Democrat and Highly Vaccinated States Have More COVID Hospitalized Increases

While hospitalizations are down 17 percent nationwide over the past 14 days, they have ticked up in primarily Democratic run and higher COVID-19 vaccinated states.

Here are the 14-day changes for cases for those states reporting an increase, along with their daily average hospitalizations: 

Vermont: 97 percent (28 hospitalizations)

New Hampshire: 27 percent (28)

Delaware: 24 percent (118) 

New York: 9 percent (1,310)

Maine: 7 percent (118)

Connecticut: 7 percent (165)

Illinois: 6 percent (566)

New Jersey: 6 percent (425) 

Hawaii: 2 percent (39)

Massachusetts: 1 percent (264) 

Here are the 14-day changes for cases in those states reporting an increase, along with their daily average cases, according to HHS data:

Rhode Island: 94 percent (312 cases)

Mississippi: 87 percent (158) 

Kansas: 81 percent (126) 

Maryland: 77 percent (511)

Washington, D.C.: 76 percent (144 cases) 

Oregon: 70 percent (342)

New Jersey: 69 percent (1,737)

New York: 67 percent (4,864)

Hawaii: 57 percent (163)

New Hampshire: 55 percent (194)

Connecticut: 53 percent (598)

Massachusetts: 51 percent (1,530) 

Illinois: 51 percent (1,765)

Vermont: 47 percent (194)

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  1. Antibody Dependent Enhancement is a possibility. ADE for short.

    One from the NIH:
    Antibody dependent enhancement: Unavoidable problems in vaccine development

    One from a Random Site, likely political, but I have no reason to doubt the subject:
    Recently Unredacted Documents Prove Pfizer & FDA Knew Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Occurring in Vaccinated

    In essence, the Vaccine is making Infection more likely in some (many) rather than less. The 2nd Article (no links provided) refers to VAED, (Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease) and VAERD (Vaccine Associated Enhanced Respiratory Disease).

    I have maintained, almost the entire time, that the drive to vaccinate all was not from a desire to eradicate the disease, but to offer a cover for those that are vaccinated and contract a disease. If there is a significant control group that is non-vaccinated, if the vaccinated become primarily sick or die more frequently, the vaccine is clearly implicated. If everyone is vaccinated, and illness spreads, or deaths increase (as I think deaths from all causes have increased this year), they would simply blame a variant. I understand Pfizer itself scrapped their control group, exposing the names and contacting them to receive an actual vaccination, as the recipients were told they had received a placebo. This nullifies the Control Group.

    In medicine, even with critical medications, there are Double Blind Studies, and some people with, at times, severe disease are given a Placebo, some given the medication. If more in the Placebo Group die, it demonstrates the effectiveness of the Drug. Other times, more in the Medication Group die, indicating issues with the Medication, so, as heartless as it sounds, Double Blind Studies are the way pharmaceuticals are researched, and they seem to have eliminated that significantly with the covid vaccine.

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    • Worthy discussion this wk on topic of covid. I don’t think we have common understanding of covid. There are a growing number of physicians that are concluding covid is a vascular disease not respatory. This leads to discussion of toxic peptides

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      • The hot covid discussion this wk are toxic peptides. See above link article response. Below is summary from paper and short comment

        From childrens health defence paper summary ( link above)


        Although there is some overlap between the effects of poisonous peptides present in some snake venom and those of SARS-COV2 spike protein, claiming COVID is ultimately derived from snake venom is a poorly substantiated hypothesis.

        —- so there is more to the story than currently told but we are unsure on direction of conclusion other than “similar poisonous peptides”

        That said, Ardis’ description of the toxic nature of remdesivir is worthy of note and should not be dismissed.

        -remdesiver ( covid approved treatment) appears to have a poisonous or toxic nature

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      • In my humble Air Purifying Respirator Training, for 1200+ people per year, for 7+ years, I came across this fact, and it is useful for people in Industrial Settings with Inert Gases possibly present, this was told to me by a person in class that did SCUBA Diving (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus), whereas we had applications for SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

        From the article you linked to:

        “Moreover, our natural drive to breathe is much more dependent on high levels of carbon dioxide in our blood, not low levels of oxygen.”

        I have spoken to people that passed out in a Nitrogen Atmosphere with no awareness that they were deprived of Oxygen. On the other hand, we had CO2 Fire Extinguishers. One can be fighting a fire, and use the CO2 Extinguisher in a enclosed space, and experience the feeling of Shortness of Breath even if the Oxygen Level is Sufficient. Our bodies do indeed look for too much CO2 and not too little oxygen as a sign that there is something wrong with respiration. An over abundance of CO2 causes an Increase in the Rate and Depth of Respiration and Increase in Heart Rate.

        Despite the claims by Ardis that the Respiration was impaired by Narcotics et. al. prior to the placing someone on a ventilator (the article on CHD says that suppressed respiratory drive wasn’t an issue since the ventilators essentially breathed for the patient), excessive use of ventilators certainly resulted in many needless deaths. So, Ardis may not be Technically Correct, the end result was the same.

        Nevertheless, the article is worth reading for perhaps necessary contrast to the video.

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