How US Leaders Failed America by Their Illegal Border Inaction

So, what do American’s get from their leaders by allowing Title 42 to discontinue?

Illegal immigrants, by the numbers, invading our country:


Here are FIVE REASONS our politicians shamely did not save Title 42:


Woah!!!! Whistleblower account of Obama, Holder, Biden friend and Jan. 6 judge Emmet Sullivan:


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  1. Good reporting Jack and Dodie. Everyone is ignoring the elephant in the den; following made up scandals and investigations. The real reason the Dems ended the law was to gain enough illegals into the country with hopes that they can give them citizenship that allows them to vote. When that happens, there will never be conservatives elected to any office in this land. The dems will own our political system through massive numbers of voters, who will likely be on public assistance and will be un-officially be required to vote democratic in order to receive those benefits. There is only so many construction jobs and yard maintenance companies, and the invaders have very few skills and no education. Americans will be kicked to the curb because the criminals will suck our services dry and there will be less for our citizens. That, my friend in the real reason behind this fiasco. Our government is beyond help from corruption, on both sides, so we can’t expect them to help.

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