Leader for American Values

“As my family knows best, I don’t quit,” said Wendy Rogers, Arizona State Senator from District 6. To her constituents, she is a champion of perseverance, fighting for election integrity at this precarious moment in history, and stopping medical tyranny and other attacks on the freedoms we hold dear.

🔹Daughter of a long line of Army officers, in 1976 Lt. Col. Rogers was commissioned as a 5th-generation military officer into the Air Force from Michigan State University with her Bachelor’s degree and then Master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Clinical Social Work. She began her career treating patients in the Air Force mental health clinic.

🔹In 1981, Rogers became one of the first 100 women pilots in today’s Air Force by earning her wings at Williams AFB in Arizona.

🔹Following Air Force jet training, Wendy piloted worldwide airlift and humanitarian missions in the C-141 transport jet and later served as a flight instructor for cadets at the US Air Force Academy.

🔹The latter half of Wendy’s 20-year Air Force career placed her overseas. While in Europe, Wendy piloted Air Force C-21 Learjets and led three different operational divisions at Headquarters US Air Forces Europe.

🔹During the fall of the Berlin Wall amid efforts to improve relations with former East Bloc countries, Wendy was deployed for six months downrange to run the Bosnian Airlift.

🔹She finished her career with over 3,000 hours of jet time and numerous commendations, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

🔹After retiring from the Air Force in 1996 after twenty years of active duty, Wendy and her husband Hal (also a retired Air Force officer) started their own home inspection business. Hal is an Electrical Engineer who originally grew up on a Holstein dairy farm milking cows twice daily till age 18.

🔹Wendy holds a second Master’s degree in National Security Studies from Cal State San Bernardino.

🔹Wendy and Hal homeschooled their children George and Emily during their elementary years. George and Emily then graduated from an Arizona public charter high school and were merit-scholarship ASU Barrett Honors College Sun Devils. George was commissioned as an officer in the US Marine Corps in May 2009, later returning to Arizona to earn his PhD in electrical engineering at ASU in 2014. Emily graduated in 2012 with a Barrett Honors BA in German and Honors BS in international business and marketing.

🔹Wendy has been active in the local community as development director of an Arizona charter school, as a foster parent, and as an Arizona substitute teacher.

🔹Both Wendy and Hal are active, alert-roster-ready officers in the US Air Force auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), flying missions and participating in search and rescue efforts.

Wendy Rogers’ maxim in life remains what her parents taught her from Luke 12:48:

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

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Politics, Immigration and Crime Causes Historical Population Losses in Democrat States

New York city lost over 25,000 people a month between 2020 and 2021 due to dirty politics, strict and questionable COVID mandates and soaring crime. Official counts indicate a total of 305,465 citizens left.

Other Democrat controlled cities experienced similar population losses for that time period:

🔹Los Angeles (-40,537);

🔹Chicago, Illinois (-45,175);

🔹San Jose, California (-27,419);

🔹Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (-24,754);

🔹Dallas, Texas (-14,777);

🔹Houston, Texas (-11,777);

🔹Indianapolis, Indiana (-5,343)

🔹San Diego, California (-3,783);

🔹Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco lost roughly 6.3% of its population in 2021, the highest-percentage loss of any U.S. city.

Illegal immigration appears to be another cause of citizens leaving.

“While only 4% of all cities and towns had a population of 50,000 or more in 2021, collectively they contained 129.3 million people — nearly 39% of the U.S. population,” said Crystal Delbé, a statistician in the Population Division at the Census Bureau. “On the other hand, of the 19,494 incorporated places in the United States, more than 75% had fewer than 5,000 people.”

Fastest Growing by Percentage

Arizona, Texas, Florida and Idaho all had several places among the 15 fastest-growing cities or towns:

🔹Georgetown, Texas, had the largest growth from July 2020 to July 2021, increasing by 10.5%, a rate of growth which would double the population in less than seven years.

🔹 Leander, Texas (10.1%);

🔹Queen Creek Town, Arizona (8.9%);

🔹Buckeye, Arizona (8.6%);

🔹New Braunfels, Texas (8.3%).

🔹Fort Myers, Florida (6.8%),

🔹Casa Grande, Arizona (6.2%);

🔹Maricopa, Arizona (6.1%);

🔹North Port, Florida (5.5%);

🔹Spring Hill, Tennessee (5.4%);

🔹Goodyear, Arizona (5.4%); an

🔹Port St. Lucie, Florida (5.2%).

🔹Rounding out the list were three suburbs of Boise, Idaho: Meridian (5.2%), Caldwell (5.2%) and Nampa (5.0%).

Population Count Growth by People

🔹San Antonio, Texas, topped the list of the largest numeric gainers with an increase of 13,626 people between 2020 and 2021.

🔹Phoenix, Arizona (13,224);

🔹Fort Worth, Texas (12,916);

🔹Port St. Lucie, Florida (10,771);

🔹North Las Vegas, Nevada (9,917);

🔹Cape Coral, Florida (8,220);

🔹Buckeye, Arizona (8,001);

🔹Frisco, Texas (7,933);

🔹New Braunfels, Texas (7,538);

🔹Georgetown, Texas (7,193);

🔹Meridian, Idaho (6,234);

🔹Leander, Texas (6,159);

🔹Fort Meyers, Florida (5,891);

🔹Denton, Texas (5,844);

🔹McKinney, Texas (5,568).

