Supreme Court Sides With High School Coach Public Prayer on 50-Yard Line

The United States Supreme Court sided with former football Coach Joe Kennedy who argued that the Bremerton School District in Washington state violated his religious freedom by telling him he couldn’t pray on the field after games.

The First Amendment case concerned prayer on the 50’yard line. The Court says the school district violated the coaches free speech and free exercise of rights when it barred him from on the field after games.

In October 2021, U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on The Constitution, and James Lankford (R-Okla.) filed an amicus brief signed by 11 other Senators and 14 Representatives in support of Kennedy in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District.

The brief asked the Supreme Court to reverse the Ninth Circuit’s decision that allowed Coach Kennedy to be fired for silently kneeling and praying after school football games.

U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) is co-leading the brief for the House.

The attorney generals of Alaska, Arizona and Texas led a 23-state coalition defending religious liberty for the coach who was unjustly fired for praying after games.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Coach Joseph Kennedy’s religious discrimination claim against the school district, saying that because Coach Kennedy prayed in view of students, his prayers are considered government speech that the district can censor.

The coalition urged the Supreme Court to review and reverse that decision because of the serious First Amendment concerns it raises.

“The Ninth Circuit’s conclusion threatens to make everything a public employee does while on the clock into government speech,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said. “In turn, that would require public employers to control their employees’ every word in order to avoid liability.”  

“Americans do not abandon their religious liberties at the door of their workplace,” Arizona AG Mark Brnovich said in a statement. “Especially at this moment in our country’s history, it is imperative that heavy-handed government be restrained from trampling on our rights to personal expression as recognized and protected by the First Amendment.”

The Ninth Circuit’s decision curtails the First Amendment liberties of public employees, which will deter individuals from seeking public employment to avoid being forced to give up their constitutionally protected liberties. 

Senate co-signers included Sens. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), John Boozman (R-Ark.), Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), and John Thune (R-S.D.).





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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.




Tent Camping Checklist for Couples by Clever Journeys

This is our go-to list for tent camping as a couple. It can be modified per trip –family, friends, ages, activities (toys, rafts, hunting, skiing, etc.).

We always have protection, a jack, spare, fix-a-flat, jumper cables, portable battery starter, small power unit with lights, stored energy, electricity, etc. in our vehicle.

No two people are the same when it comes to planning a camping trip. What is important to one person may not matter to another when it comes to camping gear. One of my sons prefers to go ultralight and another brings practically everything he can when they camp. As a family, we tend to bring more items. All this to say, there is no right or wrong answer to what you bring on your camping trip.

The Camp

🔹Tent (Coleman Sunbeam 7’×9′ 4-person) & accessories (stakes, bungi cords with hooks, rain roof, bottom footprint tarp)

🔹Mats (outside door, inside door)

🔹Sleeping bags

🔹Sleeping pads


🔹Electric extension cord

🔹Lighting: solar lights, head lamp, flashlights, lantern, extra batteries

🔹Camping chairs


🔹Cooler (We love our soft-sided 4-gallon capacity Kodi cooler from H-E-B Foods/Drugs)

🔹Camping utensils, plates, pans, cups

🔹Camping stove

🔹Can opener

🔹Charcoal &/or fire wood

🔹Insulated water bottles


🔹Cutting board & knife

🔹Coffee maker


🔹Biodegradable wet wipes

🔹Shampoo & conditioner

🔹Hand sanitizer

🔹Towels & wash cloths



🔹Rash prevention/lotion

🔹Toothbrushes & toothpaste

🔹Lip balm

🔹Toilet paper


🔹Shaving gear


🔹First Aid kit

🔹Rx, prescriptions & supplements

🔹Campsite Reservation Copy

🔹Sunscreen & bug repellent

🔹Trash bags

🔹Duct tape


🔹Clothes pins & clothes line cord



🔹Dry bag (store electronics, etc in event of rain)

🔹Tool bag. Minimum: hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, multi-tool, folding shovel/saw, tin-snips, axe-hatchet, tent repair kit, tent pole repair sleeve

🔹Small fire extinguisher

🔹Emergency (solar/handcrank) weather radio

🔹Travel alarm clock

🔹Travel mirror


🔹Cell phones

🔹Books, cards, games…

🔹Portable butane heater with extra filled tanks (in cold weather)

🔹Tent fan in warm weather. (We also have a portable “air cooler” we fill with ice cubes if it is too hot).



