Enlightened Patriots Are Surviving the Greatest Psychological Warfare in Human History

If you understand what’s going on and didn’t take the poison, you have survived the greatest psychological warfare in human history.

Do you realize how much time, resources, money and effort they put into this?

They have tried to manipulate, brainwash and force you. They have been trying to scare you. Attempted to make you feel guilty.

They tried to bribe you with gifts. They tried to confuse you and question your reality, and also your sanity.

They tried to make you abandon your principles, your morals and your values. They even managed to turn your loved ones and friends against you.

Almost everyone fell for it. But not you. You never gave up on yourself. You stood up for yourself. Against all odds.

You rose like a Phoenix in the night and entered into your own full power. You are the best. Stay that way.

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  1. Yes, it’s been two years of intense brain-washing by our government elites and I didn’t drink the water. God gave me a mind and critical thinking skills (no longer taught in our public schools).

    Another good book (in addition to the Fauchi book by Robert Kennedy Jr) about the fiasco is “A Plague Upon Our House” by Scott W. Atlas, MD. He worked in the White House at the end of President Trump’s term (too bad he wasn’t there at the beginning when the Fauchi/Birx bureaucrats began to dismantle our freedom.) This eyewitness account describes how the left-leaning press and politics were the engine that ran this pandemic and still continue to do so…. (at least in left-leaning blue states). Wake up America!

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  2. * * * STILL STANDING STRONG! * * *

    Too many in HEB with the stupid masks on. By my count, about 50%.

    Not sure what is keeping them tethered to all the sham propaganda.

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  3. HEB product deliveries indicates that People are giving in to the new system of control and the expectation of more bio chem weapons on citizens.

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