Texas AG Paxton Reaches Another Opioid Settlement; $225 Million

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has reached an opioid settlement of $225 million with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. 

This is the fourth statewide opioid settlement Attorney General Paxton has finalized for Texas. With the addition of this settlement, General Paxton has secured over $618 million from Teva, Endo, Johnson & Johnson, and McKinsey. 

Paxton continues to fight for Texans who have been impacted by the improper marketing of opioids manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies, which have caused the tragic deaths of several thousand people every year.   

“This agreement is not only another win for Texas, but a major step in the right direction to help people overcome opioid addiction,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Pharmaceutical companies must be held accountable for their role in this devastating epidemic. These resources will be used to fund recovery initiatives that will help countless Texans.”  


As part of the settlement, Teva will also provide $75 million worth of the medication Narcan, which is a lifesaving intervention for opioid overdoses.  Narcan can reverse the frequently fatal effects of illegal street drugs such as fentanyl and heroin, as well as most prescription opioid pain relievers. 

This settlement will provide needed resources to local law enforcement and the medical personnel who are fighting the opioid epidemic in our communities.  

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  1. Do you have details on settlement. Who receives the payout. How will money be used?

    Any restitution to the people?

    Are the prescribing doctors on the hook? The people can not be supplied without the pushers. The pushers are the key. They are to protect their patients. They have been corrupted. How can the medical community regain the people’s trust if they are not publically held accountable

    List all the prescribing doctors by number of pills per month They perscribe. So people know and can make sound health decisions when choosing doctors ??? Just thinking outloud. This one could back fire as then addicts will know which doctors are the pushers.

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  2. There’s a delicate balance here for people in Chronic Pain, and at this point, and historically, I have not been in that category. People in Chronic Pain are handled by Pain Centers. There is definitely a significant group of people that responsibly used Opioid medications for years, and there is increased focus by law enforcement in perusing the medical records of specific often municipal related employees for signs of the abuse of these drugs. One noteworthy case, a Fire Chief was arrested at his home, in front of his children, for Opioid abuse. He presented his medical history to the court and was released without charges, but it embarrassed him, in front of his neighbors and children, for something that was not an offense. I have spent time reading articles by people in Chronic Pain that are being denied medication, and the next best resource for them are street drugs, which many resort to, and much of the levels of protection are removed insofar as securing the correct medication at the correct dose that is not expired and is manufactured in sanitary conditions according to controlled and monitored circumstances.

    But there is no question these drugs are abused. And the abuse seems to be more significant now, but it occurred years ago as well. In the 1980’s, I went to Opticianry School, and a man that went there was kind enough to drive me to and from school, as he lived in the approximate area I did. But he was a drug user (I didn’t know that initially), and apparently a pusher (though he never offered anything to me, or anyone that I knew at school, and did not use them while attending school). His girlfriend (they were probably in their 30’s) went to a Local Doctor known for loose prescribing and she’d easily land a prescription for Opioid Medications, something she did there often.

    Just a few days ago, listening to the Police Scanner, the police arrived at a home where a man had overdosed, and the man was in agonal respiration (according to them).

    “Agonal breathing, or agonal respiration, is the medical term for the gasping that people do when they’re struggling to breathe because of cardiac arrest or another serious medical emergency”.

    You could hear the man in the background, over the radio, it was not a pleasant thing to hear. He was 1 of 2 Overdosed People found, and they only had 2 Doses of Narcan, something that seemed to worry the responding officers. The paramedics arrived minutes later, with their additional doses, and all seemed to go well.

    I lost a neighbor (2 doors away) to an overdose in my former neighborhood. The Emergency Vehicles flew down the street, they jumped out of their vehicle, and the Mailwoman on the porch of the home, saw a responding person running up the steps with Narcan in hand. We listened on the Scanner to the transport of the drug overdose patient to the hospital, they didn’t survive.

    Strangely enough, watching the Trucker’s Protest in Canada, a woman just said she lost 2 sons during the pandemic. She’s in her 50’s or 60’s, and her sons, prosperous while working, lost their jobs due to the pandemic and at least one of them died of an contaminated dose of cocaine, and she said the medication that is used to help Cocaine Addicts withdraw from Cocaine Addiction was made Illegal in Canada, during a Pandemic when Drug Abuse was high.

    So, I hope they can maintain supplies of necessary medication to people that use it for Chronic Pain. Of course, they may need to have limitations on their operation of equipment such as vehicles, while using the medication. I do agree there is a problem, but for those with a real need, society needs to differentiate between those with a need and those with a desire.

    As always, I am not a Doctor, my Screen Name is a character in a 2001 Movie and I’ve used it for years.

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