We are Celebrating 1000 Blog Posts!

This is our 1000th post on CleverJourneys in just over a year. Dodie and I are celebrating by checking into a hospital.

Yes, both of us! Coincidence? Serindipty? Double whammy?

The short story is she is in Room #7 of Kerrville’s Pederson Hospital’s Emergency Room and I’m on test #1 of a three part, five-hour nuclear stress tests today, less than 75 feet away from her. It’s a bit concerning, but we are both grinning.

Looks like we are both going to be okay, but are taking this as a big warning sign. She’s about to be released (been here since 7 a.m.). We’re not getting any younger and there is always room for health improvements. We will meet the challenge.

My sincere apologies to country music recording artist Sonny Morgan. We were due to interview and see him perform in Granbury, Texas this evening.

To celebrate this achievement please consider this wisdom:

Thank You


  1. Jim and I are sending prayers and strength to you both! We know recovery is on the way. Sometimes it takes a wake-up-call to push us to pay more attention to good health habits.


    Jim and Lillian

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  2. I don’t know whether to say congratulations first or How in the heck did you land in the hospital? Thank God you are both grinning. You both have such great hearts and I don’t want anything to happen to you, so I am declaring you both healed in Jesus’ name, blessed with health and total peace, and revelation about anything you need to know to have a lot more of both. And lots more years together, along with thousands of blog posts! Love, Kathleen

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  3. Get well soon, you both have a lot of work ahead of you! Really enjoyed the quotes, especially the ones from Peaceful Minds and the Reagan quote.

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