🔹Flip flops or sandals

🔹Rain ponchos

🔹Swim/water/shower shoes

🔹Socks (wool or synthetic)

🔹Hiking boots/shoes, sneakers




🔹Shirts, Jackets, Sleepwear, Pants, Shorts, Swimwear



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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


The Dolphin Cried, Then Enzo Dived

The famous Italian diver Enzo Mallorca recalled “when I first started thinking about setting freediving records, the medical experts kept saying that a man could not stay alive diving deeper than 165ft [50m] because his lungs would not make it.”

“Doctors were creating barriers for us and I admit that at the time it worried me,” he admitted. “Even Aristotle claimed a man could dive no deeper than 30 ft.”

In September 1960, he successfully descended to a depth of 45m, in the process setting the first of 17 wworld records in the variable buoyancy category.

Two months later, he extended this to 49m.

Enzo Mallorca died at 86 in 2016.

In August 1961 he set a new record of 50m in the “constant weight” category, in which there are no additional buoyancy aids and the diver must descend and ascend with their own fin power. The Italian media dubbed him Lord of the Abysses.

Years later, Enzo dove into the sea of Syracuse and was talking to his daughter Rosanna who was aboard the boat. Ready to go in, he felt something slightly hit his back.

He turned and saw a dolphin. Then he realized that the dolphin did not want to play but to express something.

The animal dove and Enzo followed.

At a depth of about 12 meters, trapped in an abandoned net, there was another dolphin. Enzo quickly asked his daughter to grab the diving knives. Soon, the two of them managed to free the dolphin, which, at the end of the ordeal, emerged, issued an “almost human cry” (describes Enzo).

(A dolphin can stay under water for up to 10 minutes, then it drowns.)

The released dolphin was helped to the surface by Enzo, Rosanna and the other dolphin. That’s when the surprise came: she was pregnant!

The male circled them, and then stopped in front of Enzo, touched his cheek (like a kiss), in a gesture of gratitude and then they both swam off.

Enzo Mallorca once said, “Until man learns to respect and speak to the animal world, he can never know his true role on Earth.”

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Goettl HVAC and Plumbing services are located in Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, Austin, Las Vegas areas as well as regions in Southern California.

Texas Hill Country Thunder Rally is Back- March 24-27, 2022

Texas Hill Country Thunder Rally is back.

The March 24-27, 2021 event will be the 20th straight rally held at Bandera’s Mansfield Park.

Consisting of tent camping, poker run, vendors, food, and field events, there will be music throughout the day Friday and Saturday. Their bike show, tattoo contest, and Sunday morning church service are popular. 21 OR OVER, NO EXCEPTIONS.

One of the most popular Texas rallies, they feature a covered stage to  enjoy outdoor concerts and contests in “the wide-open fresh air, under the bright stars of the beautiful Hill Country.

“Ride the beautiful Texas Hill Country all day then come back and shop with our many vendors,” their promotional material states. “Enjoy your meals with one of nine Food vendors located outside the Barn, then go shop with over 30 Inside Vendors (spaced out) and over 40 Outside Vendors, before enjoying the evening concerts and contests.”

The first leg of Twisted Sister is now fully opened as the construction of a new bridge on Highway 337 is complete.


“The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. We start it off loud! Hot Bands rock the night away…We will treat you so many ways you are bound to like one or two.”

The Bike Show categories include Peoples Choice, American Touring,
Metric Touring, Radical Custom, American Cruiser, Metric Cruiser, Antique Trike/Sidecar and Sport.

Other events include a Tattoo Contest, Nightly Risque Contests, The Famous Weenie Bite, Balloon Toss, Drag Race, Slow Race, Pole in the Hole, Keg Push, Keg Throw and Burn Out Contest.

Other features include 2 Beer & Liquor Gardens Ice Sold Onsite Hot Showers Full Hook-Up Spots Available Free Tent Camping Sewer Dump Available Rain Or Shine Event
Lots Of Self Contained Camping
Free Auto Parking Vendors
and lots of shade in this rain or shine event.