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Lying Media Downplays 2000 Mules Movie as Guilty Plea Comes in Arizona

Propaganda, news blackouts and personal attacks on patriots and outlets continue with fake media distortions on the massive voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Despite their false narratives, as a result of the hard evidence documented in the Dinesh D’Souza’s hit movie, “2000 Mules,” Arizona will have their first guilty plea for voter fraud and conspiracy on June 2, 2022.

Guillermina Fuentes, the Gadsden Elementary School District Board Member and Ex-Mayor of San Luis, Arizona, will appear in court Thursday:

Fuentes was originally indicted for trafficking ballots in San Luis and was scheduled to appear on May 12 of this year and plead “not guilty.”

However, indications are her guilty plea is the result of the 2000 Mules movie which is currently playing in 411 theaters across America and on the internet around the world.

D’Souza highlighted the sophisticated and groundbreaking investigative work of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips proving numerous illegal ballot trafficking incidents in Yuma County, Arizona, and in other states.

“18 months ago, we knew that when the full story was told about Yuma, Arizona, it would reveal systematic, systemic, ballot trafficking with connections that spread nationwide,” Engelbrecht said. “It’s now happening, thankfully, with law enforcement fully engaged. Much more remains to be revealed in the days ahead.”

🔹Fuentes is charged with two Class 4 felonies alleging forgery and conspiracy, and two felonies of ballot abuse.

🔹Alma Yadira Juarez pleaded guilty and admitted to police that Fuentes gave her the ballots to stuff in drop boxes.


🔹2000 Mules featured the crimes of Guillermina Fuentes and Alma Juarez who were caught with hidden cameras setup by David Lara and Arizona State Senate candidate Gary Snyder. Their work was the culmination from years of investigating the ballot fraud operation.

🔹The investigation team provided the evidence to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich before the 2020 Presidential Election, but he waited until December 2020–after the election–to file these charges.

“Attorney General Brnovich of Arizona was given massive information on the fraud and so-called ‘irregularities’ that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election,” President Donald J. Trump said in a statement on April 18. “Many people said that he would do nothing about it because that just seems to be the way he is.”

“He wants to be politically correct,” Trump nailed it. “Because of the amount of time that it took him to do the report, which was endless, his poll numbers have been rapidly sinking.”

🔹Recent polling shows Trump was right as Brnovich, who is running as a RINO candidate for Senate, is experiencing big drops in his support numbers.

🔹Arizona GOP primary is set to be held on Aug. 2, and the winner will face incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ).

🔹This election will be a competitive race that could determine the fate of Congress.

🔹Biden “officially” defeated Trump by about 10,000 votes in the state because of the illegal voter and ballot fraud experienced in Arizona.

🔹Brnovich and Biden have experienced enormous declines in approval ratings since January 2021.

🔹Despite her indictment for election fraud, Fuentes continues to serve on the Gadsden Elementary School Board.

🔹Fuentes’ daughter, Lizeth Esparza, was hired by the Board as Superintendent of the district shortly after her indictment.

🔹Ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona, with the state legislature having passed a law in 2016 to criminalize the mass collection of mail-in ballots, usually by political operatives.

🔹Watchdog organizations repeatedly indicate Democratic interest groups of engaging in mass ballot harvesting, and Arizona has used mass mail-in election procedures for decades.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Building Costs for LA and San Francisco Hospitals Most Expensive in US

Los Angeles and San Francisco were the most expensive U.S. cities for the construction of general hospitals in the fourth quarter of 2021, a recent Statista report revealed.

Top 12 Cities Include Los Angeles Costs at Over $772 Per Square Foot, San Francisco is $707+

Building costs vary based on such factors as site conditions, climatic conditions and market conditions.

Below are the dozen most expensive cities in the U.S. for the construction of general hospitals and the average cost per square foot. A tie at No. 6 results in a numerical listing of 11:

1. Los Angeles: $772.5 per square foot

2. San Francisco: $707.5 per square foot

3. New York: $700 per square foot

4. Honolulu: $637.5 per square foot

5. Washington, D.C.: $632.5 per square foot

6. Chicago: $550 per square foot (tie)

6. Boston: $550 per square foot (tie)

7. Portland: $542.5 per square foot

8. Seattle: $540 per square foot

9. Denver: $520 per square foot

10. Phoenix: $502.5 per square foot

11. Las Vegas: $437.5 per square foot


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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Top 10 Celebrities Whose Deaths Remain A Total Mystery

1. Princess Diana

As a “princess of the people,” Princess Diana was a globally-beloved woman. When she died in a car crash on August 31, 1997, the world was shocked. Paparazzi chased the car that she was in into Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France. Her partner, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the Mercedes-Benz W140 S-Class, Henri Paul, were pronounced dead at the scene. Their bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was seriously injured, but survived the crash. 

The condition of the drivers, the ruthlessness of the paparazzi, and potential motives from the royal family have all been called into question since her death.

2. Natalie Wood

The death of Natalie Wood is among the most famous cold cases of Hollywood. Wood fell off a boat near Santa Catalina Islsnd and drowned while onboard with her husband, Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken on November 29, 1981.

Her death was originally ruled an accident; however, the case was reopened after new testimony and mysterious bruises on her body were identified.

Nominated for three Academy Awards and starred in “West Side Story” and “Rebel Without a Cause,” Wood, with Wagner, Walken and the boat captain were celebrating Thanksgiving weekend. After a night of drinking, her body was found floating in the waters off Southern California’s Catalina Island. She was 43.

