Boom! New York Times Bites Off More Than They Can Chew Dealing With Candace Owens

When the far-left wing propagandists ️New York Times accused Candace Owens of advancing Russian “propaganda,” she taught them a huge lesson about their hypocrisy.

Owens was informed by the New York Times that the outlet was writing an article on her pushing the idea that Ukraine is a “corrupt country” and wanted to bless her with an opportunity to respond.

What the Times indoctrination and disinformation activists didn’t expect was that her response would bite them on the ass.

Owens tweeted,”Received an email from the NYTimes asking for comment regarding me ‘advancing ideas that Ukraine is a corrupt country’—similar to Russian state TV.”

Owens showed them their own editorial board’s previous articles on the subject, such as “Ukraine’s Unyielding Corruption.”

“For good measure—here are some more past articles written from reputable sources over the past few years about the corruption and neo-nazi problem in Ukraine. For clarity, are you now suggesting that what the western media covered over the last few years is now just Russian propaganda?”


“Again, I would love to provide you with a quote for your article, just want to be clear what you mean when you say that I am advancing ideas that Ukraine was a corrupt country when in fact I got my ideas from your publication.”

As of this date, the humiliated The New York Times board has not responded.

In lieu of no comments from the propagandists, here are some recent posts by or about Owens:

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  1. Ukraine IS a corrupt country, and I don’t trust President Zelensky anymore than I trust Putin or Biden. I admire Ukraine for fighting back against the Russians, but let’s not fool ourselves here. And the New York Times is so out of touch with reality, it’s pathetic, and has been for a long time. I stopped reading it years ago.

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    • Amen, Dawn! It’s where Biden, Pelosi, Soros, and all those other Deep State scumola do all their money laundering and biological weapons developing and testing. It’s also where child trafficking is rampant. No wonder the Deep State is panicking. Not that I trust Russia, but Russia may be the one who blows the lid of their dirty little secrets! You have to wonder why the satanic Deep State is so against Russia.

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