Whistleblower Account of Dangerous Judge Sullivan

Emmet Gael Sullivan will be 75 on June 4, 2022. He has been a judge serving on U.S. District Court of the Washington DC District since being appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994.

One of his most notable cases he presided over was in 2015, involving Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was serving as Obama’s Secretary of State.

Sullivan also presided over Judicial Watch v. IRS, relating to weaponizing the IRS against Obama’s political enemies and the deletion of IRS email records pertaining to their own Lois Lerner (2014 and 2013).

He decides what happens to some of those incarcerated at the Washington DC jail for January 6, 2021 breeches at the US Capitol.

Arguably, the most controversial case involving Sullivan,who fought against General Mike Flynn every step of the way, was during the Flynn trial against the USA. After two years arguing against Sullivan and the DOJ, prominent attorney Sidney Powell took over Flynn’s case and won.

Powell, Flynn

Part 3-Whistleblower: Judge Emmet Sullivan and Joe Biden

“We’re gonna ask you what you can tell us about Judge Sullivan and his affiliations and pedophilia allegations,” the interviewer asked whistleblower Ryan D. White.

“I met Gale Sullivan, Jr., the judge in the General Flynn case,” White replied. “He’s disgusting. He’s a known pedophile, a friend of Biden’s. He’s the one that owned the homes that Biden used for his (inaudible).”

“Sullivan likes young girls. He has abused his granddaughter for years. When she got older he lost interest, and she actually dated her own father intimately. He took her to her proms, things like that. She bragged about it online. I have all those records. She bragged on Facebook and things about dating her father, and he was really good and, you know, very generous and all this stuff.”


“But both the father and son are vehement racists.They don’t like black people. They think black people bring them down, they make them look bad, because they’re so good and the other people are terrible.  That’s why they like ripping off Howard University, because it’s not gonna do them any good anyway, you know, they’re nobody.”

“It’s a strange concept to me anyway.
But he — Sullivan, the judge — when the granddaughter was younger, she was on Skype in her bedroom this is one of the videos I’ve seen — she was on Skype in her bedroom — and this was when Skype was fairly new — and she heard him coming and jumped in the bed.”

“He didn’t know it was on. Like I said, it wasn’t common at the time. She was talking to one of her friends. So, he comes in and abuses her. He gets in her bed and she’s performing oral sex on him, and he’s, you know, mildly abusive, I guess. He says
‘Do like I told you, not like this.’ Ugh.
So, but, what he wasn’t aware of is that other people were seeing this, because it scared the children on the
other end of the Skype, so someone got their parents.”

“There was nothing they could do.· They didn’t discuss it. Some of them will discuss it — they actually witnessed it as it was happening — because they don’t like it. So, if somebody were to offer them something decent, they would come forward with what they saw.”

INTERVIEWER: “One of the families screen-recorded this? Is that what you believe happened?” 

“Somebody has a recording of it because I’ve seen the recording,” White acknowledged. “I don’t know which (inaudible) was made, I don’t know which family recorded it — but they were able to do so.”

“So, there is a tape of it, and you can clearly see him when he walks in,” White continued. “That’s him. The poor child has never known anything but hell. She — like I said, they’re racist, him and his son, and they told her she was nothing but garbage her entire life, to the point where she has hurt herself trying to lighten her skin.
And if you see her online, she’s actually changed her appearance, lightened her skin so much she looks Asian, ’cause she doesn’t want to be black, because they’ve always told her that was horrible, horrible, horrible.”

“…She looks Asian. And that’s because of the abuse, the continuous abuse from all of them and what they
had told her, she was worthless. So, yeah. That’s how Judge Sullivan is.”

“As I said, he owned the homes that he allowed this to take place in, and other people would visit, and people would go to the shore, go to the beach, and that was the code. He had three or four of them that Biden would use, all basically the same, single-family homes, large, two-car garages that could be closed, and the child normally in there.”

INTERVIEWER: “And you said Judge Sullivan offered his granddaughter to Biden and Biden turned this down?”

“Yeah. Biden doesn’t like black people at all, but especially black girls he has no interest in. He’s a racist. He’s a turd.”

“There was an incident where it was reported that it was the judge’s son, Sullivan’s son, where he had raped the granddaughter — his daughter — and raped her very bad. She had to go to the hospital. There are hospital records for this.”

“And there was another girl present there at the same time. There was actually two — well, it wasn’t the son. This was — it was actually the judge who did it. He had raped them both and got very violent and left the girls
on the floor, didn’t care.”

“But it was Biden and — who had, you know, basically told him — he was like ‘You know, I don’t want this crap around here,’ too close to exposing him. So, he — the judge, who had committed the rape, got his son to take the rap for him, and he got him to immediately move — go back to Maryland, where he turned himself in. As a judge, he could control it.· Now, if the judge was arrested, he had no control.”

“But they wanted to first and foremost move it away from Biden, get it out of Delaware, and they did, even though the records and everything happened up there. So, they moved it out of Maryland. The son, he took the charge for his father, because if you charge the son, he can’t help the father (inaudible) political. And then they just buried it with the help of Rod Rosenstein, Elijah Cummings and Catherine Pugh, who –“

“Cummings is obviously deceased, but, I mean, at the time he was very big in Maryland politics. Catherine Pugh was the mayor of Baltimore.
And it was just — it’s still in the books. You can find it if you look on CaseSearch in Maryland, like in the federal system, Pacer. It’s still in there.· You could find it.”

Off the top of his head, White told the interviewer this occurred in 2012.

“But you can find it. And then (inaudible) made it disappear, and then the father and Rod, or why they helped cover it? To protect Biden and exposing anything else.”

“Years later he was picked up — the son — in an internet child porn sting in Maryland and this came up, and because they crossed, you know, same type of thing, he was (inaudible) buried down to the same people, Rod did it and everything, buried that one.He was trading pictures online. And there you go. So … and they buried that one, too. He got away with everything. So, there’s definitely leverage all over the judge. Interesting.”

White told the interviewer that Barack Obama and Biden are aware of this.

Obama, Holder

“Obama? Certainly.·Well, Eric Holder is great friends with Judge Sullivan, and so is Elijah Cummings, and they’re all great friends with this stuff.”

“I mean, Sullivan was even aware in some fashion about the plot with the Supreme Court because of Holder, who was tapped to be one of the Supreme Court justice replacements.
But Sullivan and Holder are very, very close, and they’ve helped each other many times. So, yeah, they were
certainly aware of that. Obama certainly knew.· I mean, Obama would send Biden back with anything he wanted to keep it quiet, just to keep him out of their hair in D.C.”

“Biden very rarely, if ever, stayed in D.C. overnight. There was always a caravan back or something, a train back.”

To be continued.

Part 2: The Real Mike Pence click here.

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  1. This is beyond disturbing. I can’t believe someone could make this up.
    How or why is Lin Wood interviewing this guy? What can Lin do with this info?

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    • I don’t think that Lin Wood is the interviewer, he’s the one that has exposed this interview. I believe he’s exposed it because we need to see how bad these people are and why they will be arrested and prosecuted.

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  2. The depth of the swamp is far too deep. Comprehending this coupled with , “no justice” is beyond horrific. Tragic.When, in GODS name will it end?

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