About Dodie Dennis


  • When Loralyn “Dodie” Bailey was a 15-year-old junior at McCollum High School in San Antonio, Texas, Jackie Dennis asked her for a first date–to go see Rod Stewart in concert.
  • Her parents said, “No Dodie! You’re too young to date.”
  • She was devastated and Jack was heartbroken. Life went on.
  • 45 years, 6 months, 11 days later Dodie and Jack finally went on their first date–to see Rod Stewart in concert at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas!
  • Life had gone on for both of them. Dodie went to Nursing School in Houston, became a nurse for a cruise line in the Bahamas and Caribbean, transferred to Vale, Colorado and settled into Phoenix, Arizona. For 38 years she had various experiences from neonatal, operating rooms, maternity training to school nursing.
  • She married and raised two children, Jackson and Bailey, who both live in Arizona.
  • For awhile Dodie and Jack racked up airline miles traveling back and forth between Arizona and Texas.
  • In Texas, Dodie accepted Jack’s proposal on her birthday, September 6, 2019.
  • On Jack’s birthday, December 5, 2019, they married in a beautiful prayer sanctuary garden at First Baptist Church of Boerne, Texas.
  • Dodie’s lifelong dream of retiring in the Texas Hill Country and roadtripping across North America is a true Cinderella story, dream come true.

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