One in Three Nurses Will Leave if Forced With Vaccine Mandate

The Ohio Nurses Association found that nearly 1 in 3 nurses at UC Health would choose to quit if a vaccine mandate was implemented in their health system, according to their membership survey.

The nursing union conducted a survey Aug. 5-12 and found that 136 out of 456 nurses who responded said they would choose to quit over compliance with a vaccine mandate at UC Medical Center in Cincinnati.

The trend appears to be growing. Back in April, Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation poll revealed that 1 in 6 healthcare workers said they would rather leave their job than get the COVID-19 vaccine.

More hospital officials are expressing concern that vaccine mandates would cause a mass exodus from their hospitals and that it would have a significant effect on patient care.

The American Nurses Association urged the U.S. to declare the nursing shortage a national crisis in a Sept. 1 letter to HHS. 

“The nation’s healthcare delivery systems are overwhelmed, and nurses are tired and frustrated as this persistent pandemic rages on with no end in sight,” Ernest Grant, PhD, RN, president of the ANA, said in a Sept. 1 news release. “ANA stands ready to work with HHS and other stakeholders on a whole of government approach to ensure we have a strong nursing workforce today and in the future.”

Alan Levine, CEO of Johnson City, Tenn.-based Ballad Health, said his system decided against a vaccine mandate after a model suggested that as many as 15 percent of nurses — or 900 employees — may quit if the system did.

“There are not enough nurses to go around. That is clear,” Mr. Levine said, adding that he would hire 600 nurses right now if they were available.

Hospitals in Texas are being aided by more than 8,000 contract workers who’ve been tapped by the state to help short-staffed units facing a surge of patients and fill in vacancies caused by hospitals terminating staff choosing not to get experimental COVID-19 jabs.

Some Texas hospitals have been stepping up their recruiting efforts to compensate for their loss of personnel due to mandates to force employees to take the jabs. The mandates are backfiring.

Arizona announced $60 million for hospital staffing support to bring 750 additional nurses to Arizona for eight weeks.

Idaho is funding 370 additional nurses for the state. Short-staffed hospitals will receive assistance from up to 150 National Guard members, who will perform logistical support such as screenings, lab work and other duties, according to the governor’s office.

Two-hundred contract medical and administrative workers will also be available. Additionally, a 20-person Department of Defense medical response team will be deployed to healthcare facilities in North Idaho.

Many nurses that went through the 2020 pandemic or being mandated for experimental vaccinations are making the decision to leave bedside care or the profession completely out of exhaustion and fear. New nurses are entering a workforce with little clinical experience.  

At least a dozen nursing schools across the U.S. have launched accelerated learning programs for bachelor’s of science degrees in nursing obtainable in 15 months.


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  1. Wow! Although the nurse shortage is bad, it’s good that more and more nurses and other med workers are standing up for their rights. How long before this scam completely collapses, Jack, and the evil powers that be have no other choice than to give it up?

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  2. The administrator of my father’s nursing home, Sea View Retreat, has refused to order his staff to take the shots. The State of Massachusetts has put so much pressure on him that he has decided to close the place. We are praying that things turn around before it comes to that, as it is an excellent place, but I admire him for his stand. It’s not the first time he has stood up against pressure. He tried to advises his residents against taking the shots, early on.

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