Chemistry Teacher Arrested for Immorally Grooming Teen for Sexual Purposes

In the year of 2022, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children accounts almost 350 Kindergarten through 12th grade educators being apprehended for child sex offenses. There is an urgent necessity to act and protect our young generations from such hazardous predators.

Take the case of Jesse Webb, a 44-year-old chemistry teacher at Kentlake High School located in Kent, Washington.

Webb in court

He has been arrested and indicted for communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Webb initiated conversations with a 15-year-old female student he was teaching, eventually grooming and pressuring her to the point of causing suicidal thoughts.

According to the court documents, Webb first communicated with the student over Instagram in October 2022, telling her that she looked ‘hot’ while wearing certain garments and expressing that he missed her.

The communication gradually escalated to him calling her ‘babe’ and ‘cupcake’ and bluntly expressing his wish to have sexual relations with her.

The victim said that he would kiss her on the neck and hug her behind the school and tell her that he loved her.

To the girl’s horror, Webb allegedly spread out his grooming tactics even further by giving her gifts and ordering her to deny any knowledge of the relationship if confronted.

Unable to cope with the teacher’s ongoing abuse, the victim contacted the County Police in November 2022 and reported the grooming while mentioning her suicidal thoughts.

Webb has resigned from the school effectively but will still be receiving pay until August 18, 2023.

Webb pleaded innocent in court on May 18. The courts issued an “order of no contact” with the victim and all minors.

This story discusses suicide. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please contact the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).



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  1. The parents of this teenage girl need to get really angry and be proactive. It’s obvious the justice system in Washington state is anything but just and will do absolutely nothing to help this girl who was pushed to the brink of suicide by her sexual deviant/predator teacher.
    Sick to my stomach right now.

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  2. I’m Catholic, Byzantine Catholic, and have long noticed that the media was obsessed on reporting pedophile priests while ignoring pedophile everything else, Teachers, Actors, Politicians, and more. In addition, rabbis and ministers are also guilty of pedophilia. As individuals, we must be aware of and against these assaults against children. Regardless if this individual was successful in having sexual contact with the victim, her bold action of contacting the police shows how much harm the situation had done to her, and likely will, or may, change the course of her life, possibly for the worse (the psychological damage).

    Children are exploited because they are inexperienced, and this push for the sexualization of children underscores a point concerning transgendering. If they are not old enough to be sexually active with an adult (they aren’t) then they are not old enough to decide if they want to be a gender other than the one they were born as. This includes the dispensing of clothing designed to hide gender specific features, or even worse, with the dispensing of hormones and medications without the parents permission as is being proposed in some states. Essentially, Hormones and Medications can cause serious health issues, from anaphylaxis to strokes, cancer, etc., and some issues run in families, and having input from parents is the only sane way to prescribe. One should not take hormones and medications without an awareness of various factors, and those factors may involve knowledge of other family members that reacted to specific hormones and medications.

    My intent is not to slam adults that are Transgendered, adults can make choices for themselves, but my point is that children are indeed too young to make these choices.

    Another point is that we were lulled into thinking we were safe if our children weren’t around Catholic priests. Nothing could be father from the truth. Without quoting statistics of pedophile religious leaders, allow me to reassure everyone that the rate in non-Catholic faiths is much higher than most would realize. Yet we need to be aware that it may occur in a variety of circumstances, educating children and giving them an avenue to report it may be the best method to prevent harm.

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