Divorce Statistics in the United States


🔹The average marriage length in the US is 8.2 years. (Vuleta, 2021)

🔹The divorce rate in the United States is 2.9 divorces per 1,000 people. (CDC, 2020).

🔹This figure goes up to 14.9 if divorces are measured per 1,000 marriages. (Wang, 2020)

🔹According to the CDC, the US has a total of 782,038 divorces. (CDC, 2020)

🔹Divorces in the US account for over 36% of the total marriages, which amount to 2,132,853. (CDC, 2020)

🔹A divorce takes place in the US every 13 seconds. (Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, 2020)

🔹Going by this, 1,385 divorces occur in the time it takes to finish a wedding reception. (Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, 2020)

🔹When looking at the divorce rate by state, Arkansas has the highest divorce rate at 10.7% per 1,000 married individuals, followed by Oklahoma (10.4%), Nevada (10.2%), New Mexico (10.2%), and Kentucky (10.10%). (Hubbard, 2020)

🔹Conversely, Maine has the lowest divorce rate at 4.8% per 1,000 married individuals, followed by South Dakota (6%), New York (6.10%), Pennsylvania (6.10%), and Illinois (6.20%). (Hubbard, 2020)

🔹The District of Columbia has one of the highest marriage rates (21.4%) while also having one of the lowest divorce rates (4.8%) in the country. (Hubbard, 2020)

🔹But when it comes to cities, Kiryas Joel in New York has the lowest percentage of divorcees at 0.8% of its population. (Byrnes, 2020)

🔹On the other hand, the US city with the highest divorce rate is Lealman, Indiana, with 20.2% of the population being divorcees. (Byrnes, 2020)

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