Years later, CBS News aired an interview with Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. John Corina, who said he doesn’t believe Wagner has told the whole story about what happened.

In 2013, investigators said Wagner had not been interviewed since their probe was reopened. They had tried at least 10 times to interview him but he refused.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose on Saturday, August 4, 1962, at her 12305 Fifth Helena Drive home in Los Angeles, California. Her body was discovered before dawn on Sunday, August 5.

Immediately the media reported she died of barbiturates overdose, but over the years her death is believed by many to have been a murder. The most popular conspiracy theory is that she was killed by the government due to her rumored affairs with John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.

4. George Reeves

Star of The Adventures of Superman George Reeves was found dead with a gunshot wound in his head. Though his death was ruled a suicide, a few suspects were identified including an ex-lover. Read more about his death here.

5. Bob Crane

Bob Crane, the TV star known to millions as the wise-cracking title character on the 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, was found bludgeoned in his Scottsdale, AZ apartment at age 49 on June 29, 1978. The case has been cold since then.

All roads of the murder investigation led to John Henry Carpenter, a video-equipment salesperson from Sony—and a friend of Hogan’s Heroes cast member (and future Family Feud host) Richard Dawson. Carpenter helped Crane obtain gadgetry to watch and make erotic videos long before they were available to the public (Carpenter also sold similar equipment to President Lyndon B. Johnson and Elvis Presley).

“At the scene, there was blood everywhere,” former Scottsdale detective Vassall recalled. “There were some traces of blood on the back of the exit door, the front door, the doorknob. There was a red stain on the curtain. We found blood in [Carpenter’s] rental car and on the passenger door. It was Crane’s blood type. Nobody else who handled that car had the same blood type as Crane. It was type B blood, all of it.”

DNA testing wasn’t available in 1978, but other clues and evidence were presented to the local district attorney who rejected the case. Scottsdale detective Jim Raines uncovered a previously unseen crime-scene photo that showed a speck of brain tissue in Carpenter’s car. The actual tissue sample was long gone, but the image was ruled admissible by a judge, and Carpenter was eventually charged with Crane’s murder in 1992. Again the information was rejected by the county attorney’s office. He was acquitted in 1994 and died four years later.

6. Brian Jones

Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones was found dead at the bottom of his pool on July 3, 1969, at the age of 27.

The coroner’s termed Jones death as a “misadventure” with traces of pep pills, sleeping pills, and alcohol in his system, as well as evidence of significant liver damage from drugs and alcohol.

At the time and over the years investigators speculated that he may have been the victim of a crime. Jones’s daughter, Barbara Marion, believed so as late as 2019.

7. Gianni Versace

Fashion icon Gianni Versace was returning home from his morning walk from the News Cafe in 1997 when Andrew Cunanan, 27, fatally shot him in the back of the head.

After shooting him on the steps of Versace’s home, eight days later, Cunanan, suspected of killing four other people in three states, killed himself on a houseboat in North Miami Beach.

The mansion was built in 1930, and Versace bought it in 1992. After his death, it was sold and became a hotel and event space. The day before the 24 year anniversary of Versace’s death, housekeeping staff at The Villa Casa Casuarina called police around 1:20 p.m. after discovering the bodies of two men, 30 and 31 years old, who were from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Police said it was a double suicide.

8. Brittany Murphy

Actress Brittany Murphy was found dead at age 32. Her official cause of death was a combination of pneumonia, iron deficiency, and drug overdose. As if her death wasn’t strange enough, her husband Simon Monjack died the same way five months later. Her father has called for investigations to see if his daughter and son-in-law were poisoned.

Director Cynthia Hill claimed Brittany was one of Simon’s “last victims.”

“He was a disturbed individual who was used to conning people and Brittany was one of his last victims,” Hill, who made a documentary for HBO, claimed. “There was a pattern of behavior that became very obvious the more research that we did.”

9. Brandon Lee

Bruce Lee with son Brandon

Brandon Lee, actor, and son of Bruce Lee died while filming The Crow. His gun was supposed to be filled with blanks, but the studio tried to make their own to save money. The homemade blank misfired and fatally wounded Brandon. This accident seemed to be a mistake, but conspirators are not so sure as his father also died mysteriously and there is said to be a curse of the family.

10. Tupac Shakur

In the midst of the East Coast vs. West Coast rap battle of the 1990s, Tupac Shakur was shot at a boxing event and died in the hospital a few days later. No suspects or even eyewitnesses have been identified

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

AZ Reps Offer Bill to Decertify 2020 Elections in 3 Counties


Arizona House of Representatives Representative Mark Finchem (R-11)


1700 West Washington

Phoenix, Arizona


Representative Finchem Introduces Resolution to Set Aside & Decertify Three 2020 County Elections

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – State Representative Mark Finchem has introduced HCR 2033, a concurrent resolution calling for the elections of Maricopa, Pima and Yuma Counties to be set aside based on clear and convincing evidence that the elections in those counties were irredeemably compromised.

Statement from Representative Finchem:

“The circumstances surrounding these elections undermine voter confidence in the election system, moreover, they ultimately translate into doubts about election integrity.

“The questions first raised over a year ago about the legitimacy of the 2020 General Election persist. Evidence and testimony collected since November 3, 2020, has reached the point of clear and convincing and is now in the hands of the Arizona Attorney General for action. Citations of various elements justifying the Resolution can be found in the body of the Resolution. We have debunked the ‘baseless claims’ narrative promoted by the propaganda pushing media and are now on to the business of providing specific relief to the People.

