Do We Really Think We Have It Bad?

I’m not saying the world is in good shape. It’s bad. We have to do something about it. America has faced tough challenges and we can do it again if we work hard at it. Do are younger generations have the stamina? I believe most do. Is that enough?

Imagine for a moment that you were born in the year 1900. When you were 14 years old, World War I begins and ends only when you are 18 years old, leaving 22 million dead.

A little later, a worldwide pandemic, the Spanish Flu, appears, killing 50 million people. And you are alive, 20 years old.

At 29 years old, you survive the global economic crisis that began with the crash of the New York Stock Exchange, causing inflation, unemployment and hunger.

When you are 33 years old, Nazism comes to power.

When you’re 39, World War II starts and ends when you’re 45, with 60 million dead.


When you are 52 years old, the Korean War begins.

When you are 63, your president is assassinated.

When you’re 64, the Vietnam War starts and ends when you’re 75. During that time period major riots break out across America. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy are assassinated.

A person born in 1990, for example, thinks that their grandparents have no idea how difficult life is, not knowing that they have survived several wars and catastrophes.

Today, we have been living with a suspicious, but great pandemic for years. “Vaccine” jabs are killing people. We lost friends and relatives, we are scared. We are tired.

In the past, conditions were even worse, but we prayed to God to bless America and the world. Humanity survived under these conditions and overcame it.

Get off the television. Avoid news and social engineering propaganda. Grow a garden. Don’t waste your money. Eat healthy. Exercise. Read your Bible. Pray.

Believe it, when an American patriot says better days await us.


In God We Trust

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  1. We have every reason to believe, trust in God and battle for the time when we overcome this present darkness with the light He’s put inside us, and what He does himself. I know terrible things are happening, but terrible things happened in the times you are talking about My mother’s family survived the depression after her father died by turning their home into a farm and selling the produce in York, Maine. We’ve got to use everything and gift we’ve got and be glad to have hope. The best really is yet to come. People have got to wake up and “shak’em shackles off.”

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  2. Every generation has its challenges and strengths. The person born around 1900 endured wars, plagues, the Great Depression as well as discrimination based on race or sex. However, most grew up in intact families in a strong united community based on traditional values.
    People who were born around 1990 have faced the lesser wars (compare to the world wars) in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the pandemic. Moreover, many have grown up in broken homes and a lot with no father in the home. Many do not grow up in strong, nurturing communities that are united in common values.
    The earlier generation faced worse wars, plagues and economic hardship but had a stronger family and community structure to deal with the challenges.

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  3. Good perspective. We must never despair and understand that God’s ways are not ours, which brings to mind the Scripture verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

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  4. Thank you. I am 61. It is an eye opener to read your article. It helps me and us realize again just how strong our forefathers were. In fact it was they who first fought for our freedom. I do my best to fight the best fight before me. At the end of the day we survive the best when we depend ourselves most. I remember running through my fathers garden barefoot collecting our veggies for dinner. We ate fresh food. Our meat came from the butcher not a grocery store. Let us pray if this country is to regress again back to those days of living rough as did our forefathers it occur now. Now, while we older folks are still around to teach these younger folks how they must survive if they have the will to live. Thank you again. It gives me hope to look back and see they survived and so shall we…God bless you.

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