“For further information or questions, please contact our office at (409) 655-8800 or visit us at or follow us on Facebook, Biker Rallies of Texas.”

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Texas Bikers Are Using Cynthia Leal Massey’s Latest Book As a Guide to Plan New Rides Across the Lone Star State

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Goettle HVAC and Plumbing services are located in Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, Austin, Las Vegas areas as well as regions in Southern California.

Twice the Hero, This Olympic Swimmer Saved Many Lives

In 1976, Shavarsh Karapetyan, an Armenian Olympic swimmer who earned eight gold medals and broke several world records at European championships for finswimming, had just completed a 12-mile run with his brother Kamo when they saw a trolley bus crash into a dam reservoir. The trolley bus sank 80 feet offshore at a depth of 33 feet.

It was September 16, 1976 when Karapetyan risked his own life to save over three dozen people from drowning in the reservoir Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

Despite zero visibility, he managed to kick in the back window, injuring himself in the process. He proceeded to save 37 people trapped in the bus, one at a time, for hours.

Using the routine he had developed from his swimming training, Karapetyan fell into a rhythm. He took five breaths, dove down for two passengers, and kicked against the top of the bus for momentum as he returned to the surface with the people in both arms.

He had instructed Kamo to stay at the surface and ferry passengers to the bank of the reservoir, as he dove again and again. Karapetyan’s own legs were bleeding, sliced open by broken glass, but that did not deter him.

The two-man lifesaving effort lasted about 20 minutes, before a rescue crew arrived, some of whom moved in on kayaks.

Because of the flurry of action and lack of clear government records, it’s unknown how many people the Karapetyan brothers saved; they estimate about 30. Some survivors freed themselves. Forty-six people died.

Karapetyan after rescuing about 37 people, is shirtless at the bottom center.

The combined effect of the cold water and his inquiries from breaking the glass window led to his hospitalization for 45 days after the incident, during which time he developed pneumonia, sepsis, and lung damage which ended his athletic career.

For years, his story wasn’t known, until an article about the event identified him by name in 1982. In 1985, he happened to pass by the Sports and Concert Arena when he witnessed a fire break out and rushed inside, again saving people trapped inside one at a time until he collapsed. He was again hospitalized with severe burns and lung damage.

He retired at the age of 24, having set 11 world records. Karapetyan held 17 world championship titles, 13 European championship titles, and seven Soviet championship titles.

He was born in 1953. As of 2022, Karapetyan says that he wouldn’t change a thing. Diving into Yerevan Lake that day cost him his athletic career. But he would do it again.

“There was no other choice,” he said. “I knew that it wouldn’t be right if the world’s fastest underwater swimmer was there and didn’t even try to help. Nature and humanity would have judged me. God probably would have judged me.”

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Goettle HVAC and Plumbing services are located in Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, Austin, Las Vegas areas as well as regions in Southern California.

He-Man Meat and Potatoes Casserole

This He-Man Meat and Potato Casserole is a recipe our family used to keep our friends, cousins and us fired up for sports and well fed. We named it after our first son’s favorite childhood hero to entice him to try it initially. It worked and became a favorite.

Whether it was baseball, volleyball, building snowmen or swimming, we found this to be enjoyed by children and adults.

Preparation is about 20 mins and it cooks about an hour. This recipe yields 6 servings.


  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • 3 cups peeled and thinly sliced potatoes
  • 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
  • ½ cup chopped onion
  • ¾ cup milk
  • salt to taste
  • freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese


Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

Step 2: In a medium skillet over medium heat, brown the ground beef; drain fat.

Hamburger Potato Casserole

Step 3: In a medium mixing bowl, combine cream of mushroom soup, onion, milk, salt and pepper to taste.

Step 4: Alternately layer the potatoes, soup mixture and meat in a 11×7 inch (2 quart) baking dish. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, or until potatoes are tender. Top with Cheddar cheese, and continue baking until cheese is melted.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Seniors: Preparing For Your First Bike Ride in Awhile

You have narrowed your bicycle options to a couple of models that you think will work for you. You are preparing to make a purchase.