“While some may say there is no valid constitutional, nor statutory grounds for such an action, they clearly are disregarding longstanding jurisprudence. Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution provides, in relevant part, ‘Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress.’ U.S. Const. Art. II, § 1, cl. 2 (emphasis added). The Supreme Court has described the constitutional authority of the state legislatures to determine the manner of choosing electors as ‘plenary.’ See McPherson v. Blecker, 146 U.S. 1, 35 (1892); see also Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98, 104 (2000).

“The Supreme Court of the United States has even noted that, ‘whatever provisions may be made by statute, or by the state constitution, to choose electors by the people, there is no doubt of the right of the legislature to resume the power at any time.’ McPherson, 146 U.S. at 35 (emphasis added, quoting with approval Sen. R., 1st Sess. 43rd Cong. No. 395); see also Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. at 104 (‘The State, of course, after granting the franchise in the special context of Article II, can take back the power to appoint electors’).

AZ “One significant common law principle is that actions taken as the result of fraud or illegality are void ab initio, and can be rescinded. See, e.g., United States v. Bradley, 35 U.S. 343, 360 (1836) (citing Pigot’s Case, 11 Co. Lit. 27b (1614)).

This principle has been applied to reverse a fraudulent election even after the election was certified and the illegally certified candidate was sworn in and sitting in the legislature. Marks v. Stinson, No. CIV. A. 93-6157, 1994 WL 47710, at *15-*16 (E.D. Pa. Feb. 18, 1994), vacated in part, 19 F.3d 873 (3d Cir. 1994), affirmed after remand, 37 F.3d 1487 (1994).

“That there is no process under current law for the Arizona Legislature to ‘decertify’ an election, does not mean that the Legislature cannot provide a remedy for outcome-determinative fraud and illegality in the conduct of the election, exercising powers it has directly from Article II of the federal Constitution, for as the Supreme Court stated in McPherson, ‘there is no doubt of the right of the legislature to resume the power [to appoint electors] at any time, for it can neither be taken away nor abdicated.’

“In the case of Maricopa, Pima and Yuma Counties, the fact that there is evidence showing illegal acts occurred, whether by intent or omission does not matter, the margin of error exceeds the margin of victory. If we are a nation governed by the ‘rule of law,’ as we so often espouse, then violations of the law must have consequences. In that regard, the 2020 General Election is irredeemably compromised, and it is impossible to name a clear winner of the contest.”

Text of HCR 2033 is available here.

Mark Finchem is a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives serving Legislative District 11, which includes portions of Pima and Pinal Counties. 


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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Highlights of Donald J. Trump Speech at January 2022 Arizona Rally

Selected Quotes From Our 45th President

“I ran twice, and I won twice. And we did better the second time.”

“Last year, we had a rigged election, and the proof is all over the place.”

“They always talk about the ‘big lie.’ They’re the Big Lie!…They are in the pocket of the radical left Democrats.”

“Biden has utterly humiliated our nation.”

“Under Biden’s policies America is now a laughingstock all over the world.”

“There’s nobody that can see the end of this crowd. That’s not somebody that lost an election.”

“I love Arizona. We had a tremendous victory in Arizona that was taken away. … We had a rigged election. … (The media) refuse to talk about it. The Big Lie is a lot of bull—-. That’s what it is.”

“We are going to take back the House, we are going to take back the Senate, and we are going to take back America.”

“And in 2024, we are going to take back the White House.”

“These crowds, you are a massive symbol of our presidential victory in 2020. People are hungry for the truth. They want their country back. I ran twice and we won twice. And we did better the second time.”

“Enough is enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

“We will stage a comeback the likes of which nobody has ever seen…Our country is going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before.”

Sheriff Office estimated almost 25 mile line of vehicles to get to Trump rally.

“Biden is disaster for this country. It’s not really sleepy Joe. It’s the cabal around him.”

“Now Democrats are forcing race-based preferential Covid treatments. This is not only anti-American, it is government tyranny.”

“We are witnessing cruelties that can be scarcely believed. Rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race…discriminating and denigrating white people to determine who lives and who dies.”

“In New York state, if you’re white, you have to go to the back of the line to get medical help. Think of it.” 

“The Supreme Court should intervene and shut down this flagrant civil rights violation immediately.” Somebody has to get to to the court immediately. Nobody wants this. Black people don’t want it. White people don’t want it. NOBODY WANTS IT.”

Hours before Trump’s arrival.

“I have a lot of respect for the President of Mexico. He may be a socialist but I like him.”

“In less than one year, Joe Biden and the radical Democrats have brought our country to the brink of ruin.”

“The woke executives…AT&T is saying they may no longer agree to carry this network (One America News) that’s doing very well.” 

“Maybe what we should do is not use AT&T. I’m not gonna use the word ‘boycott.’ I won’t say ‘boycott AT&T.’ I will not say ‘boycott them.'” 

“Our new slogan is Make America Great Again Again. We made America great, and I was gonna use that–I had a wonderful theme, it was Keep America Great. But America is not great now…They have to cheat to win elections.”

“The real insurrection took place on election day, November third.”

“They can’t win without doing a lot of bad things. That’s why the radical Democrats are also waging an unprecedented attack on voting rights.”

Regarding Capitol on January 6, 2021: “They never talk about the size of that crowd. They were there to protest the election.”

