Elvis Presley: Rare Shots From the 1970s

By 1970, Elvis Presley had revived his music career with record breaking live concerts in Las Vegas.

Colonel Tom Parker booked Elvis at Houston Rodeo for more shattered attendance records in the Astrodome.

Fueled with enthusiasm playing to live audiences and free from Hollywood movie contracts, Elvis wanted to get back to his roots: performing across the country so more fans would have the opportunity to see him live. He absolutely loved it.

Here are some not often seen photos of Elvis Presley during the 1970s:

I took this from first row, center stage at Hemisfair Arena in San Antonio. (Jack Dennis, August 1976)
The morning after I met and interviewed him in the wee hours of the night, Elvis was riding out of Graceland as I stood on the curb about 20 feet inside the gates. (Jack Dennis, 1976).
San Antonio (Jack Dennis, August 1976)


  1. Really cool Elvis shots…My eldest cousin (Carol) passed a few yrs ago. Just before tht, I asked her if she remembered the time she went to see Elvis (1970) Pittsburgh, Civic Arena & I did not hav ticket money. She sent me a pic of her $10 seat!


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