How Do I Want To Ride?

Consider the primary purpose for which you will use your bike.

A commuter bike may be suitable for general recreation and exercise, and will probably be less expensive than a bike that offers multiple gearing options.

If you intend to ride your bike on a variety of surfaces, you will probably want to consider a bike that has 3 or 7 speeds.

This type of bike may add a little bit to the price tag, but features like multiple gears and front suspension can make or break your ride on hills and over bumps.

The added comfort and safety are probably worth the slight price increment.

Basic Maintenance

You will probably want to consider the level of assembly required concerning your level of skill with bike maintenance and repairs.

Bikes that are not pre-assembled or that have more moving parts often are not a problem for riders who are repair-savvy.

If you don’t have experience in making bike repairs and adjustments, you may want to consider purchasing a bike that is at least 85 percent pre-assembled.

Some bikes come with a set of generic instructions that are not model-specific. These instructions are often complicated for riders to figure out.
You may want to verify the relevance of the included instructions if you think this might be an issue when you attempt to assemble your new bike.

A Word About Sizing

Proper sizing ensures an optimal fit and makes it easy for you to ride your bike without straining.

Correct sizing is also vital for safety, allowing you to dismount in an emergency quickly.

If your bike is sized correctly sized, you should be able to stand astride the bicycle with both feet flat on the ground.

You can verify your sizing choice by consulting the manufacturer’s sizing charts.

If your height spans two different sizes, you can choose the larger size and adjust it for a proper fit. Another approach is to test both sizes to determine which feels like a better fit.

No Pain Is Your Gain

If you do regular physical activity, you may need a little more time.

To condition your body for rides that become increasingly more challenging as you gain riding experience and increase your muscle tone.

Stretching before you exercise warms your muscles, preventing strains and tears.

Here is a great article that describes ten stretches you can do to warm up before you begin your ride. (2)

Stretching after your ride is an excellent way to cool down and to prevent injury as your body returns to its normal state.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Are American Freedom Convoy Truckers Superbowl Bound?

While Los Angeles and the Superbowl plan their five day event leading up to their big game on February 13, American truckers have something else on their minds…like saving our freedoms.

Truckers know that millions of pounds of food and millions of gallons of beverages do not magically appear in Los Angeles bars, stores and households. They arrive at these places because truckers deliver them.

While the world watches in support of the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada, truckers in America are organizing for additional protests.

In the United States, behind Thanksgiving, Superbowl Sunday is the highest consumption day of food of the year. Truckers realize they can make a statement knowing:

🔹Americans drink 325 million gallons of beer, the equivalent of 5 percent of the total yearly consumption in the U.S. on one day. (Turn that beer into fuel, and it could fill the tank of a semi 1.08 million times).

🔹Spend $227 million on potato chips, which would purchase 1,135 of Tesla’s founder series trucks.

🔹Buy $330 million worth of pizza, which could cover 4.7 million synthetic oil changes.

Now banned from Facebook.

🔹Eat 8 million pounds of guacamole, which is equivalent to 108 fully loaded 18-wheelers.

🔹Consume 4 million pounds of pretzels, or the weight of 8,000 truck wheels.

🔹Devour 1.3 billion chicken wings, which could provide 371 wings to every class 8 driver in the country.

American Truckers realize their importance to Super Bowl Sunday, knowing consumers will consume over 120 truckloads of popcorn, 370 truckloads of potato chips, 688 truckloads of avocados, 1,590 truckloads of chicken wings, and over 36,366 truckloads of beer.

There are more than just rumors floating around about organized and non-violent protesting by truckers against the Superbowl. To make matters worse, California’s UHaul fleet is currently depleted because a vast number of citizens are leaving the state to claim better jobs, housing and freedoms elsewhere.

While truckers consider their options, the NFL plans a “Covid Blitz” that will use the game and the days leading up to it as platforms for pushing COVID-19 experimental mRNA ‘therapy vaccines,’ constant testing, and pervasive masks. Some attendees are planning “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F*** Joe Biden” chants as well as a massive unmasking event in the stands.