“Why did Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police reject the 10,000 National Guard troops or soldiers that I offered?”

“The guy who shot Ashli Babbitt for no reason…couldn’t get on TV fast enough.”

“January 6 has become the Democratic party’s excuse to justify an unprecedented attack on American liberties…they are being treated abusively in prison.”

“Why aren’t they doing that to Antifa, or Black Lives Matter?”

“Look at all those people up there,” Trump said, gesturing at the media section at the rally. “They came to your great state to say that nobody showed up for the rally!”

“We don’t talk about greatness anymore. We talk about the environment, about Covid, we talk about race.”

“You turn on the fake news at night, and see what they talk about. It’s just not possible.”

“I didn’t listen to (Anthony) Fauci’s suggestions when I didn’t agree with them…Biden’s made him the big person. He’s like the king, Fauci’s the king.”

“What they’re doing is incredible. They’ve taken away their dignity, they’ve taken away their liberties.”

“We all knew Joe Biden would be not so good. Few could imagine he would be such a disaster.”

“We’d never even heard the term supply change.”

“Biden has utterly humiliated our nation,” 

Note: President Trump will be holding his second “Make America Great Again” rally of 2022 in Conroe, Texas, a city in the Houston-metropolitan area.

Trump will speak to supporters at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe on Jan. 29, 2022. The rally will begin at 7:00 p.m. CST. Doors will open at 2:00 p.m. MST, and pre-speaker remarks will begin at 5:00 p.m. MST before Trump’s arrival.

Tickets for Trump’s Texas rally can be found HERE.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

186 State Legislatures Call For Forensic Audits of Corrupted 2020 Election

After More Than a Year of Additional Evidence, DC Continues Deep State Tactics

A year has gone by with more Deep State and media tactics destroying American freedoms, but in November at least 186 state legislators signed an open letter calling for “forensic audits” of the “corrupted 2020 election.”

They are urging states to decertify electors “where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.”

The letter, signed by lawmakers from 39 states, was circulated last week by Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers.

Senator Wendy Rogers

🔹In Pennsylvania, the state Senate announced they have hired Envoy Sage, an outside firm, to conduct an election investigation.

🔹Democrats and RINOS, under the guise of “privacy,” use the excuse that social security and driver’s license numbers can be collected and examined.

In October, only 92 senators had signed the original letter. By Thanksgiving the total more than doubled. Here are highlights of the letter:

It has come to our attention from an audit of 2.1 million ballots in Arizona complemented by an in-depth canvass of votes in Arizona, as well as through multiple different data reviews of voting by independent experts; that our representative republic suffered a corrupted 2020 election.

In addition to Arizona, sworn affidavits have accumulated from many states detailing rampant corruption and mismanagement in the election process. Fraud and inaccuracies have already been shown through multiple audits and canvasses in multiple states, as well as through lawsuits challenging the validity of election results in several counties in multiple states.

We have come to the conclusion that all 50 states need to be forensically audited. Voter rolls should be scrubbed with a canvass of the voters to ensure future integrity of our elections.

If results from these measures prove an inaccurate election was held, as has been shown in Arizona, and is being shown in many other states; then it is clear that certification of many electors was improperly rendered in January 2021 of the November 2020 United States presidential election.

The letter is addressed to “the citizens of the United States of America,” stating “our representative republic suffered a corrupted 2020 election.”

The legislators “call on each state to decertify its electors where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.”

If necessary, the legislators said, the U.S. House of Representatives should be prepared to “decide the rightful winner of the election.”

President Donald J. Trump has publicly endorsed Rogers, who supported the forensic audit in Maricopa County.

“Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is doing everything in her power to find out the truth of the 2020 Election, and to hold people accountable for Election Fraud in Arizona.” Trump said in a statement.

“Wendy is a MAGA warrior who loves our Country and listens to her constituents,” Trump continued. “She has a truly great fighting spirit, is strong on Law and Order, securing our Border, and gun rights. Wendy Rogers has my Complete and Total Endorsement for reelection to the Arizona State Senate because she FIGHTS!”

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

How Does the Voter Ballot Printing Company Fit Into the Arizona Audit Results?

Is There a Georgia Election Fraud Connection?

No investigation into election integrity and legalities in Arizona would be complete without taking a serious look into the ballot printing.

Arizona’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, requested more information from the Arizona Senate following the release of the report from the forensic audit in Maricopa County last week.


On Monday, Brnovich’s Election Integrity Unit sent a letter regarding the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County.

“The Arizona Senate’s report that was released on Friday raises some serious questions regarding the 2020 election,” Brnovich said. “Arizonans can be assured our office will conduct a thorough review of the information we receive.”

Maricopa County officials in Arizona failed to cooperate on crucial matters in the recent forensic election audit. Evidence was obviously removed or destroyed even prior to their subpoena.

According to “official” results, Joe Biden won over President Donald Trump statewide by only 10,457 votes.

However, the audit revealed serious questions on at least 57,722 ballots, more than five times that number.

Popular meme

🔹Tens of thousands of people voted from a prior address, which would technically invalidate the votes if the election law is enforced.

🔹10,342 voters potentially voted in more than one county.

🔹Over 9,000 more ballots were returned by voters than were sent out.

🔹In over 3,000 instances, the official results do “not match who voted.”

🔹There were 2,592 more duplicates than original ballots.

🔹There were 2,382 in person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County 29 days prior to the election.

