Remain Calm, Trust in God, and For Sure Vote in Person

Blessed with good mentors in life, I’m grateful to carry their wisdom within me. They’ve been especially useful this year.

In early June of 2020 Dodie and I decided we had enough of the bad news spewing out of broadcast and social media.

Long before President Donald Trump’s presidency, I had lost faith in most American news outlets. They have lost integrity over the years—far from the way my Texas State University professors Jeff Henderson and David Yates taught in the late 1970s.

Old Main

I enjoyed a last conversation with Jeff, in Old Main, the castle-like building setting atop the hill in San Marcos. We were in his office and I felt privileged to be back at the Journalism Department, but this was destined to be an especially memorable visit. I wanted to thank him as I had on the dozen or so times I returned to say hi since 1978.

“Jack, I’ve been teaching university level journalism for almost 35 years,” he said. “In all that time, you remain the most talented investigative reporter of my students. We’ve had exceptionally good students come through here, but you just instinctively caught on and blew us away.”

I teared up. He laughed, patted me on the back, then hugged me. We shook hands and said our goodbyes. He would pass away a few years later, in 2009.

There are still good political reporters out there. Susan A. Carter, Sharyl Attkisson and John Solomon are my current favorites. Honest ones, those who have not sold their souls to indoctrination, are rare.

As Dodie and I talked things over, we decided not to trust the news and go see for ourselves. The result was a 32 day roadtrip through 14 states and Washington D.C.. The result? The media had been lying or drastically imbellishing.

Everyone and every place (with the exception of St. Louis and Austin) was nothing as media portrayed. There were good and decent Americans out there all saying the same thing. It was clear we had been media scammed through the Russia-Spy-Dossier-Kavanaugh-Impeachment Gates.

Our confidence in Americans continue to soar. Since our return home to Texas in July, the momentum has spread through Trumptillas (boat parades) and Trump Trains (road caravans) in all 50 states. Hard as they try, the media can’t dim this patriotic power and energy.

Ralph Mehringer, the vice president of Facility Alliance (construction, engineering, planning, maintenance, energy and all things related) at H-E-B Food and Drugs based out of San Antonio, was my boss (1984-2006) and an important mentor.

He taught me to be calm in a storm. Afterall, he had been a Navy pilot on aircraft carriers and a candidate to be one of America’s first Mercury astronauts.

“If you’re going into battle be prepared and be calm,” Ralph said before the half-witted days of political correctness. “Pilots know the plan for any contingency. Make being calm your instinct, not your default. Have no fear. Trust in your God.”

So how do Dodie and I handle the pandemic, the media, and the threat of socialism?

We remain calm, trust in God, and for sure will vote in PERSON.

A few years ago, another facility guy, Pat Griffith, took a liking to me. He was over maintenance at Southwest Research Institute, an important science and innovation center in San Antonio.

In December 2016, Pat gave me a book for Christmas. It was Jesus Always, Embracing Joy in His Presence by Sarah Young.

Pat inscribed it:


I have enjoyed our visits so much and I admire your ability to retain such a positive attitude and love of God thru all the adversity you have had to experience.

Although it was God who has lead you through this day, my hope is with Jesus always you will feel the daily comfort, peace & security you deserve–

Always, Pat

Sarah Young, the author of several popular devotionals, says her writing is “from the perspective of Jesus speaking” and is “consistent with Biblical truth.”

This evening Dodie read aloud the devotional for October 5th.

“Even though this was for four years ago today, listen how relevant this is now.”

Knowing my favorite Bible verse is Psalm 46:10—“Be Still and Know That I Am God—she get’s excited to share with me anything about giving it to God and being calm.

My favorite verse hangs near my bed.

This is the devotional she read.

I WANT YOU TO HAVE NO FEAR of bad news. The only way to accomplish this feat is to have a steadfast heart, trusting in Me.

There is an abundance of bad news in the world, but you don’t need to be afraid of it.

Instead, confidently rely on Me—believe in Me. Find encouragement in My sacrificial death on the cross and My miraculous resurrection. I, your living Savior, am Almighty God! I am sovereign over global events; I am still in control.

When things around you or in the world seem to be spinning out of control, come to Me and pour out your heart.

Instead of fretting and fuming, put your energy into praying. Come to Me, not only for comfort but also for direction; I will help you find the way forward. Moreover, I take your prayers into account as I govern your planet—in ways far, far beyond your understanding.

Don’t dread bad news or let it spook you. Instead, keep your heart steadfast and calm through confident trust in Me.

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8 thoughts on “Remain Calm, Trust in God, and For Sure Vote in Person

  1. I’m generally a, “Let go & Let God” kind of girl, but sometimes a person will irritate me and it just feels good to be pissed off. (Probably emotionally psychotic PMS episodes). I will check out the book… Getting so worked up is never necessary!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. While Sarah. young is very popular her books and perceptions about Jesus cannot be trusted… the words she places as coming from Our Lord are certainly not his. They are HERS. My prayer for you is that the Lord will provide you clarity on this, and give you discernment … just ask Him for it. Blessings…. may y’all have continued safe and meaningful travels.


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