Nurses Tell Just How Bad Their Jobs Really Are

A National Nurses United’s survey released on April 14th from 2,575 NNU union nurses and nonunion nurses across the U.S. covered the period of Feb. 2-March 20, 2022.

Inadequate staffing, workplace violence and moral and mental distress are increasingly challenges for nurses, they revealed.

Ten findings, according to the union:

1. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said staffing is worse recently, up 20.2 percent from NNU’s September 2021 survey and a 47.8 percent increase from the union’s March 2021 survey. 

2. Twenty-three percent of respondents said they sought treatment for a mental health condition related to caring for patients during the pandemic.

3. Nearly half of respondents (46 percent) said they were floated to units outside their expertise without getting any education or preparation. That’s compared to 44.3 percent reported in September.

4. More than one-fourth (26.5 percent) said they were “floated” or reassigned to a clinical care area that required new skills or was not within their competency. That’s compared to 17.8 percent reported in September. 

5. Nearly 65 percent of nurses said their hospitals are using excessive overtime to staff units, an increase from 49.3 percent in September.

6. Nearly half of hospital nurses (48 percent) reported rising workplace violence. That’s compared to 30.6 percent in September and 21.9 percent in March 2021. 

7. Nearly 84 percent of respondents said they feel stressed more often than before the pandemic, up from 53.5 percent in September.

8. Only 32 percent of respondents said their hospital has sufficient personal protective equipment stock to protect workers from a rapid surge of the virus.

9. Twenty-four percent of respondents said their hospital notifies them of COVID-19 exposures in a timely manner. 

10. Nearly 67 percent of respondents are afraid they will contract COVID-19, up from 42 percent in September. 

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  1. The first video was Done in the Fashion of Paul Harvey Series that Paul praised Police and Firemen (2 Separate Videos on those topics).

    God Made a Nurse

    “Response of the Resilient” – A Nurses Week Film

    Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Ramadan (it started April 3rd to the end of the month).

    We are a common people, humanoids, with a belief in God, that have been divided by earthly powers to exploit us. May people learn to respect their differences in beliefs, and stop allowing the super rich, super influential, to keep us all at odds with each other.

    The Nurses Videos have me all emotional, as does the Police and Firemen Videos. I even have a video of the stress of the 911 Emergency Line Call Takers. We seldom realize what it’s like to walk in the shoes of another, we take them for granted.

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