Just How Bad was 2022 Election Cheating in Arizona?

What do Tracey Kay McKee, Marcia Johnson, Joseph John Marak, Krista Michelle Connor, Guillermina Fuentes, Alma Yadira Juarez, Randy Allen Jumper, Richard John Greenfield, David Milton Culberson, Adam Bruce Hallin, John David Hamrick, Gerald Bernard Sack, Steven Jeffrey Streeter, and Jay Sherill Thompson have in common?

They have all been convicted of some kind of election voter fraud in Arizona.

Reading and listening to corporate media, one would think everything is coming up roses regarding Arizona elections. Arizona newspapers commonly repeat the propaganda mantra buzzwords of Big Media: “without evidence,” and “fodder for right wing conspiracy theories” are commonly included in their pretend journalism.

Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors, Bill Gates was forced to acknowledge serious problems in their voting tabulations after  Arizona Republican senatorial candidate Blake Masters, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Arizona came forward with insider information matched up with voter’s speaking out against the November 8, 2022 local elections errors.

“So, people when they got to a machine and the machine didn’t work, they were invited to just drop their ballot in a secure box. Hey, we’ll count this later,” Masters revealed on the Tucker Carlson program. “Well, it turns out Maricopa County on at least two occasions mixed up those uncounted ballots with ballots that had already been counted.”

“So, it’s a giant disaster. It’s a giant mess to try to unmix these ballots,” he continued. “Right. I think the most honest thing at this point would be for Maricopa County to wipe the slate clean, just take all the ballots and do a fresh count.”

In the 2020 presidential election, there were a total of 132,556 polling places in the country and 775,101 election officials. Maricopa County appeared to be an epicenter for election fraud:

Big Media moved into action attempting to change the narrative and in some cases, cover up, for the scandals.

To millions of Americans who look beyond the tainted reports of corporate media, they realize that when local school boards complained that they were being “harassed” by “hostile” parents, that is generally a narrative stirred by left wing propaganda.

More parents are attending these public meetings for cause and to raise important issues and asking tough questions about school curriculums.

They have the right to know if schools were miseducating and propagandizing their children.  Are election officials getting upset because the public is finally paying attention to how they are doing their jobs? Is this because parents are asking challenging questions?

In Arizona, or any state, when members of the public begin questioning their election officials, they are no more “domestic terrorists” than those parents questioning their school boards are, no matter how much Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Left try to label them as such.

Here are types of alleged electoral fraud discovered:

Ballot stuffing: Casting illegal votes or submitting more than one ballot per voter.

Votes cast in the names of deceased people: The name of a deceased person remains on a state’s official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name.

Felon vote fraud: The casting of a ballot by a person convicted of a felony who is not eligible to vote as a result of the conviction. Voting rights for convicted felons vary by state.

Voter suppression: A variety of tactics aimed at lowering or suppressing the number of voters who might otherwise vote in a particular election.

Voter registration fraud: Filling out and submitting a voter registration card for a fictional person, or filling out a voter registration card with the name of a real person but without that person’s consent and forging his or her signature on the card.

Voter impersonation: A person claims to be someone else when casting a vote.

Vote-buying: Agreements between voters and others to buy and sell votes, such as a candidate paying voters to vote for him or her.

Fraud by election officials: Manipulation of ballots by officials administering the election, such as tossing out ballots or casting ballots in voters’ names.

Absentee ballot vote fraud: A person attempts to fill out and turn in an absentee ballot containing false information. For example, this can occur when a person attempts to fill out and turn in an absentee ballot with the name of a false or non-existent voter. The term can extend to manipulation, deception, or intimidation of absentee 


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  1. I caught a short note from Mike Lindell last night. Hope I recall enough detail below.

    1. They packet captured a 37,000 vote flip Lake to Hobbs.

    2. The vote counters forgot one race to fix and as a resukt the scam is fully illuminated. The Republican running for state treasurer received ( If I recall correctly) 250,000 votes more than Kari Lake …. oops they are in trouble

    You will have to verify Mike discussed last night RSBN prior to Trumps speech

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  2. here is my opinion on the voter fraud issue, i know there is fraud, lots of us know, so what is being done about it, nothing, i don’t get it, dam it do something about it or maybe my friend hood is right and all voting is rigged??? just don’t get it. one of the biggest problems is main stream media, lots and lots of sheeple believe they are telling the truth. my nephew even told me the media is telling the truth, he is from the Boston area and college educated. we have to some how get rid of the main stream media. GODSPEED

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Do not watch the main street media or buy from any of their advertisers(inform the advertisers why you are not considering their products).
    2. Do not go to Phoenix unless necessary. Cancel your conventions or vacation plans there. Inform the state tourism board of your decion and why.

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      • Here’s the problem with mainstream media: They are highly funded by Soros and others to continue promoting the Left’s propaganda, election fraud, cheating and lying. With the current regime in power and as long as $$ continues to flow, it’s next to impossible to get rid of mainstream media. Good news is CNN, MSNBC, etc. are losing viewers by the thousands as many of their lies are being exposed.
        That’s why support of truthful news organizations like Epoch Times and Clever Journeys is so important. 💟

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      • I would highly recommend that you contact Jovan Hutton Pulitzer to get more on the Maricopa County election story. He invented and did the Full Forensic Audit with Kinematic Artifact Detection on the 2020 Election and is now working on the 2022 Election. He is compiling affidavits from poll workers, poll watchers, voters and others of what they witnessed taking place. He is on top of this! JovanHuttonPulitzer@gmail.com

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