Won a Dance Contest and All I Got Was…

If you think and know you can do it, then you can!

In May 2006, 21 people were brought up on stage in front of 18,000 people at the Alamodome during a Get Motivated Live Conference in San Antonio.

There was to be a dance contest with the winner to be decided by the roar of the crowd. Instinctively, I knew I’d be chosen to go on stage. Don’t ask me how, but I was 99.99% certain of it.

As soon as I was selected to go up there I looked at my secretary and told her “I’m going to win this.” She said, “I know you are.” There was absolutely no doubt in my mind!

Placed back in a corner far stage right, and turning 50 the previous December, I knew it would require everything I could spontaneously muster and imagine to win against 20 others, all younger and obviously more athletic.

As the Beach Boys Surfin’ Safari belted out to the crowd, I shimmied, shaked, did the Watusi, Mash Potato, Jerk, Pony, Jitterbug, Moved Like Jagger, Humped Like Elvis, did the Peppermint Twist Like We Did Last Summer, waltzed and crawled around on my belly like a reptile.

Judges eliminated contestants like they did in the movie They Shoot Horses Don’t They, by simply touching a dancer’s shoulder and proclaiming, “You’re out!” baseball umpire style.

I survived the first round. Where were the oxygen tanks? I need my oxygen! Next round, you guessed it Surfin’ Friggin’ Safari again. Get your dialing finger ready for 911.

To my amazement, there were five left standing: two in military uniform, a tall former Kilgore Rangerette dancer, an obvious robotic-like contortionist, and an out-of-shape-overwhelmed H-E-B Food-Drugs facilities management executive (me).

Guess who won a free trip for four to Walt Disney World? ….AND I was able to meet comedian Jerry Lewis and mayor Rudolph Giuliani backstage!

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