Here’s a Superbowl post on Telegram:

For all who say Super Bowl is a saint and it shouldn’t be boycotted, read this:

In addition to its safety protocols, the NFL will use the Super Bowl’s massive popularity to promote vaccinations and Covid testing. When the Los Angeles Convention Center hosts the five-day Super Bowl Experience, a kind of football theme park, every visitor will receive a free take-home Covid test kit and be urged to test before the game. Los Angeles County also plans to set up vaccination sites at the convention center, and anyone who gets a dose will be allowed into the fan event for free.

Screenshot before FB censored.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Serious Message to the Free World From Australia

A stirring warning to America and other countries from Australians.

In the middle of the night, we received an urgent and compelling plea from Australia to share a message with our readership.

Recently the world has been tuned in as the the president of Serbia reached out to the country’s national sports hero, Novak Djokovic, on his return home from an oppressive Australian government. President Snezana Jankovic called a court hearing on the matter in Australia “a farce with a lot of lies.”

“Novak, welcome home, you know that we all support you here,” said Jankovic, a Belgrade resident. “They can take away your visa, but they cannot take away your Serbian pride.”

🔹This has sparked more concern across the globe as citizens are angered that Djokovic has been forced out of defending his Australian Open title.

🔹Millions are opening their eyes and learning more about the tyranny of dishonest governments from these recent events.

We urge you to watch this video:

In September, 2021, we published an article about the tyranny occurring in Australia and received worldwide concern. For many, it was their first bit of truth, as media was broadcasting propaganda. The message was a revealing and frightening clue to what could occur in any country. Shortly after, we received this correspondence:

Thank you for your post on 3rd Sept about what is happening in Australia.

I was the author of the letter you posted. It was sent to a business associate in the UK asking us to explain what is going on to explain business forecasts.

I truly believe God’s hand was on that letter to have reached you and to have been distributed so widely.

It was a friend in the USA that read it and sent to me to encourage me that truth is getting out. Little did he know I was the author.

I just want to thank you for helping to make our voice heard. Honestly we are struggling, it looks like Australia is fast approaching a medical apartheid.

Keep up the good fight!

Please keep us in your prayers, we desperately need It.

God Bless,

(Name withheld to protect the sender)

On January 18, 2022, we received this letter from the same Australian patriot:

Can you share this with your audience:
My business partner and good friend spent months making this documentary so the world would know what’s been happening down under. 
Regards & God Bless,

(Name withheld to protect the sender)


Comments from viewers

A piece of history that SADLY had to be documented. – THANK YOU – The world is watching–J. Carter

Great documentary, needs to be seen by a bigger audience. Why hasn’t any of the MSM outlets picked it up and run it at prime time. Where has the federal government been hiding? People need to be held accountable when this comes to an end, hopefully soon. The whole political system in Australia needs a reset.–S. Dale

Brilliant – a powerful account of what REALLY happened. Well done Topher – you have done all of us like minded people proud! Love your work.–D. Albrecht

I’m a Canadian, and the same totalitarian take over is happening here….. Your documentary was such a powerfully moving show of what we the ppl can do. It gives me so much hope that all our freedoms in every country can be restored. Love this you did a wonderful job.–L.Lady

To the Victorian people who stood their ground and fought for their rights and the rights of all Australians. We salute you. I am in NSW and have been through this with you since the beginning. I have cried, felt angry, disappointment, love and pride and I know we will win this because we have conviction and love for this country that they do not.–R. Vines

Finally. This just shows we are not alone. This is confronting but a must watch. Keep questioning, stand up for what you believe in and most importantly be kind to your neighbour. Thank you all for putting this together. Very brave–C. Hand

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Media Can’t Hide Lies About COVID Vaccine Dangers From Americans Forever

The media charade is over. Too many famous and notable people have died in 2020-2021 from COVID-19 and other complications after their experimental vaccine shots. Liberal newscasters, reporters and political news releases cannot continue pretending as more Americans see and learn about these deaths.

🔹Hank Aaron, 86, the legendary pro baseballer received his COVID vaccine on January 5th, 2021 to demonstrate the safety of the vaccine and encourage other black Americans to do the same. He died two weeks later.

