Improve by Over Responding

One of the most powerful things you can do to be irresistibly attractive is to evolve.

You must get out of your comfort zone to evolve.  You can’t evolve unless you change.

Learn to over respond, and you will become more successful, happy and agreeable to the process and opportunities of creating a more attractive and fulfilling life.

Overreact = nipping a problem in the bud.

Over respond = getting to the root of the problem to find the right opportunity.

Growing up, we are told and learn to stifle our emotions, suck it up, and be “in control.”

But having natural upset feelings (and responses to immediate stimuli) are powerful and extremely valid teachers. 

By learning to stifle our feelings we can lose track of the full measure of our feelings and other learnings. We can cultivate internal numbness that gets in the way of our minds and bodies. This blocks off self-knowledge. Knowing yourself is key to evolving.

Learning the fine art of over responding will make you handle problems in a different, more effective and lasting way. You will act on things sooner and you will head off lots of potential problems or misunderstandings.

It’s not unusual that we have a tendency to come up against the same situations and problems over and over again, like a merry-go-round that keeps yelling “Did you get the message yet? OK. Here it comes again. Did you get it this time?”

As life moves forward it’s critical and powerful for you to begin trusting your intuition. That involves investing some trust in yourself. There has to be some willingness to make some mistakes as you grow.

Making significant changes in your life—instead of just reacting—is how you demonstrate that you’ve gotten life’s message and are ready to stop taking the test. It shows you are operating in the present.

A new and more powerful way: Five choices.

When faced with a difficult situation, most of us look for two or three options. But there are at least five options for every situation. You may need to think creatively and even consider the kind of things that would normally make you say, “I couldn’t do that!”

The other options are there. Every time.

Otherwise, you’re going to keep applying the same solutions and arriving at the same old results.

Honor yourself with more vigor.

Never decide. Let your body choose for you.

We are so conditioned to “live inside our heads” to value the mind, that most of us stop hearing the messages our bodies gave us. But body responses are often a whole lot more eloquent, and straight to the point than the mental processes.

There is a lot more cells in your whole body than in your brain. They know more about you, as a totality, than your brain does. And they work in simpler, more direct ways. All you need is enough trust in your feelings, as expressed through your body, to let them guide you.

Trust yourself to your body. It knows, and it communicates what it knows. It’s a very smart evolutionary step to start listening to physically felt messages.

Become extremely curious about your reactions.

The last time you got frightened or angry, did you ask yourself, “Why did I get so scared or ticked off?”

Most of us are so busy reacting and justifying that it’s an unfamiliar step and a big change to look beyond that reaction into who we are and why our collection of mental habits makes us react in a certain way.

Rather than trying to stop your reactions, why not let them play out?

Then, use them as a way to get to know yourself a lot better. We all react for great reasons. Stop repressing your reactions long enough to find out what they mean.

“Beware the fury of the patient man.” Because the patient man might be keeping his anger bottled up, which is really a lack of an important social skill.

Like a new dance step, over responding means discovering new steps (and choices in action that are available), even though they might not be apparent at the moment. It feels mechanical at first but then becomes integrated and natural.

Make over responding a personal strategy.

If you’re alive, creativity interests you—especially your own creativity.

Becoming creative is how you over respond. Make it your personal strategy and work it!

When something throws you off, or so way impresses you with its singularity or significance, ask yourself “What is a great way to over respond?”

It’s a creative exercise that is a powerful venue for attracting success. You will develop a healthy admiration for your own creativity. You will develop a skill-set that’s invaluable at untying the knots in problem situations.

Stop spending time with reactors or non-responders.

Some people are an emotional meltdown waiting to happen. Others are just numb and could barely care less. They are stuck!  They want you to share all of the jokes and inside stories they regularly use to validate themselves and the idea that they are really going nowhere.

Don’t join them.

Over responding is a progressive way to learn and to advance yourself. Seek out others on a similar path of being open to fresh approaches and new possibilities. They are the best people to be around because they can be supportive as you learn the best ways for you to over respond and evolve.

Turn every problem into a non-recurring event.

Don’t be a slave to the obvious ways when you face an event or problem. Think of methods to over respond in different ways. The discoveries you will make about yourself and life could make the biggest difference in yourself.

When you over respond, you use whatever happened, good or bad, and you evolve yourself significantly —even beyond the problem itself… You use it as an excuse to make vast improvements in your life, standards and practices.

Evolve, don’t just improve.

Improve = doing something smarter or better. Respond and problem solving.

Evolve = fundamentally and permanently change a part of who you are.  Over responding and becoming a problem-free zone is evolving.

Don’t be a dinosaur. Fundamentally change…big time!

Get rid of waste. Increase value.

Over respond immediately, not gradually.

Don’t be rash or anything less than thoughtful in how you pursue progress, but as you develop your over responding muscle give it plenty of room to flex itself.  It strengthens the body-to-mind connection.

Experiment with over responding radically. Bypass your normal process of decision making. See what you can learn from it. Eventually, you will start over responding without having to think about it, navigating your way to new levels of success.


  1. Aww – so happy for you – Enjoy every moment in those gorgeous surroundings! Thanks for your kind words. Be proud of having over responded. 🌅🌺

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