How Jefferson’s Monticello is Becoming a Monument of Wokeism

Monticello, the mountaintop home of Thomas Jefferson, author of the American Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States, is apparently going woke.

Social media and even mainstream news have been putting their spins on this World Heritage Site, historic house and plantation, museum, research institute, presidential library and private, non-profit organization:

Thomas Jefferson:

🔹fought against tyranny.

🔹helped create a free republic.

🔹wrote much in our founding documents that would ultimately lead multitudes of the citizens of the new nation to believe that slavery was wrong and immoral and give their lives to bring about its abolition.

A Peek at New World Order?

A $20 million donation in 2015, from far-left billionaire David M. Rubenstein, initiated the intent to rewrite history through the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

Rubenstein, is not only a New World Order globalist, he is on the boards of the World Economic Forum (authors of the “Great Reset”), China’s Tsinghua University, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

UPDATE: Rubenstein gave $10 million to turn James Madison’s home into a Critical Race Theory museum in May 2022 according to the New York Post.


Jeffrey Tucker of the libertarian Brownstone Institute said Saturday that “the whole thing has the feel of propaganda and manipulation. People on my tour seemed sad and demoralized.” 


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  1. I visited twice in the early 90s. I did manage a quick trip up the small stairs to the ballroom. Every conservative I know complains about the ” wokies,” but non of them ( me included) do a darn thing to right the wrong. I have come to the conclusion that 82 million of us are cowards. Imagine being afraid of a group of half-assed educated, green hair, transgendered, fishing tackle face losers that would piss their pants if we grabbed them. Geez. David McCollough wrote a great book on Jefferson; give it a read.

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  2. I went about 25 years ago. I think a balanced portrayal is best. He did some very great things and some bad things. He was very much a man of his time and should be judged accordingly. Just present the good, the bad and the ugly in the proper historical contex and let the visitors decide.

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