United America Remembers–Hillary Clinton: ‘We’re All Going to Hang From Nooses’

Does America’s Silent Majority have the might and determination to beat George Soros owned politicians, embedded Deep State operatives and the mainstream media in the fight for our country?

It is the question of our time.

The answer looks promising.

Bikers and boaters, police and fire, farmers and truckers, active military and dutiful veterans, along with millions of grassroots Trump Train caravan paraders, are welcoming citizens of all ages, creeds and color in their determination to save America.

It’s the epic fight for our freedoms.

Billionaire George Soros and his fellow Democracy Alliance billion-millionaire partners have left a trail of corroboration as long as the list of media lies and distortions over the last fifteen years. Their results have been crushing nations around the world. They’ve honed their skills.

The United States of America has been in their sites since at least 2005 and they’ve been horribly successful.

Will Trump Be Our Last True President? Click here.

They have over 30 well organized and funded socialist organizations working around the clock to destroy and take over America. Here’s examples of their agenda and the organizations in operation:

Pressuring Elected Officials (Townhall Project, Daily Action…)

Messaging/Media Monitoring (Media Matters for America, Priorities USA, Progress Now…)

(Center of Community Change, MoveOn…).

(ACLU, Brennan Center for Justice…)

Electoralizing the Groundswell (America Votes, Swing Left…)

Protecting Direct Democracy
(Ballot Initiative Strategy Center)

The Soros Group, along with China, have successfully penetrated our government, politics, media, universities, sports, entertainment and other institutions.

More of us now understand what that now famous October 17, 2016 email sent to Donna Brazile from Hillary Clinton meant. Referring to Donald Trump and the election, Clinton typed:

“If that f**kin bastard wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses! You better fix this sh*t!”

Fortunately, Trump won.

As millions of enlightened Americans “walkaway,” caravan, sail and cruise to President Trump’s America First results, it appears the symbolic nooses could be tightening.


  1. Thank you so much for this truthful blog, Texas Jack! Keep up the awesome posts! If, by some fraction of a chance the Dems win by cheating, I’m afraid that you, me, all of us Trump supporters will be in grave danger! Kamala Harris’ “Vengeance of a Nation” speech really has me concerned!

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