Professor Explains COVID ‘Vaccine’ Fallacy Big Pharma Tries to Hide

“You will get COVID-19 symptoms from getting the gene therapy passed off as a vaccine,” Dr. David Martin warns the public. “You will get COVID symptoms from that 80% of the time. If you’re exposed to SARS-CoV-2 according to RT-PCR, 80% of the time, you will have no symptoms at all.”

Big Pharma companies are not jabbing anyone with “vaccines” to fight COVID according to more doctors and scientists coming out after two years of public persecution. These mRNA injections are gene therapy. Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson, Moderna and the propaganda presents the shots as a way to teach your body to fight this virus when it comes around.

“Their clinical trial didn’t include any of that as even a possibility within the clinical trial,” the reknown professor exposes. “The clinical trial did not measure the presence or absence of a virus or a virus fragment. The clinical trial did not measure the possibility of transmission suppression, the clinical trial didn’t measure any of those things. This is a case of misrepresentation of technology and it’s done exclusively so that they can get themselves under the umbrella of public health laws that exploit vaccination.”

What Martin reveals is that the truth these honest scientists and doctors present is different from what most of the public heard in the mainstream news, press releases from Big Pharma and some federal agencies.

“That’s because people aren’t reading the actual clinical trials,” Martin explains. “If you read the clinical trials, nothing that I’m saying is even remotely different. As a matter of fact, the companies themselves have said what I’m saying.”

“They said, they could not test for the existence or absence of the virus and they could not test for the transmissivity because they said it would be impractical,” he continued. “The companies themselves have admitted to every single thing I’m saying but they are using the public manipulation of the word ‘vaccine‘ to co-opt the public into believing they’re getting a thing, which they are not getting.”

Dr. David Martin

“This is not going to stop you from getting Coronavirus,” Martin noted. “It’s not going to stop you from getting sick. In fact, on the contrary, it will make you sick far more often than the virus itself.”

“The data shows that for people receiving by the time they got the second shot, 80% of people had one or more clinical presentations of COVID-19, 80% of people who have an infection according to RT-PCR have no symptoms at all.”

Explaining these shots are gene manipulation, “it’s a gene therapy technology,” Martin said. “That’s Moderna’s own definition. Let’s stick with what they say they are. The benefit is non-existent. A human being is going to be potentially exposed to unclassified, both short-term and long-term risks of altering their RNA and DNA from exposure to this gene therapy.”

“This is important to understand,” he continued. “There is no clinical benefit except that in certain instances of CoV infection and/or COVID-19 exposure, there were a few. By that, I mean less than a few hundred out of nearly 40,000 in the clinical trial.”

“A few hundred people had a few days less severe symptoms with the gene therapy when compared to the other control group,” Martin said. “Even in that comparison, if you look at the methodology that’s in the published papers for the clinical trials, they play games with the data because what they’re doing is, they’re separating reactivity, meaning the way in which a person responds to being exposed to the gene therapy, they separate out adverse events from actual COVID symptoms.”

“The problem is that COVID symptoms include things like fever, body ache, muscle pain, muscle weakness and things like that. They got rid of a lot of what would have been considered to be COVID symptoms by calling them adverse events. If you pull that data out and you say, ‘Compare the population that got the gene therapy with the population that didn’t get the gene therapy.’ The population that got the gene therapy had way more illness, including COVID-19 symptoms, than the population that didn’t get the gene therapy but because they classified an enormous number of things as adverse events, they technically wiggled themselves into what was this ridiculous 90% plus effectiveness. Effectiveness was not effective in blocking illness. It was effective in allegedly shortening the duration of symptoms.”


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  1. I believe that Dr. McCullough said that the vaccine is causing more spike proteins than the virus itself would. Looking just now, I instantly was presented a search result of Dr. McCullough’s concerns, and 2nd in the results was a Fact Check by a non-Doctor saying that Dr. McCullough was wrong and the Fact Checker presents a series of comments that are as unsubstantiated as he claims of Dr. McCullough’s concerns, but the Fact Checker presents his comments as Fact. It’s hilarious.

    If using DuckDuckGo they honor switches. Search for:

    Dr. McCullough Vaccine Spike Proteins -Fact

    The topic and loss of lives to the vaccine are not funny, the Serious Adverse Effects are not funny. But the superficial presentation of Data by Fact Checkers is. Dr. David Martin is presenting findings that support Dr. McCullough’s concerns, yet, to the regulatory agencies, they remain blissfully ignorant of these very valid concerns and findings.

    Great Article.

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