🔹Soon after, Wayne Radford, 64, former NBA and Indianapolis team star, died at his home in Indianapolis following his second dose of the Chinese Virus vaccine.

🔹Mainstream media tried to downplay the death of Wallkill Central School, New York high school football player
Miguel Antonio Lugo, 17, after he collapsed and died during practice.

🔹Joe Bradshaw, 19, a football player at Charleston Southern University. Collapsed with cardiac arrest and shallow breathing died on March 19, again only days after getting the COVID ‘vaccination.’

🔹A few days later, undisputed middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler died on March 13, 2021 after fighting for his life from the effects of the experimental vaccine injected into his arm just days before.

Named as the Fighter of the Decade for the 1980s by Boxing Illustrated magazine, Hagler also won the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year award twice. 

Shortly before his death, former professional boxer Thomas Hearns – who was knocked out by Hagler during their famous bout in 1985 – wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of his old opponent: ‘A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family…he’s in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine!”

🔹The day after Hagler’s death, Andy Haman, 54, a pro bodybuilder and actor died of pulmonary embolism soon after his second COVID jab.

🔹Country Music star Joe Diffie died on March 29, 2021 from COVID after being vaccinated.

🔹On that same day, Allen Merrill a rocker musician–who penned “I Love Rock and Roll” that became legendary when former Runaways frontwoman Joan Jett covered it in 1982–also died after his shots from COVID.

Brett Smith, an NCAA college basketball referee, collapsed and died during a game on March 31. He had been recently jospitalized with a blood clot after his second jab.

On May 5, Everest Romney, 17, a healthy 6’9″ high school sophomore was hospitalized after experiencing severe migraines and swelling in his neck post-vaccination.  Within 24 hours of getting the vaccine, Everest began experiencing an “exorbitant amount” of pain and swelling in his neck that originated on the same side he received the vaccine. Everest’s dad experienced a similar reaction following a Moderna injection. An x-ray revealed he had over 100 blood clots in his lungs.

Stephanie Dubois, 39, received the the COVID jab just days before being rushed to hospital after having suffering a “serious thrombotic episode.” She initially received the first dose on May 6, 2021 and taken to hospital eight days later due to issues in terms of her breathing and nervous system. She died soon thereafter from a brain hemorrhage.

“Woke up feeling fine and then within an hour I had body shakes, all my joints seized [up] and I was struggling to breathe and was cold to the bone with a persistent headache and dizziness,” Dubois posted on Facebook on May 14.

John Davis, one of the real vocalists behind the R&B duo Milli Vanilli, died at age 66 on May 24 from COVID-19 after he had been “fully vaccinated.”

Seventeen year old Andrew Roseman, a junior high school baseball pitcher died unexpectedly on July 13 during a game in Pennsylvania not long after his jab.

Patrick Ellis, a Midwestern radio personality died on July 16, 2020 after his last vaccine shot.

Little Rock, Arkansas football player
Devon DuHart, 16, mysteriously died on July 24, of a seizure in his sleep within a week of his jab. He was not feeling well after a recent practice.

In Georgia, a few days later, 15-year-old Joshua Ivory collapsed and died during a football game. The coroner’s report said cardiac dysrhythmia triggered sudden cardiac arrest. He had been vaccinated less than a month before his death.

Louisiana Politician Frank Howard died on July 27, from vaccine jab complications.

On August 2, Stephen Sylvester, 15,  a Detroit Central Catholic High School football and track athlete collapsed and died during conditioning practice not long after his second COVID jab.

Quandarius Wilburn, 19, a recently vaccinated football player collapsed during a Georgia Panthers conditioning practice and later died. He appeared to be in very good physical condition when he reported to his first college preseason camp.

Marc Pilcher died–after his second vaccination dose–from COVID-19, just weeks after winning an Emmy on Sept. 11 at the 2021 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Pilcher, 53, had no prior underlying health conditions died before being double vaccinated.

On October 18,  Lexi Riggles, 16, a Hanover College senior and 2018 Danville High School graduate who played basketball for the Panthers and Warriors, died unexpectedly after her second dose.

November 6, Shawn Rhoden (46), Mr. Olympia 2018 died soon after his vaccinations from cardiac arrest.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Geared For Seniors: Bicycle Guide To Health

There are many good comfort bikes for seniors these days. You might be wondering how you might go about choosing the best comfort bike for yourself.

