The Strong Case Against Wearing Masks For COVID From a Long Time Respirator Instructor

This guest post is by ‘Dr. Artaud,’ a gentleman who taught “Air Purifying Respirators to 1200+ people per year, for 7+ years. There is not a chance masks stopped covid infections.”

“Respirators (N95) may have helped, but the ‘authorities’ stayed on the Mask Mantra,” wrote the instructor. “I honestly feel they wanted people to get sick and die so that politicians could exploit the crisis in the way that they did. Simple masks may help ‘reduce’ some infectious particles from sick people, but they don’t protect the wearer from sick people. Gateway Pundit quotes Rand Paul saying Masks are largely a sign of submission.”


Though ‘Dr. Artuad,‘ our guest writer of this article is not a medical doctor, he uses his screen name– a character from a 2001 movie–as a pen name.

If Fauci knew masks worked, and told us not to wear them, he’s guilty of criminal negligence (he said he wanted to preserve stock for the frontline healthcare workers, you don’t do that by lying). If he knows they don’t work (simple masks) and told us to wear them, he’s still guilty of criminal negligence.

In the first case, people didn’t wear them but should have, so people needlessly got sick and died. In the 2nd case, people wore them and took chances, and got sick and died because masks don’t work. In both cases, he caused deaths by his lies. In both cases, he’s a disgrace, and I’m sincere, he needs to be removed from his position and prosecuted.

NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) researches respirators. They had to know simple masks didn’t work and remained mute. NIOSH is a part of the CDC. America’s regulatory agencies are compromised to the core. (Fauci is with NIAID, but he had access to resources to know that simple masks couldn’t work).

Though I don’t believe this doctor (below) is 100% correct in her assessment, she’s much closer than Fauci by leaps and bounds.


I also have Dr. Judy Mikovits book “The Case Against Masks”, it’s staring at me from the dresser as I write this. An interesting read, it’s not her usual field of study, and it’s not a thick, technical book, but she too had reservations on masks.

For 12 years, I wore a respirator daily at work, somedays all day if work in the field was ongoing. For 12+ more years, I wore them frequently. Yearly physicals, respirator fit tests, and instructions for use, are key to using them effectively and safely. That was missing in the government’s mandates, ergo the reason I feel the government wanted people to get sick and die to achieve their goals.

Dr. Lee Merritt – Masks: The Science & The Myths (with Screen Grabs) |

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  1. When I listened to Fauci REVERSE his initial reaction to the question of masks to affirm people should wear masks I was dumb founded. I knew this was a lie and MEN don’t take kindly to those that bold face lie

    I went out and purchased “Harrisons’s Manual of Medicine” Fauci is one of the authors and editors.

    Book lists almost every disease known including in description transmission and suggested techniques to slow/prevent transmission risk.

    I could not locate ANY upper respiratory disease that a face mask was recommended to assuat in spreading of disease

    Criminal lie. His actions harmed millions upon millions of people

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  2. Sorry fat finger typo missed

    “I could not locate ANY upper respatory disease that a face mask was recommended to prevent transmission and spread.”

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    • I have proof read, and proof read, and proof read, then published something on the Blog, and the first time I look at it, I see a Mistake. UGH!

      Fortunately we have expectations of the sentence from the structure and flow, I didn’t even see the error.

      I’m retired from the Industry where I worked and I taught Negative Pressure Air Purifying Respiratory Protection for 7+ Years. Early on, even though retired, I searched for studies online that supported or opposed Masks for protection from viruses and pathogens. One clear indication is Tuberculosis, the pathogen is 1 to 5 Microns in size, that’s huge, and an N95 (stops 0.3 Microns and Larger) will easily stop it. But masks would not. A Dental Website (Research info for Dentists), said that a dentist had done a study with the flu, and masks made no difference. Not long after covid wore on, I returned to the site. The study was removed, a Disclaimer saying that with covid, things have changed, and an admonition was given saying that if you’re not a dentist, you shouldn’t be on the web page to begin with. That’s when I really started to doubt the narrative.

      The Strange thing is I expected to see an evolution of Filtering Facepiece Respirator and Elastomeric (rubber or silicone with 2 external cartridges) designs, yet with all this opportunity, I’ve seen nothing new. I have to see my Cardiologist tomorrow, I’ll wear my N95 like I do when required, not a Mask, and my Goatee (winter time thing) has already been shaven, you can’t get a good facial seal with a beard. Yet the govt actually made light of it, just wear your mask over your beard, it goes against everything I taught. From the CDC: “Certain types of facial hair, like beards, can make mask fitting difficult. Masks that fit well protect you better. To have a better fit, people with beards can shave their beards or trim their beards close to the face.” No, no no, no, no, you can’t wear a mask over a beard. Well, you can, but not if you expect it to work, and it likely won’t work anyway, none of this seems like a govt genuinely interested in stopping the spread of a Respiratory Virus, and as we both feel, Simple Masks likely won’t protect the wearer anyway.

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