🔹2,081 voters had moved out of state during the 29 days preceding the election.

🔹Hundreds of votes were cast by people who were not part of the official precinct register, or returned by mail from people who had not been sent ballots.

The ballots in Maricopa County were printed by Runbeck Election Services in Phoenix, Arizona, but many questions remain about these particular ballots.

Kevin Runbeck

Who filed a U.S. Patent Application for a computer system for “on-screen ballot duplication” to be used for “generating a revised ballot”?

According to application # 20190311030, Kevin Runbeck did:

Kevin Runbeck is Chairman and owner of Runbeck Election Services.

Stunningly, government records indicate Brian Runbeck, who worked for the ballot printing company,  was a prolific monetary contributor (over 50 times in 2020) to Act Blue, Biden for President and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Rey Valenzuela, Maricopa County elections director has a curious relationship to Kevin Runbeck, owner of the printing company. Even other


(Note: The reference by Valenzuela has been taken down from the Runbeck website.)

Sworn Testimony

When Rudy Giuliani and Arizona state legislatures held public hearings regarding the Maricopa County election fraud of November 2020, among the most compelling sworn testimonies came from elections witness Jan Bryant.

Her testimony coincided with others and may explain Arizona audit director Ken Bennett’s later revelation that Dominion Voting Systems had refused to comply with a subpoena to turn over passwords to its Maricopa County voting machines.

During the hearing on November 30, 2020, Bryant testified under oath that not even county IT staff were allowed access to the machines.

Bryant witnessed Dominion employees with a laptop computer in the counting room during the six days she worked at the Maricopa County Election Center.

During questioning by Republican state Rep. Mark Finchem, Bryant said there were daily election ballot deliveries to the center by Runbeck Election Services. According to witness testimony, these deliveries happened from Nov. 3 to at least Nov. 10.

Repeated explanations by supervisors at that time was that “Runbeck has high speed scanners,” Bryant said. She was told the ballots were scanned offsite by Runbeck and then delivered to the Maricopa County Election Center.

Transcript Quotes from Bryant’s testimony:

Jan Bryant: …ten days before they quit tabulating they thought they were done. And then more truck loads of ballots would come in. And I’m like, how can you not know how many ballots are still out there.

State House Rep. David L. Cook: Mr. Chairman I’m sorry. WOULD YOU REPEAT THAT. They thought they were done, and then there was WHAT?

Jan Bryant: They thought they were done multiple times. Multiple times the people that were running the rooms thought they were done (counting ballots), or almost done. Or were gonna be done Wednesday morning (Nov. 4th), then Thursday morning (Nov. 5th), then Friday morning. Then it went on the whole next week. And I’m like, I asked the question, You don’t know how many ballots are still left to come in? I don’t know who does, again…process…project management, but zero.

State House Rep. Mark Finchem: On that point Ma’am, I’m tracking with you but, what day did the truck show up?

Jan Bryant: Every day, yeah, every day.

Mark Finchem: OK. Just a minute. I want to make sure we capture this properly. So there were trucks that showed up on the 3rd, and then the 4th, and then the 5th, and how long did that go on. How many days?

Jan Bryant: I wasn’t there the whole last week. My last day was the 10th and they were still coming in. They were coming from a company called Runbeck, that does the high speed scanning and printing of duplications, and I think the military ballots. And now I’m getting out of my comfort level here talking about this. I don’t know what they are doing but those ballots are coming in from a high speed scanning company called Runbeck that…. apparently you haven’t heard of Runbeck.

Mark Finchem: No, I’ve heard of Runbeck Ma’am. What I’m trying to figure out is whether they printed them or if they scanned them. And if they scanned them offsite, to what purpose?

Jan Bryant: I can’t tell you.

Mark Finchem: Wasn’t that your job to scan them? I mean, not your job, but the (MCTEC).

Jan Bryant: No, all the high speed scanning happens at Runbeck. So, those ballots go to Runbeck. As far as I know there were no observers there. I don’t know. I never got called to work at Runbeck. That’s all I can tell you.

Mark Finchem: No that’s fine. Your observation is useful here. What you’re telling me is the scanning wasn’t actually done on site at a Maricopa County structure. It was done someplace else.

Jan Bryant: Where they have very high speed scanners.

Mark Finchem: Right now I really don’t care what the speed is. I want to know were they Dominion scanners?

Jan Bryant: No, no, I don’t think it has anything to do with Dominion.

Mark Finchem: I’m trying to understand what was the purpose of scanning them in advance of them being tabulated on the Dominion equipment.

Jan Bryant: They were duplicate, duplications. The ballots that wouldn’t read through the tabulation machines. They were ballots that came in from Military and overseas. But there were more ballots than that. So I don’t know where the rest of them were coming from. Because they kept bringing trays of them in. So I don’t know where they were coming from. That’s a question for the county employees to explain to you, where those ballots came from that whole next week. I don’t know where they came from.

Rudy Giuliani: So you were there from Nov. 3rd through the 10th. Seven days later (after election) ballots were still coming in.

Jan Bryant: Yes.

Rudy Giuliani: Were those ballots counted?

Jan Bryant: I watched them go through the tabulation machines. And I watched people working on the adjudication of those ballots.

Rudy Giuliani: And how many ballots…

Jan Bryant: Oh, I don’t know.

Rudy Giuliani: What was the largest number you saw in one day. Just a guess. How many cartons?