Bike riding is very good for seniors. Some seniors have age-related aches and pains, or they suffer from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Bike riding is one of the best forms of exercise for older persons because it provides aerobic exercise that causes little impact on joints.

Cycling gives you an excellent opportunity to stretch your limbs as you ride, providing a gentle way to tone your muscles and to develop flexibility. Riding a bicycle increases endorphins that are critical and create a feeling of well-being.

Cycling increases lung capacity and improves circulation to enhance your overall health.

Riding can be a social sport and can help you to combat feelings of isolation. When children move away, retirement begins, or life circumstances create changes in social networks.

Best of all, most airlines and bus companies now allow you to bring your bike on board. Making it possible for you to see the world on a shoestring budget.

After you make the initial purchase, a well-maintained bike can continue to provide low-cost commuting here and abroad for many years to come.

What Kind Of Bike Is Easiest To Ride?

The easiest bike to ride is lightweight and is equipped with dual brakes to give you maximum control of stopping.

Bikes that have 3 or 7 speeds will be easier for you to handle on hills and rougher terrain.

A suspension system absorbs shock to give you a more comfortable ride. Other features like waffle tread or all-weather tires can improve traction and year-round usability.

As it happens, bikes that tend to fit well into the above description include urban cruisers and hybrids.

While road bikes and mountain bikes also have some of the same features, their large size and heavy weight make long rides uncomfortable for some older adults.

Which Bikes For Seniors Are The Most Comfortable?

Conditions like arthritis and back pain are not exclusive to senior citizens but may occur more frequently in some older adults.

Comfort bicycles for seniors, therefore, have features that are designed to reduce shock and eliminate the potential for you to feel pain as you ride.

Some of the features you probably want to look for include an extra-wide saddle, a padded seat, cushioned handlebar grips, and front suspension.

A comfort bike that lets you maintain an upright riding position will ease pressure on your back. It also provides the most comfortable ride if you have any skeletal pain.

Features like a low step-through and wide pedals can be an asset, letting you easily mount, dismount and move your bike without having to exert undue effort.

How To Buy One Of The Best Bikes For Older Adults?

Here is a quick overview of the essential features to consider as you prepare to purchase your new bike.

Wheels And Tires

The standard wheel sizes are 26 inches or 700C and have widths that range from about 1.0 to 2.2 inches. Urban commuters tend to have narrower tires. The wider tires we see more often on mountain bikes.

Steel alloy rims are very sturdy but much heavier than aluminum. If your bike has steel rims, you will probably want to make sure they have been treated to make them weather-resistant.

For traveling in light traffic and paved roads, many seniors favor lightweight cruisers and commuter bikes. Because they often feature rear racks where they can stow possessions and purchases.

Many of these bikes have 1 or 3 speeds, keeping them functional yet simple to operate and maintain.

Gears And Shifting

Single-gear bikes are a good choice if you plan to ride primarily on pavement and other flat surfaces.

Having extra gears, like a mountain bike for example, gives you more options, including cruising at higher speeds and riding on hills.

If you intend to ride on uneven surfaces, you might want to consider purchasing a 7-speed model that can easily tackle inclines.

High-quality shifters and derailleurs make it possible to shift gears while your bike is moving and let you navigate unpredictable surfaces.

Seniors who intend to take on more challenging rides will probably want to choose a bike that has at least 7 speeds.

This gearing option will make it easier to pedal on inclines, especially if the bike has additional features like fork and seat suspension.

Brake System

Rim brakes, or V-brakes, give you very little control of sudden stops and may not be the safest option if you intend to ride in urban settings.

Disc brakes provide the most thorough type of stopping, making it easy for you to come to a sudden full stop in an emergency.

Hydraulic disc brakes require less effort, but mechanical brakes give you fine-tuned control of stopping.


Lightweight and affordable, bikes that have aluminum frames are often a good choice for seniors.

Steel is durable but much heavier than aluminum and less practical for long-distance riding.

Carbon fiber and titanium are lightweight and durable materials being used in bike frames. Due to the high cost, however, these materials are mainly used in high-end and competitive cycles.

