How Does Your State Rank in Health Compared to the Other 49?

According to the most recent annual ranking from Sharecare, a digital health company, and the Boston University School of Public Health, they rate their state Massachusetts as the healthiest state in the United States.

To determine the healthiest and unhealthiest states, the organizations used a well-being index to measure health risk across 10 domains, including healthcare access, physical health, community support and food access.

The ranking is based on 450,000 surveys collected last year and the study of more than 600 elements of social determinants of health.

The results from the analysis place three of the five healthiest states in the Northeast, with Massachusetts topping the list for the first time. Mississippi took the last position for the second year in a row. 

Here are the states ranked from healthiest to unhealthiest, according to the analysis:

1. Massachusetts

2. Hawaii

3. New Jersey

4. Maryland

5. New York

6. California

7. Connecticut 

8. Washington

9. Colorado

10. Utah

11. Virginia

12. Rhode Island

13. Illinois

14. Oregon

15. Minnesota

16. New Hampshire

17. Pennsylvania

18. Nebraska

19. Delaware

20. North Dakota

21. Nevada

22. Vermont

23. Alaska

24. Florida

25. Wisconsin

26. Kansas

27. Arizona

28. Wyoming

29. Maine

30. South Dakota

31. Ohio 

32. Georgia

33. Montana

34. Missouri

35. Texas

36. Iowa

37. North Carolina

38. Michigan

39. Idaho

40. South Carolina

41. Indiana

42. Tennessee

43. Louisiana 

44. Alabama

45. Oklahoma

46. Kentucky

47. West Virginia

48. New Mexico

49. Arkansas

50. Mississippi 


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