Jan Bryant: …there was usually 2 or 3 shifts. I wanna say one day they thought 90,000 was a good number, for a shift. And if they were running multiple shifts a day. It was somewhere between the 3rd and the 10th.

State House Rep. Bret Roberts: I am assuming these were not early ballots in any way shape or form. I’m just kind of curious, did anything stand out to you as far as these new ballots, didn’t know where they were coming from, as far as a physical appearance in any way?

Jan Bryant: No. Everything… they just looked like ballots. Just kept coming. They all came in the same bins.

Georgia Sworn Affidavits

Jim Suver is listed on Runbeck Election Services’ website as Vice President of Business Services.

“Jim leads Runbeck’s business development and strategic growth initiatives in all states and specific partner counties. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining strong governmental relationships. In the U.S. elections space, Jim is well-known for establishing and finding value in previously untapped markets. Jim has managed Runbeck’s expansion to 18 states and Washington DC.”

One of the expansion areas for Runbeck Services is Georgia. Of special note is their printing and involvement with the controversial Fulton County election of November 2020.

Judge Amero is a Democratic donor in Georgia, but sworn affidavits from actual election monitors compelled him to order ballot reviews.

According to RealClearInvestigations, (RCI) Fulton County poll manager Suzi Voyles testified she saw ballots marked for Joe Biden were suspiciously pristine and uniform while she was sorting through a large stack of mail-in ballots last November.

When Fulton County, Ga., poll manager Suzi Voyles sorted through a large stack of mail-in ballots last November, she noticed an alarmingly odd pattern of uniformity in the markings for Joseph R. Biden. One after another, the absentee votes contained perfectly filled-in ovals for Biden — except that each of the darkened bubbles featured an identical white void inside them in the shape of a tiny crescent, indicating they’d been marked with toner ink instead of a pen or pencil.

Adding to suspicions, she noticed that all of the ballots were printed on different stock paper than the others she handled as part of a statewide hand recount of the razor-thin Nov. 3 presidential election. And none was folded or creased, as she typically observed in mail-in ballots that had been removed from envelopes.

In short, the Biden votes looked like they’d been duplicated by a copying machine.

“All of them were strangely pristine,” said Voyles, who said she’d never seen anything like it in her 20 years monitoring elections in Fulton County, which includes much of Atlanta.

More poll workers in Fulton County swore in affidavits that they also observed fake-looking ballots in stacks of absentee ballots for Biden.

Robin Hall, a certified Fulton County recount observer, also testified she witnessed a number of boxes of absentee ballots marked “100% for Biden” that appeared to be “perfectly filled out as if they were pre-printed with the presidential candidate selected.”

She stated: “They did not look like a person had filled this out at home. All of them looked alike.”

Judy Aube also worked at the World Congress Center on Nov. 14 where she observed the same thing: “suspicious batches” of mail-in ballots for Biden whose markings appeared identical, as if they had been duplicated by a machine and not filled out by a voter at home.

Barbara Hartman, another election official auditor, also doubted the authenticity of absentee ballots she handled that she said were never folded, as would normally be the case for ballots returned in an envelope by mail or dropped in a box. “The absentee ballots looked as though they had just come from a fresh stack,” she swore in her affidavit. “I could not observe any creases in the ballots and [it] did not seem like they were folded and put into envelopes or mailed out.”

Also, “The majority of the mail-in ballots that I reviewed contained suspicious black perfectly bubbled markings for Biden,” Hartman stated, adding that “they looked as if they were stamped.”


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Arizona Senators Demand Maricopa Election Supervisors be Locked Up Until They Comply

State Senator Sonny Borrelli has officially requested that Arizona Attorney General Brnovich investigate the Maricopa County Supervisors and their non-compliance on the subpoenas that they have ignored.

Election Supervisors

State Senator Wendy Rogers has also called for the Arizona Senate to act by placing the Maricopa County Supervisors and certain Dominion Voting officials into custody.

Because they are responsible for ignoring the subpoenas, Rogers said they should be put in “solitary confinement in prison” until the Senate receives the articles they legally demanded are handed over. She referred to them as treasonists.

AG Brnovich is now required by state law to arrest them in order to force compliance. If they continue to disobey the law, he can lock them up until they provide the evidence they have been hiding.

The audit cannot be completed without it.

Borrelli said:

Today I submitted a request for the Arizona Attorney General to investigate the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for their failure to comply with subpoenas from the State Senate. The supervisors are acting as if they are above the law, and it is an insult to the citizens of our state.

President Fann has handled this process professionally and she has tried to be diplomatic while dealing with the attacks and insults from the Board. Enough is enough! The level of disrespect and contempt from the supervisors toward Senate leadership and Arizona voters is appalling. 

Yesterday the Board of Supervisors ignored the subpoena deadline and failed to provide the routers used in the November election. They failed to provide passwords and security keys required to access tabulation devices. They failed to provide splunk logs and similar data.

I respectfully request the attorney General investigate this clear violation of the law. Arizonans expect no less. 

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Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake Stands With Nurses Against Forced COVID Jabs Mandate

#joepags #karilake #arizona

Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake stood up with 5,000 nurses and employees at a rally against the Banner Healthcare system on July 28th.

Banner is imposing a mandate on all employees to get vaccinated with one of the three experimental Chinese Virus COVID jabs by November 1.

Here is Lake’s stance on the issue:

I think it is extremely wrong for the government, businesses, and schools to mandate this vaccine.

