Are American Freedom Convoy Truckers Superbowl Bound?

While Los Angeles and the Superbowl plan their five day event leading up to their big game on February 13, American truckers have something else on their minds…like saving our freedoms.

Truckers know that millions of pounds of food and millions of gallons of beverages do not magically appear in Los Angeles bars, stores and households. They arrive at these places because truckers deliver them.

While the world watches in support of the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada, truckers in America are organizing for additional protests.

In the United States, behind Thanksgiving, Superbowl Sunday is the highest consumption day of food of the year. Truckers realize they can make a statement knowing:

🔹Americans drink 325 million gallons of beer, the equivalent of 5 percent of the total yearly consumption in the U.S. on one day. (Turn that beer into fuel, and it could fill the tank of a semi 1.08 million times).

🔹Spend $227 million on potato chips, which would purchase 1,135 of Tesla’s founder series trucks.

🔹Buy $330 million worth of pizza, which could cover 4.7 million synthetic oil changes.

Now banned from Facebook.

🔹Eat 8 million pounds of guacamole, which is equivalent to 108 fully loaded 18-wheelers.

🔹Consume 4 million pounds of pretzels, or the weight of 8,000 truck wheels.

🔹Devour 1.3 billion chicken wings, which could provide 371 wings to every class 8 driver in the country.

American Truckers realize their importance to Super Bowl Sunday, knowing consumers will consume over 120 truckloads of popcorn, 370 truckloads of potato chips, 688 truckloads of avocados, 1,590 truckloads of chicken wings, and over 36,366 truckloads of beer.

There are more than just rumors floating around about organized and non-violent protesting by truckers against the Superbowl. To make matters worse, California’s UHaul fleet is currently depleted because a vast number of citizens are leaving the state to claim better jobs, housing and freedoms elsewhere.

While truckers consider their options, the NFL plans a “Covid Blitz” that will use the game and the days leading up to it as platforms for pushing COVID-19 experimental mRNA ‘therapy vaccines,’ constant testing, and pervasive masks. Some attendees are planning “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F*** Joe Biden” chants as well as a massive unmasking event in the stands.

Here’s a Superbowl post on Telegram:

For all who say Super Bowl is a saint and it shouldn’t be boycotted, read this:

In addition to its safety protocols, the NFL will use the Super Bowl’s massive popularity to promote vaccinations and Covid testing. When the Los Angeles Convention Center hosts the five-day Super Bowl Experience, a kind of football theme park, every visitor will receive a free take-home Covid test kit and be urged to test before the game. Los Angeles County also plans to set up vaccination sites at the convention center, and anyone who gets a dose will be allowed into the fan event for free.

Screenshot before FB censored.

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  1. Leave it to Americans to fkkk it up even when they finally DO act to protest. Superbowl will only alienate those who should be supporters. Those paying 1000s in hotels, tix, airfare will be the first to attack the convoy.
    Why dont they strike the root and convoy outside CDC, fda, NIH, PFIZER factories? That would shut down the perps at the source.


  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea either@ Why not storm Washington DC like the truckers are doing Ottawa. And did you hear about what GoFundMe tried to do with the funds raised for them? Shameless! They should change their name to GoF***Me!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. As a person who’s taken three COVID-vaccine injections, I essentially believe the mainstream science behind the vaccines’ safety and reliability. Still, I’m cautious of blindly buying into (what I call) speculative science, in general. Also, I feel the term ‘science’ gets used a bit too readily/frequently, especially by government.

    Due to increasingly common privatized research for corporate profit aims, even ‘scientific fact’ can be for sale. Research results, however flawed, can and are known to be publicly amplified if they favor the corporate product, and accurate research results can be suppressed or ignored if they are unfavorable to business interests, even when involving human health.

    Also, Health Canada was established to act in Canadian consumers’ best interests, yet it’s susceptible to corporate lobbyist manipulation. For one thing, it allowed novelty-flavored vaping products to be fully marketed — even on corner stores’ candy counters — without conclusive independent scientific proof that the product, as claimed by the tobacco industry, would not seriously harm consumers but rather help nicotine addicts wean themselves off of the more carcinogenic cigarette means of nicotine deliverance.

    A few years before that, Health Canada had sat on its own research results that indicated seatbelts would save lives and reduce injury; it wanted even more proof of safety through seatbelts before ordering big bus manufacturers to install them in every bus. To me, those examples smell of science-be-damned lobbyist manipulation — something that should not prevail in a government body established primarily, if not solely, to protect consumers’ safety and health rather than big businesses’ monetary concerns.

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