Wisdom and Cleverness

It Isn’t Only Physical- 10 Ways to Rid Emotional Clutter

When we moved further out in the Texas Hill Country in May 2020, our goals were to cut expenses in half, simplify our lives and do what WE want to do.

We’ve been successful–and it’s such a rewarding life. One of Dodie’s simple pleasures is to watch the red cardinals, various hummingbirds and our very own squirrels in the back yard. She can now identify the regulars and we’ve been thinking about naming each one.

Our dog, Mr. Beefy, is a constant companion and a super traveler. He’s been to 18 states and Washington D.C. with us on our road trips. Just yesterday, he joined us on a quick excursion to Lost Maples State Natural Park to enjoy the autumn colors and scenery.

Mr. Beefy, our traveling canine.

Downsizing, reorganizing and getting rid of “things” has been rewarding. But we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way.

Clutter isn’t only physical. Mental and emotional clutter can keep you from doing what you really want to do.

Here are 10 tips for “unloading” the clutter in your life. It’s time for some seasonal cleaning! 

1. Get rid of the human vampires.
Avoid contact with people who are energy drains. Even if they’re family members that you can’t avoid altogether, make a decision to limit the time you are around them and what you will allow them to engage you in. 

2. Learn to say NO.
It’s the first word you learned when you were two. Use it! It’s your life, time, and resource and you have the right to use it as you see fit without comments from the peanut gallery. 

3. Take time for YOU.
Time is short for all of us. Make a decision to set aside down-time that is just for you, even if you can only start with 15 minutes a day. Lock the door, turn off the phone, send the kids to the neighbors’, but do it. 

4. Have a garage or sidewalk sale.
Getting rid of physical stuff you don’t need frees you up mentally and physically. Make room for writing that book, sewing that quilt, or whatever it is you have always wanted space for. 

5. Pay cash.
Credit card bills equal bondage and lack of freedom. Free yourself and create choices for the things that really matter to you. If you can’t pay for it, you don’t need it. 

6. Limit tradition.
Most tradition is senseless and a time-waster. If it doesn’t make sense, forget it! 

7. Embrace quality time.
Schedule time for the things and special people in your life and then FOCUS only on them without distractions. You will both enjoy your time together more if you know beforehand that nothing else will get in the way. 

8. Set priorities.
It’s impossible to do EVERYTHING well. Develop a pecking order of priorities and streamline it until you have only those things on the list that really matter. 

9. Forget the Joneses’.
Even if you believe everyone’s watching you, the truth is no one’s paying that much attention to you. 

10. Live YOUR life.
What works for someone else may not work for you. Take direction from your inner instinct and go with it! 

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