Maybe You Should be Afraid to Drive

What is your lifetime score?

People are not afraid to drive a car. People are afraid to fly in a plane, and lately, to ride on a train. Answer this question. Your chances of being involved in a car crash are?

1 in 3
1 in 25
1 in 1,000
1 in 100,000

🔹Your chance of being in a plane crash is: 1 in 15,000,000

🔹Your chance of being involved in a train crash when you are on a train is: 1 in 1,000,000

🔹Your chance of being involved in an automobile crash once a year is: 1 in 25

🔹Your chance of being in a collision, sometime during your life, in which someone is injured or killed is: 1 in 75

Not really good odds. But we’re afraid to fly and sometimes to ride a train, but not afraid to drive an automobile. Maybe you should be afraid to drive.

You should take precautionary steps to avoid becoming just another statistic. You have to realize that your car is a loaded weapon. It is like a gun you are shooting at a crowded freeway or roadway. You should take the steps to learn how not to become a statistic by being a safer driver.

There are over 220 million drivers on the road today in this country. There were over 5.8 million collisions on the road in 2020; 30 percent of these crashes resulted in an injury or death.

It’s too bad we don’t all have our own little private road to drive on. We wouldn’t have to watch out for so many things that might cause a crash. Don’t you see many people out there who believe they own the road?

Common courtesy is missing and sometimes you have to lead the way by saying, “Today, I’m going to be the one to be nice to somebody out there on the road.”

It does come back to you. So maybe wave at a pedestrian. Let someone have the space in front of you. Thank somebody for letting you in. Smile behind the wheel.

The Driving Test

Starting with 10 points, deduct one point each from this list of Top 10 List of Driving Offenses if you have ever done these. My score, I’m ashamed to admit, is a 1. I’ve grown up much since then. In the last year my score would be 9.

Number Ten

Getting into a fight, throwing something or using a weapon!

Number Nine

Using high beams to retaliate!

Number Eight

Braking suddenly to punish a tailgater!

Number Seven

Yelling out the window at another driver or honking to protest!

Number Six

Making obscene gestures at other drivers!

Number Five


Number Four

Tailgating or following too closely!

Number Three

Going through red lights!

Number Two

Changing lanes without signaling or crossing several lanes at once!

Number One

Drinking and Driving!

What is your score?


10 thoughts on “Maybe You Should be Afraid to Drive

  1. And yet…. there is a big push for this vaccine when there are clearly more dangerous and deadly situations lurking around every corner that affect us all. Like a drunk driver. Maybe the government could start awarding people with a doughnut for not drinking and driving.

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  2. I got a seven. I got severely hurt as a passenger at age 22. I’ve had PTSD ever since as a passenger. A head on will do that to you. I know a car is the most dangerous weapon out there and try to tell my family to no avail. Two weeks in a hospital, three operations later I’m fine but will never be the same as a passenger. My husband and I can no longer drive together because of my PTSD and his driving habits. He gets a five on that test. PTSD never goes away. Thanks for the article.

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  3. I am licensed but do not own a car. I moved into a community where walking is common place as everything we need is near. I enjoy this community. I enjoy not driving. I have not owned a car in 8 years. When I drove I traveled all over the country. The nightmare’s I could share. It is serious when you are involving other people in your bad driving habits or fits of anger or aggression. Many times I called 911 while on a highway due to a swerving drunk, an aggressive driver pushing people off the road. I could go on and on. The accidents seen are horrific. I will again buy a car when things settle down again. Just saying walking and riding a bike has been an amazing adventure for me. I am 59. I am in shape. Thank you

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  4. Great pictures. My score is an8–9, if you count the yellow lights I have sometimes gone through that turned to red just over my head. Oh, I also honked the horn at some really scary actions, maybe five times in all . This feels like a confessional! The thing I really have to watch sometimes is tailgating; them I have to count 1 1000,,2 1000, 3 1000, and behave myself. Thanks for the checkup!!

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