About Jack Dennis


  • Raised in San Antonio, Texas Jack Dennis’ early experiences were as a newspaper reporter and private investigator. With a Texas State University bachelor’s degree, Jack studied journalism and won numerous awards, including Investigative Reporter of 1976 from Rocky Mountain Press Association.
  • Jack has interviewed Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood, B.B. King, Kenny Rogers, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Lady Bird Johnson, Justin Timberlake, Mike Myers, Larry King, May Pang (John Lennon’s girlfriend) and Taylor Lautner.
  • Roger Staubach, Nolan Ryan, David Robinson, Terry Bradshaw and Yogi Berra are a few of the sports legends Jack has met.
  • Astronauts or space legends Jack has met include Buzz Aldrin, Scott Carpenter, Walter Schirra, Jr., Walt Cunnginham, Bruce McCandless and Gene Kranz (Apollo Flight Director).
  • Hollywood legends Jack has conversed with include Roslyn Russell, James Earl Jones, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, and more.
  • Jack is a pioneer in the retail facility management industry as Director of Facilities of a large retailer, H-E-B FOODS/DRUGS for 26 years. Prior to that position, he was a construction estimator and project estimator.
  • Among his responsibilities in Texas and Mexico, he oversaw  Emergency Operations, Store Services, Building-Equipment-HVAC-Refrigeration Maintence, Sanitation, Landscaping and influenced Security, Construction, Loss Prevention, Real Estate, Warehousing, Distribution, and Manufacturing.
  • Jack co-founded Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM, now CONNEX) and was elected President to establish PRSM magazine. He gave over 40 major speeches and dozens of training sessions on their behalf in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Orlando, Chicago, Nashville, Atlantic City, Seattle and more.
  • Jack wrote over 1200 articles for Examiner and has also written online for AXS Entertainment, The Rowdy, and others.
  • Through the years he has contributed to print publications such as Texas Monthly, Dallas Times-Herald, Austin American-Statesman, Memphis Flash, San Marcos Daily Record and more.

Jack married the girl he admired most from high school, Loralyn “Dodie” Bailey on his birthday in 2019. Their children (oldest to youngest) are Jennifer Dennis, Mark Dennis, Jackson McMeans, Bailey McMeans, Jack Dennis and Brady Dennis.

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