Additional Features

Wheel swapping is an excellent feature to have if you intend to ride throughout the year.

Look for a bike that has a quick-release mechanism for fast and easy tire changes.

Your bike’s suspension system absorbs shock and provides a more comfortable ride over bumps and on hills.
Add a suspension seat, and you are set to tackle the hilliest surfaces with the greatest of ease.

Other comfort features include a dual spring saddle, waffle tread tires, and an extra-wide padded seat

Ideally, bikes for older people contain lights and reflectors that make it safer to ride your bike at night and in low-visibility conditions.

Mirrors increase your viewing range and can help you to anticipate obstacles so that you can deal with them proactively.

What is an E-BIKE?

E-bikes look like regular bicycles and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They include an electric motor and a large battery that give the bike its power. Riders can choose to pedal manually, without power, or use what is called pedal assist, where the bike’s motor “assists” the rider while pedaling. This gives you the extra help you need to make it up hills without straining or to travel at a faster pace.

Most models in the U.S. also include a throttle that you can use without pedaling. This is good for helping you take off from a stop or to give yourself a short rest from pedaling on longer rides. Some lower-end models have only a throttle, but in my opinion you will be happier buying a bike with pedal assist.

Are There Any Precautions I Need To Take Before I Ride?

Your bike must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions if it is to continue to provide a safe ride.

If you cannot afford to have a technician fix potential problems, then you must learn to perform at least necessary repairs yourself.

It is a good idea for cyclists of all ages to use appropriate protective gear.

A cycling helmet, gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads will provide comfort and protect you in the event of a fall or impact.

Some riders find that a cycling cap worn under the helmet improves air circulation and absorbs moisture to maximize comfort.

Family of two seniors on bikes wearing bicycle helmets
Wearing a bicycle helmet is a good idea for people of all ages

Cycling offers many health advantages, but it can prove problematic for seniors who have certain medical conditions.

You may want to consult with your health care provider before you begin to cycle, especially if you suffer from a heart condition, asthma, epilepsy, or sleep disorders.

The ability to exercise is probably less related to age than it is to the level of conditioning you currently have.

To ensure an enjoyable and injury-free cycling career, begin slowly and listen to your body’s reactions as you ride and always take something to drink with you!

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Nutritional Advice To Keep You Exercising

Dodie is a retired RN and health trainer.

Do you ever wonder what you should eat before, during and after you decide to go for a walk, jog, bike ride or work out? Of course you should always check with your health care provider and adjust according to your age and physical condition, but here are basic tips to help most meet their healthy living goals.

Always eat before working out

Whether your goal is to lose weight or add muscle, it is important to eat before exercising. You should eat a small meal or snack 30 to 60 minutes before your workout or a large meal two to three hours before your athletic event. During this snack or meal, eat foods that are full of carbohydrates and high in protein – this will keep you energized and prevent your muscles from getting weak.

If you like to work out in the morning, here are some healthy breakfast ideas that will also fuel your workout:

  • Peanut butter on whole grain toast, a glass of milk or Greek yogurt
  • Fruit, Greek yogurt and a piece of whole grain toast
  • Fruit smoothie with milk, Greek yogurt or almond milk
  • Eggs, whole grain toast and fruit
  • Oatmeal, fruit, nuts and milk

What to eat during halftime

If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s not recommended to eat during your event or workout. However, if you’re training for a triathlon, marathon, sporting event with a halftime or cycling a long distance, you should eat small amounts of fruit, such as orange slices or a banana.

The most important fuel during a workout is water. While exercising, drink 24 to 48 ounces of water per hour of activity. In the morning, right after waking up, drink 16 ounces of water and then try to drink 90 to 100 ounces throughout the day.

After workout nutrition

After a exercising and especially a workout, it’s not necessary to eat. However, if you are hungry, grab fruit to help keep the calorie intake low. Also, avoid drinking sports drinks; instead drink a glass of low fat chocolate milk. Chocolate milk gives your body the protein and electrolytes it needs.

If you work out right before lunch or dinner, eat within two to three hours, but make sure it is at least half an hour before you go to bed.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.