Are We in Jeopardy? Things Only Baby Boomers Understand

Here are the same guys with the exact same car 50 years later:

Only Baby Boomers understand.

In the 1970s, I changed the oil, set the timing, cleaned the carburetor and installed Jenssen speakers for the 8-track player (also self installed) in my car.

This was my first car.

In God We Trust

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  1. I’m just loving these. And it’s “Roadrunner! The coyote’s after you!” What a picture! And the wiretap–I never touch that part of the laptop, it’s bad enough the way it is. We do understand this stuff, and we, therefore, are a danger, so we can help sanity return. They are scared of what we can do! We remember. We were taught to think. And we retain a sense of humor, a deadly weapon for their little schemes.

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