Shhh! We Are Not Allowed to Mention Secrets of the 3-Letter Federal Departments

ATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

CDC – Center of Disease Control

CIA – Central Intelligence Agency

DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency

DHS – Department of Homeland Security

DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency

DOD – Department of Defense

DOE – Department of Energy

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

FDA – Food and Drug Administration

INR – Bureau of Intelligence and Research

ISR – Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

NRO – National Reconnaissance Office

NGA – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NSA – National Security Agency

ONI – Office of Naval Intelligence

TFI – Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

USSS (United States Secret Service) falls into this category, even though it has 4 letter in its acronym.


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  1. Shhh! We are not allowed to discuss how unions and corporations are tied into these three letter agencies

    Revolving door between agencies and corporations

    Cia as acting foreign arm for corporations

    The union foot soldiers such as, ” boots on the ground” motto of Teamsters

    Postal teamsters teachers Hollywood professionals sports unions ect….

    But shhhh.

    Look at Russian revolution. The revolutionaries were not Russians but Bolshevik. They were small % of the people. The people were religious, peaceful and patriots to Russia. Not the soviet union.

    Reminds me. I have a book I will pull of shelf tonight and go through

    “Relegion in Soviet Russia” published 1929

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  2. We didn’t get to this point without the help of the Republicans. Both parties are dirty, crooked, and corrupt. But, Republicans never seem to prosecute Democrats. It’s always the other way around. Republicans complain, but what do they really do? They scream about socialism, then Republicans vote with the Democrats on their socialist bills. The American people are getting screwed by both sides.

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    • Sure, Dawn, both sides work with unfair means. But what the Democrats have done since 2016 to discredit Donald and his voters cannot be justified in my eyes, not even with your comparison “they are all like that”.

      The Democrats have shown that they are determined to stay in power, and have resorted to means and methods that cannot simply be accepted and ticked off. This was and is gang crime of the highest order, or am I seeing this wrong from a distance?

      They didn’t care about the American citizens, they didn’t care about democracy, they didn’t even care about law and order.

      These past 5 years cannot just be swept under the rug, no, absolutely not. Every detail must come to light, and every person responsible must be held accountable in an American court.

      The Democrats have behaved as if they were out of their minds, driven by the devil and out of all good spirits.

      “They” are not all so Dawn. I hope so.

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  3. Can you or someone comment on if the the federal employees, state employees are unionized or not?And who are the people that run these public servant unions including teacher’s unions

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    • The bit I know, is that many unions–as with the case of Texas Education Agency–are full of political allies of whoever places them in their positions. Any janitorial, construction, real estate, repair, commodities and supplies go through the system so money flows to politicians, lobbyists, stockholders, and anything/anyone you might imagine. Much corruption. USPS is a prime example. Pelosi’s husband handled their real estate when they downsized number of locations across the US a decade ago. USPS will likely be replacing their entire fleet the next few years with Build Back Better $$. Interesting they were exempt from Biden vaccine mandate.


  4. A Turkish man, owner of a kebab store, was currently charged by the federal prosecutor in Germany with blowing up his own store.
    He (and his huge family), put evidence everywhere that would indicate a right-wing attack.

    This is not a rarity in our country.

    Maybe in America they reported on “Chemnitz.” Politicians and the media claimed that right-wingers had chased foreigners through the city. Weeks later it turned out that it was leftists.

    But this truth was not worth a headline for the politicians and the media. There were no talk shows about it, no news, no ticker reports. Local stations reported on it, but only in passing sentences.

    Translated with (free version)

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