If the vaccine weren’t available and available to everyone, this would be different. But anyone concerned can protect themselves.

Anyone can go out and get the shot today.

They can get it free.

They can get it all over town in every community in the state. You can get it at a drive-up site, grocery store, pharmacies, and medical facilities.

Access to the vaccine is universal in this country.

Lake on the Joe Pags show.

And people have a responsibility to protect themselves — they DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to impose their choices on others.

I am completely against any mandate — especially one that costs someone an opportunity to further their education or earn a living.

And while I don’t have the authority at this time to stop this — as your Governor, I will absolutely seek to ban vaccine mandates across the board.

I encourage everyone concerned about this medical totalitarianism to contact Governor Ducey’s office IMMEDIATELY — and tell him to put an executive order right away protecting the medical privacy of all Arizonans in every field.

We must also urge him to lift the state of emergency in Arizona. As long as that is in effect, we are at risk of losing our rights, both medical rights and fundamental liberties.

My policy as Governor would be to educate the people of Arizona on any public health risks and then allow them to make the best choices to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses.

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Trump’s ‘Rally to Protect Our Elections’ Was Big Hit in Arizona

Tough on Gov. Ducey, Crowd Applaused Candidate Kari Lake

During President Donald J. Trump’s appearance at the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) event Saturday, he went after election fraud cheaters with a vengeance.

Supporters lined up early.

He was especially tough on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who didn’t fight for the auditing of ballots.

“I am not the one trying to undermine American democracy; I’m trying to save American democracy,” Trump said to enthusiastic applause of 5,000 citizens attended in the Arizona Federal Theatre.

“When I did rallies he always wanted to be in the front row. ‘Sir, can you mention my name please?’ Yeah I’ll mention. And I did these rallies, and he wasn’t very popular,” Trump revealed.

When Trump mentioned Ducey’s most formidable opponent in the race for governor, Kari Lake, she received an enormous ovation.

“Wow,” Trump responded. “This could be a big night for you.”

Lake condemned “backstabbing politicians who turned their backs on President Trump” the day after Election Day. 

State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, R-Scottsdale, who is running for secretary of state, ended her speech abruptly after the crowd booed her the entire time she was on stage. She has not been a viable supporter of protecting Arizona election laws.

Ugenti-Rita booed.

“The facts are coming out. The truth is being uncovered and the crime of the century is being fully exposed,” Trump stated.

“We will fight for truth, transparency and accountability, and we will not stop until we have restore out American birthright of honest, free and fair elections,” Trump’s speech began.

“You are the pulse of our movement. So true, and you are the ones who will Make America Great Again.”

Turning Point USA, hosting the event, is a young conservative group.

“We’re gathered here in Phoenix to show our support for election integrity and for the brave and unyielding conservative warriors in the Arizona State Senate — thank you,” Trump said. “They’ve created a movement all over the country.”

The 45th President also was quick to praise and spotlight several Arizona Republicans who are quickly gaining national recognition for their willingness to fight for election integrity and for the completion of the long-awaited Arizona Audit.

Trump singled out several state senators for praise, including Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, and state Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert. 

“She’s been brave. She’s been strong,” Trump said of Fann. “And I predict when the votes come in … I think they are going to be so horrible that she’s going to go three steps further than she ever thought she’d have to. Because they will be, in my opinion, and again I’m not involved, they’re involved, this is the Arizona State Senate, I think the results are going to be so outrageous … that they are going to go many steps further than they would have.”

President Trump said that he had not met the majority of those fighting for the Arizona Audit until today, something he chastised the media for incorrectly reporting.

He also spent time acknowledging and thanking Wendy Rogers, Kelly Townsend, and Sonny Borrelli:

Wendy Rogers

“You knew the answer early on, Wendy, we’re waiting for the results, but you knew the answer.”

Kelly Townsend

“Kelly has to get a special: Really Great. Wendy, Kelly, Borrelli, really great. I wouldn’t want to fight you.”

“I like that. Wendy, you know, we just have a new one: Wendy, Kelli, and Borrelli. That’s going to be a very famous statement someday I suspect.” 

Kelli Ward

“Republican Party Chairwoman, somebody that has tremendous courage, I will tell you, somebody that has been fighting so long and so hard, and she never stops. Some people love her, some people don’t like her as much, I happen to love her. But she is, she’s really a fighter, and she fights your governor who doesn’t do a damn thing. He doesn’t do a damn thing. Chairwoman Kelli Ward!”

“I called up Kelli recently, I said, why wouldn’t the governor want an audit? It shows, you know, maybe everything will prove to be correct, which we know won’t happen,” Trump continued.

“Joe Biden and the radical Democrats are wrecking our nation,” Trump said. “I don’t even believe it’s him. I don’t think Joe knows where the hell he is.”

“Mitch McConnell, the old crow,” Trump said about the Senate Minority Leader.

Trump commented about how his endorsement of McConnell, only for the then-Senate Majority Leader to later blame Trump for the violence on January 6.

“He was two down, and he was gonna get blown away… and then he got up and said the nastiest things about me. That’s the way politics is, I guess,” Trump said. “You know you endorse somebody…it’s one of those things,”

“In my opinion, there’s no way they win elections without cheating,” Trump said of Democrats.

Trump made 14 visits to Arizona as a presidential candidate between 2015 and 2020 to historical record breaking crowds. Last year, the longest Trump Train caravan ever, was over 94 miles long circling Phoenix.

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