Are You Guided by the Art of Mind Control in Media?

Much of it begins on TV or in the school room. Educational systems (think Common Core, Critical Race Theory, Sex Education for first graders) employ memorization techniques (performance-based education), because:

🔹it stupifies-confuses the conscious mind

🔹prevents cohesive understanding from occurring

🔹forces the mind into a trance state due to mild trauma—because not understanding something is confusing.

🔹makes students or viewers feel numb, inadequate and disempowered (dissociation)

🔹it supports a form of socially promulgated and self-enforced mind control

Those of us who stay away from television and Big Media, realize their propaganda, programing and predictable substance serves the purpose of mind control.

All major mainstream media news outlet are monopolized under only a small handful of corporations. They earn millions by misleading on important issues and building consent for government and the oligarchs.

Most people are so addicted to the media that control them, they are incapable of recognizing the most wicked primary weapon of social control against them.

Think back to just the past five years. What was reported to control your thoughts and life? Pandemic, vaccinations, lockdowns, business closings, Russian Collusion, you are racist, prayer is nonsense, illegal immigration is good, kindergarten age children should be taught sex education, patriotism is evil, riots and destruction is good, Jan. 6 was an “insurrection” and so on….

Are you turning the tide, breaking the spells, and understanding the evil? If not, why?

Here is a quick list of tactics being used against your family, friends, neighbors and you right now. Learn to recognize them. Better yet, break away from the addiction, ridicule and manipulation now!

1. Ask what are they not reporting? If they are omitting illegal immigration, crime increases, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Jeffrey Epstein’s list of visitors, or inflation, you can bet it’s on purpose.

2. Who is controlling the debate? See question 6.

3. What are the buzz phrases (“without evidence,” “The Big Lie,” “Russia is to blame”.. ) and synchronized scripts being repeated across all channels?

4. What and who are they trying to divide and conquer? Blacks against Whites? Left against Right? Women against Men? Right against Wrong? Watch carefully and you will recognize it.

Deprogram yourself to not automatically follow their directions. In many cases, humans help and have compassion for each other. The last disaster or car wreck you saw—did people rush to help and provide aid, or did they stoke the fire? They want you to stoke! No thanks, I will help.

5. Notice Joe Biden. Is he a leader or just a bad teleprompter reader? He is no more a real president as these news-actors are fake journalists. Scripts of propaganda are there for them to read and control your thoughts, actions and beliefs.

6. Are reporters and pundits even asking the right questions? Most likely they ask what is scripted for them. Remember the Presidential Debates of 2016 and 2020, when Hillary and Joe were given questions ahead of time against Trump?

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  1. I watched the Dan Bonhono podcast not long ago and he said that CNN was down to the abysmal average of 57,000 views daily. How they still exist is beyond me…maybe the Left is funding them now? However, I think that’s going to blow up in their faces sooner or later. I can’t see anyone wasting their money on a sinking ship forever.

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  2. Good analysis of their program. If people could be convinced to distance themselves from this morass, their brains could start functioning. I suspect many prefer not having to think for themselves; to believe in the fake authority as a comfort. But it’s abdicating responsibility.

    Liked by 1 person

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