JackNotes: Productivity Habits

JackNotes are quick summaries of notes I’ve taken from books, conferences, classes and life experiences.

Productivity Habits

Twice, Then Quit

  • When you want to quit working for the first time, don’t. Push through and work some more
  • The second time you want to quit, also don’t quit. Push through again
  • The third time you want to quit, go ahead and quit

Eliminate Starting Procrastination

  • Get yourself to start to work earlier
  • Think about the top thing that you want to get done every single day. Then, every day, track what time you started that activity

Plan When Stuck

  • Ask yourself if you know exactly what you should be doing next. If you don’t, set a clock for thirty minutes, and begin planning
  • Start with a long term vision. Give your brain the freedom to unload everything it’s got and curate later
  • The goal isn’t to figure out the one true path to success, but rather to understand what you’re up against. It’s this context that allows you to look at your immediate todo items and choose the best, or one of the best, to attack next
Live in Quadrant II.

Rating Your Day

  • Every night before bed, rate your day on a scale from 1-10
  • Rate yourself on how little time you wasted, rather than on raw productivity or output
  • Ratings help put slumps into context and motivate you to grind your way out, rather than feel helpless

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