The 10 Deadliest Foods You Are Most Likely Consuming

The following “foods” may not be the most absolute deadliest on the planet, but many studies confirm they are the ten most consumed offerings in America that are more likely to cause bad health.

How many of these have you consumed in the last month?

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


    • Sorry but diet sodas are as bad or worse for you than regular, highly sugared soda. The sweeteners in them are poison and shown to cause brain cancer. Yet the FDA has approved their use for decades now. Someone is/are making boatloads of $$ off of other people’s suffering. Talk about conflict of interest!

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  1. I don’t eat hot dogs, my wife does. She also thinks yogurt is good for her as well as potato chips. Ice cream once in a while, but from this article, I am a doomed man, so I may as well live on gruel and oatmeal. At least I still have my Jameson Irish Whiskey. I had a Whataburger with my buddy Mooch today. We took the plunge and had the fries and iced tea. We may be dead by tomorrow.

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    • Ha! When I saw the list, I thought the same! I had my first soda in over 2 years (2nd one in 4 yrs) recently & it burned going down. I don’t usually eat hot dogs, maybe one of two a year. We got a pack free from some HEB deal recently & I believe that was when I decided to make it a triple whammy with the all American hotdog, potato chips & Coke.
      I recovered and believe I’m back to almost normal now.

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